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Bound V2

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Summary: Re-Post and revisions of Bound. Faith in Forks. For Faith fans and open-minded twilighters!

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Twilight > Faith - Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181931,18421721,8196 Jan 096 Apr 09Yes


Disclaimer: Faith, Buffy, Giles & Co belong to Joss Whedon. The Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I believe Professor Diana Dormer belongs to Robert Joseph Levy.
A/N: This is set during Faith, Bella, & Ed's senior year. 5-6 months after the last chapter.


Faith wasn’t quite sure what was going on but she kept hearing the word ‘slayer’ which put her on edge. Had she finally been outed for what she was?

She stepped into the room hands at her sides trying to look relaxed and non-threatening.

“Faith.” Edward said by way of greeting. He had Bella clutched to his chest as if he was afraid she was going to run away or something. Bella sat in Edward’s lap looking stunned. The vamps were doing that thing Faith hated – talking so low and fast she could only catch a word here and there. Faith also noted that Emmett had Rosalie clasped tightly to his side with one brawny arm. Dr. C had Esme half on his lap both arms wrapped around her just like Ed.

That’s when Faith met Jasper’s eyes – they were wide and terrified.

‘He looks like he has cancer of the puppy,’ Faith mused to herself. Then it dawned on her. She’d never actually seen Jasper without…

“Oh, God, where’s Alice?” Faith blurted. ‘Something must have happened to her that’s why everyone is freaked out and holding onto their honeys.’

“She went to the Slayer,” Emmett blurted just as unthinkingly. The others all glared at him.

Good old Em always quickest to trust. His philosophy being anyone that betrayed that trust got squashed like a bug. Faith generally agreed with that philosophy. Except today it looked like she might be the one getting squashed.

“What do you mean? Went to the Slayer?” Faith tried to sound like she had no idea what a ‘slayer’ was. She saw Dr. C and Edward exchange a meaningful look – doing that other thing Faith hated – telepathy.

‘If ya got something to say just say it,’ Faith thought angrily.

“The Slayer is a warrior that is chosen and imbued with special abilities to kill our kind.” Carlisle explained.

Faith stopped herself from breathing a sigh of relief. ‘They don’t know about me yet.’

“So Alice is feeling suicidal?” Faith asked.

“No,” Edward spoke up, “At least we do not think so.” He looked at Jasper. “She told Jasper she had a vision about the Slayer and that she had to go to her.”

“She was happy,” Jasper whispered.

‘Happy to leave and go to her death? Or happy to go and kill the Slayer?’ Faith wondered.

“But Alice is a good vampire right? The Slayer won’t hurt her will she?” Bella asked her brows knitted.

The group in general seemed to disagree.

“Slayers just slay. They do not stop and ask questions,” Rosalie said authoritatively looking at Bels like she was an idiot.

“I have heard that,” Esme said slowly. “They train them to kill practically from birth.”

The conversation continued on along that line for some time, each vamp sharing horror stories of the bloodthirstiness of Slayers.

Faith had about had enough, ‘What do they know? They’re all alive so obviously I haven’t come in here in a murderous rampage and killed all of the poor vegetarian vampires.’

“I’ll call Buffy. Let her know Alice is coming. See if she’ll ask questions first at least,” Faith murmured to the room at large. Had her audience been human they probably wouldn’t have heard her. A dead silence rang out. What else could Faith do? She liked Alice. From what she’d heard about Buffy she didn’t think she’d hurt a vamp that didn’t feed from humans. Hell, she’d let that Angelus dude ‘stake’ her. On the other hand, Faith still didn’t know Alice’s motivation for going to Sunnydale.

Jasper was on his feet instantly, “She knows something!” He pointed at Faith accusingly and then lunged for her.

Emmett clapped a big hand on his shoulder, “Settle down, Jasper.” Faith didn’t like the speculative look Em gave her though as he asked, “Buffy?”

Faith shoved her hands in her pockets, “Er, well I don’t actually know her… I know of her… I’m pretty sure I can get her number though.” Faith felt the weight of all eyes in the room on her. Bella and Esme just looked bewildered. Ed, Rose, and Em looked accusing. Jazz still looked like he wanted to rip her throat out.

Carlisle cleared his throat and inquired formally, “Faith, may I ask how you know… of this Buffy?”

“Buffy?” Rose snorted. “What kind of name is that?”

Faith sighed, they were going to find out anyway. Once Dr. C and Ed decided they wanted to know something they didn’t stop until they figured it out. She’d best get this over with then get the hell outta here.

“There are two Slayers. B and… me,” she whispered. Everyone except Bella and Dr. C was now looking a little murderous. She was surprised Em was still holding onto Japer. Faith took a step back and wished she’d thought to bring weapons.

“So you will call this… Buffy and tell her Alice means her no harm?” Carlisle asked finally breaking the silence.

“No. Er, I mean not exactly… Jazz said Alice had a vision about B and it made her happy… What if she was happy that she was going to go and bag herself a Slayer?” Faith asked defensively, but she could tell no one else accepted this scenario. She didn’t really either. Not Alice. However she only trusted bloodsuckers so far… They’d all killed except Dr. C.

No one said anything so Faith continued, “I’ll call and tell her what I know about Alice and her current ‘vegetarian’ status. She sounds like a reasonable chick. If Alice doesn’t give her a reason I don’t think she’d try to hurt her.”

Faith sighed again, “Has anybody called Alice?”

Edward muttered something under his breath which sounded like, ‘as if we hadn’t thought of that already.’ He picked up the phone and dialed anyway. He had a brief vampire-fast conversation with Alice before snapping his phone shut. Jasper looked furious when Ed refused to hand the phone off to him. He had his phone out and was presumably dialing Alice’s number before Edward’s snapped his phone shut.

Edward looked at Faith with topaz eyes trying to ‘dazzle’ her Faith supposed. Bella complained he did it all of the time.

“I do not believe Alice means your friend any harm. She sounds so excited to meet her. She says she cannot tell us any more though.” Edward stared at Faith very hard as he said this.

‘Trying to work his mind mojo on me. Too bad. Doesn’t work on old Faithy.’ She thought grimly.

“Okay, like I said I’ll make the call.”

‘This should be awkward as hell,’ Faith thought grumpily.

Faith insisted on going home to make the call. She didn’t want everyone hovering over her and she really didn’t want to have a conversation with Professor Dormer about it either. She found the number in the Prof’s stuff and dialed it. She waited forever but the other Slayer finally picked up.

“Buffy?” Faith said uncertainly.

“Yes,” the voice sounded bright and chipper.

“This is Faith.” It took a bit to sink in.

“Faith?” the other voice said slowly. “You mean the… other one?”

“Yep. That’s me. Look, I got a friend headed your way…” Faith trailed off uncertain of how to put this. How much information to give to the other girl…

“Oh, a friend,” the other Slayer sounded curious, but not worried.

“Yeah. She had a vision about you so she’s driving down. Tiny little thing, cute, dark spiky hair... She’s very pale too.” Faith emphasized the ‘pale’. “But she’s a vegetarian if you know what I mean.”

“Hmm… does she have a soul?” the other girl sounded intrigued now.

“A soul? Well, yeah, I guess…” Faith hadn’t been expecting that one. She’d heard Dr. C and Edward debate it several times though. Dr. C said ‘yes’ so Faith was going with him on this one.

“Okay, I think I’d like to meet her too. What’s her name?”

“Alice Cullen.”

There was a long pause. ‘finally get to talk to B and I got nuthin to say.’

“Listen B, I gotta go. You take care of yourself.”

Faith almost hung up the phone when she heard, “Faith. Wait!”

“Yeah?” Faith put the phone back to her ear.

“You should come down and visit sometime too.”

“Or you could come up here.”

“Don’t you live in that place where it rains all the time? Come here. We’ll go to the beach.” Buffy emphasized ‘beach’.

“Okay,” Faith smiled to herself, “I’ll try.”

“Bye, Faith.”

After her conversation with the other Slayer, Faith picked up her cell and called Bella. She was in no mood for the vamps right now. “Tell Jazz and everybody I did what I could okay?”
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