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Bound V2

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Summary: Re-Post and revisions of Bound. Faith in Forks. For Faith fans and open-minded twilighters!

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Twilight > Faith - Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181931,18421721,7656 Jan 096 Apr 09Yes

December Flower

Disclaimer: Faith, Buffy, Giles & Co belong to Joss Whedon. The Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I believe Professor Diana Dormer belongs to Robert Joseph Levy. ‘Flowers in December’ is by Mazzy Star.

AN: I am making quite free with Stephanie’s description of a vamp transformation.

December Flower

Jasper brought some of Faith’s things to his house. Carlisle had insisted that she be set up in the guest bedroom rather than Jasper’s room. He brought some clothing and CD’s. Not feeling that heavy metal was conducive to a peaceful recovery he had instead brought some of the more mellow music. He put a CD in the player.

~Before I let you down again
I just want to see you in your eyes~

Jasper knew that he had let Faith down. When she decided to stay on the mountain he should have stayed as well. He wanted Faith back. She was nearly out of her mind with pain now. If she did look at him it was with unseeing eyes.

~They say everyman goes blind in his heart
And they say everybody steals somebody's heart away
And I got nothing more to say about it~

Jasper felt he might go blind from the pain. Faith had certainly stolen his heart away. What else was there to say about it?

~Send me your flowers, of your December
Send me your dreams, of your candy wine~

He wished he could give Faith pleasant dreams and take her pain away - instead he was watching her life fade away like flowers in December.

~I got just one thing I can't give you
Just one more thing of mine~

He wanted to give Faith his heart, his love. It was wrong though. It was the one thing he shouldn’t give her.

‘Why am I so cold?’ was all Faith could think. She was bitterly, mind numbingly cold. The pain was nothing compared to the ice running through her veins. Faith couldn't remember, couldn't make sense of what was happening. Her body tried to reject the pain, but she was sucked again and again into frigid blackness.

It felt like she was being chopped in half, punched by a Fyarl demon, and trampled by bulls. Her body twisted and flipped when it couldn't possibly be moving because of the paralyzing pain. All the time she felt as if the cold would make her brittle enough to crack wide open.

One moment, everything was as it should have been. She had protected Bella and killed that murderous vamp bitch Victoria and then the blinding, burning cold pain began.

Faith felt like her body would shatter into a million pieces. The cruel cold was snapping and slicing her apart. Then more darkness.

When Faith was moderately coherent again she could hear voices, muffled and far away sounding. How much time had passed? Days? Minutes?

She couldn’t see, but she could hear. There was air in her lungs again, the cold scraped roughly up and down her throat. She willed her lips to move, willed the freezing air to turn into a whisper.

After the seizures stopped there was fire. Blindly she groped with numb hands trying to push against it. She knew it would be so much easier to give in. To let the blackness push her down, to just let herself to burn. The fire blazed hotter and she wanted to scream, but her dry throat wouldn’t make a sound. She wanted to beg for someone to kill her now, before she existed one more second in this pain.

She would endure. Survive. Then it was cold again.

Burying her in frozen fire the icy flames that were chewing their way out from her heart now, spreading with impossible pain through her abdomen, skimming their way up her throat, licking at her face.

‘Why can’t I move? Why can’t I scream?’ Faith thought incoherently.

Then her mind became unbearably clear – sharpened by the fierce pain – and she saw the truth – she was transforming, becoming one of them. The things she was born to fight – a vampire.

The panic flowed through her stronger than the agony for an instant.

Then the fire returned and the pain seemed to increase by degrees as if she had begun to develop a new capacity for experiencing it, a new sensitivity to appreciate separately each blistering tongue of flame that licked through her veins.

Faith thrashed as she was charred alive. Her hearing became clearer and she could count the frantic, pounding beats of her heart and the shallow, panting breaths that escaped through her teeth.

When new noises came, she could not only listen, but comprehend. There were light footsteps, the whisper of air stirred by an opening door. The footsteps got closer, and she felt pressure against the inside of her wrist. She could feel the coolness of the fingers.

"Still no change?" a familiar voice asked.

‘Carlisle?’ Faith thought.

"None." A voice answered.

‘Jazz?’ Faith knew it was him.

"Faith? Can you hear me?" Faith heard Carlisle’s calm, soothing voice again.

"Listen to her heart, Jasper. It is stronger than even Emmett's was. I have never heard anything so vital. She will be perfect."

A broken whisper from my Jazz, "She must be in agony."

Faint pressure on her hand and another whisper. "Faith, I'm sorry."

Faith wanted to answer him, to tell him she was five by five, but she still couldn’t force her lips to move to form the words. Through all this, the raging fire went right on burning her. The flames licking at her body.

Faith knew she must resemble a pile of bleached, dry bones or a charcoal briquette. Every cell in her body had been razed to ash and there couldn’t be much of anything left.

Faith heard D enter the room, her footsteps louder than Carlisle’s, her heartbeat sounding out loud, and her breathing harsh in comparison to the vampires’. Faith heard the swish of fabric as the Prof moved.

Faith listened for more, but there was nothing else. To distract herself from the pain she silently listened to Jazz's breathing again, counting the seconds.

Finally the pain started to fade from her extremities. It faded slowly, but at least it was lessening. And then the bad news… The fire in her throat was worse even than before. She was parched, dry as bone.

‘So thirsty.’ Burning fire, and burning thirst...she’d sell her soul for one swallow of water.

Then impossibly the fire inside her heart grew hotter. Her heartbeat, already too fast, picked up – the fire drove its rhythm to a new frantic pace.

"Carlisle," Jazz called, his voice was low but with a note of panic.

Faith knew that Carlisle would hear her heart thumping. It was so loud. The fire retreated, but it had retreated to her heart, which blazed white hot and continued to beat at furious new speeds. Carlisle entered the room.

"Listen," Jazz told him. Faith could hear the faint sounds of their breathing, but the loudest sound in the room was her frenzied heart.

When Faith’s eyes opened at last it was as Jasper had feared. Gone were the beautiful deep brown pools that had conveyed such depths of emotion. In their place were irises of a brilliant scarlet hue. She put her hand to her head.

“Am I trippin’?” she asked bemused.

“I am sorry…what did you ask?” Jasper said softly.

She flinched, “Jeez, Jazz! Don’t yell!”

He dropped his voice even lower, “I am whispering.”

She moved her hand again. It was a sunny morning and the sun cast a brilliant shine on her newly iridescent skin.

Faith was now a vampire.

**I think this might be the official end for this story arc as anything new I write will be a whole new life for Faith...I have also got one chapter written for the Alice/Buffy side of this story. Thanks to all that have read & given me encouragement!

The End

You have reached the end of "Bound V2". This story is complete.

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