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Bound V2

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Summary: Re-Post and revisions of Bound. Faith in Forks. For Faith fans and open-minded twilighters!

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Twilight > Faith - Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181931,18421721,7656 Jan 096 Apr 09Yes

Victoria Pt 2

Victoria PT 2

Disclaimer: Faith, Buffy, Giles & Co belong to Joss Whedon. The Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I believe Professor Diana Dormer belongs to Robert Joseph Levy.

A/N: Takes place the next morning.

The next day dawned marginally warmer; the snow had begun to melt by daylight. Faith sat next to Jazz her legs curled beneath her, “So you two really plan on leaving Bels here today with just teen wolf?”

“Seth will be able to alert us if anything happens and,” Ed paused to give Bella a hard look, “to be sure that Bella stays safely away from the fight.”

“What if it’s just a smoke screen?” Faith persisted.

“Faith, we have it under control.” Ed said sharply.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m staying too,” Faith sighed. As much as she hated the thought of missing a good fight…she couldn’t go. Every time she thought about leaving Bels here alone her skin felt all tight and itchy - it just felt wrong.

“Are you sure?” Bella’s voice was incredulous. She couldn’t believe her ears. Bella knew that Faith was looking forward to the fight perhaps even more eagerly than the wolf pack.

“Yeah, it occurs to me we haven’t had much girl time lately. We can compare notes and decide which vamp’s the better kisser,” Faith said mischievously.

“Oh, I know who that is,” Bella replied smugly.

Faith and Jazz watched as Bella said a tearful goodbye to Ed.

“Well, blondie, go knock ‘em dead,” Faith grinned up at Jazz.

Though it was warmer, it was still hella cold, so Faith and Bel opted to stay in the tent. Now that Bella was in no danger of hypothermia, Seth chose to stay outside probably because of the vampire scent all over the tent. The girls were dozing having not gotten much sleep the night before.

Then all Hell broke loose…

Seth howled. Bel fumbled the zipper - Faith impatient, pulled her knife out of her boot and sliced through the tent. She picked up her sword with her right. Bella was hard on her heels as Faith exited the tent.

“Bel, dammit stay back.” She commanded harshly. ‘I knew this was gonna happen.’

Faith and Seth exchanged a meaningful look. She jerked her head at the tree-line and Seth dipped his shaggy head in response before turning and running. His long legs a blur, he made a sandy colored streak towards the pines.

Faith assumed a fighting stance broadsword in her right hand and a wickedly curved knife in her left. Without turning she said in low voice, “Don’t run until we’re both down. Only if we’re both out of the fight. Got it?”

Bel managed a strangled whisper, “Yes.”

Then Victoria appeared. Bella knew it was her by the flaming orange hair even though she couldn’t see the feral, feline face. Victoria faced off with Faith, another vamp hovering behind her. Their skin glistened in the morning sun.

Faith glared at her, “Do you know what I am?”

Victoria hissed, “Slayer,” her beautiful face contorted in fury, lips pulled back in a snarl.

“Good. Now what you may not know is - that girl,” Faith’s head moved slightly in Bella’s direction, “is my best friend, bitch.”

Victoria lunged for Faith at the same time as a huge, golden whirlwind emerged from behind them and knocked the other vamp sprawling.

Bella cowered with her back flat against the rock outcropping. Her eyes darted between Victoria and Faith and Seth and the other vampire. She wished she could help, but she knew she’d just hinder her friends. She was glad now that Edward left with Jasper. She knows that the rest of her family will be safe. Faith has the advantage, she’s a bit shorter than the other but her sword gives her a greater reach.

Seth is ripping his opponent to pieces. As long as he can stay out of the newborn’s crushing grip, Bella hopes he might make it. Bella thinks back to the first time she saw Seth in his wolf form, she remembers that he looked a little gangly with his long legs, but now he is agile and graceful as he tears at the newborn. The other vampire is tall and blond. He seems well muscled, but Bella knows that doesn’t mean anything next to his newborn’s strength.

Victoria is faster than Faith and knocked the sword from her hand. Faith still had her curved blade and Bella saw her crouch to pull a stiletto from her boot. She raised and threw the knife in one fluid motion. It sailed past Victoria to hit Seth’s opponent squarely between the eyes. He bellowed in pain and flailed about. Faith had another stiletto in her hand and hits Victoria in the shoulder. She ripped it out angrily, barely slowing as she lunged for Faith again. Faith dodged gracefully and swept Victoria’s legs out from under her. The vamp rolled, using her momentum to propel herself back up and closer to Bella.

Faith tackled her and they rolled over the ground struggling for dominance. Bella watched in terror praying that somehow her friend would be okay.

Seth, meanwhile had managed to rip an arm from the newborn. It staggered after him clutching at the air with its good hand.

Faith came out on top hacking at Victoria with the larger knife. Victoria shrieked and snarled as she clamped her hands around Faith’s throat.

Bella saw something white fly through the air to crash at her feet. It was the newborn’s other arm and she stared at it in revulsion momentarily distracted from the battle being waged at her feet. Seth now had the fledgling pinned and was worrying at its neck with his teeth. Bella began to have hope that he could win his fight.

Faith had stopped slicing chunks off of Victoria and was attempting to force her hands off of her neck. Then Victoria bit down on Faith’s arm. Bella can’t tell if the bite was impeded at all by Faith’s leather jacket. Faith gasped in pain, and fell back. Victoria triumphant, lunged forward to get to Bella, forgetting Faith in her lust for revenge. Faith flipped off of the ground spinning into Victoria.

“Get back Bel!”

Bella looked around frantically for a weapon and saw Faith’s sword lying, forgotten on the ground. It’s heavy, even with both hands it’s a struggle for her to lift it. She looked around and saw that Seth was still grappling with the other vampire on the ground.

Bella began to stagger to where Faith and Victoria are wrestling on the hard packed dirt. Faith had only a stiletto now and was stabbing it repeatedly into Victoria. The slim blade seemed to be inflicting little to no damage. Bella stood clutching the sword, her arms trembling as she tried to raise it.

She was distracted by an awful screeching and tearing sound as Seth finally pulled the other’s head off and gave a howl of triumph.

“Little help here, wolf-boy,” Faith grunted, “Get Bella back now!”

Seth bumped his large body into Bella’s legs causing her to stumble away from Faith. He turned and whined in frustration unsure of what to do next. Faith was on top again.

“Sword,” she bellowed.

Seth whined again then snatched it from Bella’s hands dragging it to Faith. Faith stabbed her stiletto through Victoria’s hand straight into the ground with her left hand as she snatched up her sword in her right. She pressed the sword down on Victoria’s neck as Seth growled and tore at her other arm with his teeth. Faith forced the blade through Victoria’s spine. Bella recoiled back another step as the stench of blood hit her nostrils.

Faith heaved herself up, “Gather up the pieces teen-wolf. I’ll start a fire.” Faith started toward the woods and Bella noticed her weaving slightly. She hurried to catch up with her friend. She tried to breathe shallowly through her mouth as she approached Faith, “Faith, are you okay?”

“Five by five, Bels. Can you carry some pine needles and stuff for tinder?”

“Sure anything!” she scurried to obey, relieved to finally be of some use.

Seth had piled the pieces and Bella’s stomach lurched again as she noted something in the pile moving. Faith flicked her lighter her hand unsteady, her left arm hanging limply at her side. Finally it ignited; she touched the flame to the pine needles in another spot. Faith tried to keep her voice steady as she issued orders, “Bel, can you get some more little stuff? Seth try and find some more dead wood.”

Then Faith sank to the ground. The fire felt good. She was so cold.

Bella searched the woods near Seth, “Is the other fight over?” she whispered.

He bobbed his head. “Is… is he okay?” again the shaggy head bobbed. Bella hoped Seth had let someone in the clearing know that they needed help. Faith’s motorcycle was pretty far down the mountainside. Bella knew it was much larger than hers and judging from the weight of the broadsword that Faith had hefted easily - too heavy for her to pick up let alone ride.

She tossed her armful of pine needles onto the fire then tried to move Faith away from the flames. Faith’s teeth were chattering and her lips were taking on a bluish tinge. As she struggled to move Faith, Seth came and grabbed the collar of her jacket and dragged her away from the fire. It was smoking a lot and Seth pawed at his muzzle and whined.

“Seth, can you call for help?” he nodded then streaked off through the forest.
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