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Bound V2

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Summary: Re-Post and revisions of Bound. Faith in Forks. For Faith fans and open-minded twilighters!

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Disclaimer: Faith, Buffy, Giles & Co belong to Joss Whedon. The Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I believe Professor Diana Dormer belongs to Robert Joseph Levy.
A/N: {Conversation noted in this manner indicates Edward’s telepathy at work.} For those not familiar with Twilight, the Forks-type vampires are venomous and one bite can cause a transformation.

Bella nearly cried with relief when she saw Edward and Jasper appear at the edge of the clearing. Then Edward’s arms were around her and a sob did escape her lips. She searched his face looking for any sign of injury. He looked grim but whole.

“What happened?” he asked.

“She – she got bit. Her arm. V-victoria and another…’” Bella stuttered

Jasper was already leaning over Faith. “First aid kit,” his voice rang out.

‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ Bella chastised herself as she jumped guiltily and started for the tent. Edward was already there. “Jasper, let me,” he said gently.

“I will do it.” Jasper snapped.

Ed raised his hands placating, “Let me help at least.” He turned to Bella, “stay back she is still bleeding.”

Bella bit her lip and nodded. She remembered what Faith had said to Victoria ‘that girl is my best friend’. She couldn’t lose her, not like this.

Faith’s eyes blinked open, “so cold,” she looked around then struggled to sit up. Jasper supported her as Edward gingerly removed her jacket, but still could not see the bite. He reached for Faith’s sweater and Jasper growled. “I will get it.”

As he removed her sweater, Jasper was relieved to see the ever present tank top. Even now, he hated the thought of Edward seeing her, she was his!

The crook of Faith’s left elbow revealed the teeth marks. Her left palm had been sliced open and she was still bleeding freely from it. Her other numerous cuts were already closing up. Edward dabbed at the cut with antiseptic and Faith hissed, then gave a convulsive shudder, “C-cold.”

Jasper draped her coat over her right side. He looked at Edward {You know as well as I do that cut is not what we have to worry about.}

Edward nodded. {I know.}

“Can you tell if Carlisle is on his way yet?” Jasper asked.

“Yes, Seth changed and told him everything that happened.”

{What do we do?} Edward could hear the desperation in Jasper’s thoughts. He had only seen his brother look this grief stricken once – the day Alice left.

“When Bella was bitten… I sucked the venom out… do you want me to try?” Edward asked tentatively.

Jasper was torn, he could feel Edward’s indecision. He had been able to stop for Bella, but could he stop for Faith? Faith had Slayer healing abilities too, would she succumb from just one bite?

{Can you ask Carlisle what he thinks?}

Again Edward nodded his assent. He had a blank look for a moment then he called to Bella, “Come here my darling, we have cleaned up the blood.” She approached cautiously.

“Feel Faith’s right hand, is it cold?” Edward asked.

Bella reached out hesitantly and took her friend’s hand. She gasped, “It’s like ice!” she looked at Edward, “It feels like…”

“One of us?” he asked grimly. Bella nodded mutely, tears welling in her eyes. She wanted this for herself, but she knew whatever feelings Faith was harboring for Jasper… she didn’t want this. “What do we do? Where’s Carlisle?” she asked in a horrified whisper.

Jasper steeled himself, “I should try.”

Edward raised his hand, “Wait! The jeep is here.”

Carlisle and Emmett approached in a blur of motion.

{Is there anything we can do?} Edward silently asked his father.

Carlisle shook his head, “The venom has already spread… taking blood would just weaken her further.”

“Will she transform?” Edward asked the question on everyone’s mind.

“Physically, I am interested and a little apprehensive. Faith is far stronger than the average human. Think of the power of a newborn made from an average human… do you think she will be that much stronger than an average newborn?” Carlisle mused. The he continued, “However given Faith’s…Calling…The psychological effects… I don’t know… Faith may not be able to handle the change.”

“It will take all of us to contain her.” Edward said.

It was a sobering thought.

They loaded Faith into the back of the jeep next to Bella, Edward tenderly tucked the sleeping bag around both of them. Carlisle and Emmett sat in the front seat as Em negotiated the jeep down the steep mountain side. Jasper’s face was set in s stoic mask. He wrestled to control his emotions with the added fear and anxiety coming off of everyone in the van to some degree - it was very difficult. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself and sent calm to the others. He felt Edward in his head trying to send calm and reassurance to him. He gave Edward a tight smile. Jasper knew he would stay with Faith no matter what happened. Even if she was a wildly powerful, insane, out of control newborn… he would not leave her side.

Bella stroked Faith’s hand, it was still cold as ice, colder even than Edward. Her friend was racked by a fresh set of spasms and she heard a low moan. Faith’s eyes blinked open. She focused on Jazz, “If it happens, I want you to kill me.”

He flinched away from her direct gaze, “No.”

“Jazz, I’m sorry… I can’t live this way.” Faith pleaded, but his jaw was set.

{If a normal newborn is twice as strong. How strong would a Slayer be?} Edward asked his father.

{Personally, I am more worried about the psychological ramifications than the physical ones.} Carlisle answered.
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