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Bound V2

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Summary: Re-Post and revisions of Bound. Faith in Forks. For Faith fans and open-minded twilighters!

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Twilight > Faith - Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181931,18421721,8196 Jan 096 Apr 09Yes


Disclaimer: Faith, Buffy, Giles & Co belong to Joss Whedon. The Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I believe Professor Diana Dormer belongs to Robert Joseph Levy. I own nothing just writing for fun!
A/N: {Conversation noted in this manner indicates Edward’s telepathy at work.}


Weeks later…

Jazz and Alice had always been Faith’s favorites of Edward’s strange family. It was so disconcerting to see Jazz alone. He wandered the house like some sort of ghost these days. Faith thought maybe the shock had worn off and numbness had set in.

Faith still sometimes had a hard time believing that she had formed first an unlikely alliance with Bella Swan and then the even stranger one with Bel’s ‘boyfriend’ and his family. She was hanging out with vampires! The Prof thought Faith had gone quite mad of course.

Once the Prof had gotten over her initial shock and disapproval she had gone into ‘book mode’ as Faith liked to call it. Faith hadn’t managed to escape all of the research, but she’d gotten out of quite a bit by giving a full report of each visit to the Cullen residence.

She’d come today after school to check in. Faith stood in the doorway of Jasper’s room. She knew she’d missed the bulk of this conversation. She knew she shouldn’t be listening, but she couldn’t help it. Her Slayer senses enabling her to hear clearly both sides of the conversation.

“Jasper, the pictures just keep flashing through my mind. Everything that is going to happen, unless I stay here with Buffy. I am sorry but I have made my choice,” Alice’s voice trembled.

Faith knew Jasper would be strong, he would act like it was alright, like he understood her decision, but he didn’t.

“It is the only way. I am sorry.” Alice said softly.

“I guess you have convinced yourself this is the right thing to do,” Jasper paused, “But is this what you want to do?”

“Yes.” Alice’s voice was choked with emotion. “Jasper, I love you, but this is where I am meant to be.”

“With her?” Jasper’s voice was suddenly hard and brittle. Faith saw his eyes darken, and knew he was struggling for control of himself and losing.


Insignificant brambles and branches from the trees and underbrush tugged at his skin as he raced through the forest, but his emotions were too knotted up to notice or care. Nothing could damage his impervious skin anyway. The fury, anguish, and somewhere beneath all of that the desperate need for Alice. Jasper stumbled as another wave of pain washed over him.

Faith had been chasing Jasper through the gloomy forest for over an hour. ‘Man, I hate Forks. It’s always cold and damp here. I miss the sun.’

“Jazz?” Faith called softly. Just now she’d thought she had heard something. She listened intently with her Slayer hearing in the darkness. Faith wondered if she should give up and let the others have a chance.

“Jasper, where are you?” Faith demanded, her voice rose in frustration. Then she froze cocking her head in concentration. He could feel what she felt even if he couldn’t influence it. Not with his ability at least. She focused on her concern for him. She listened intently for him and was rewarded by a twig snapping as he lurched again.

Faith could hear him racing through the forest away from her. Before he could reach top speed Faith caught up to him. He was agilely dodging the exposed rocks and broken branches strewn about on the ground as he ran. She wondered what had caused the earlier stumble.

“Where are you going?” she called after him, trying to break his concentration enough to get him to slow a bit more. ‘Damn, he’s fast!’

“Nowhere, Faith. Leave me be.” He snarled.

Faith waited and chose her moment well as she took him down in a flying tackle. They’d been moving fast she noted as they finally rolled to a stop at the base of a hill. He lay there breathing heavily though Faith knew the run had not winded him.

Faith straddled his hips; she kept his arms crossed over his chest gripping his wrists tightly. He struggled again for a moment then went very still.

He glared up at her and said petulantly, “Go away.”

“No,” she said irritably, “I’ve been out here looking for you all damn night.”

“Well, I am very sorry for your inconvenience.” He said formally.

Faith almost laughed. Then asked, “Jazz, what’s wrong?”

“She,” he hesitated, looking away as some emotion flickered in his eyes, “She slept with that other Slayer.”

Faith stared blankly at him for a long moment, struggling to find the right words to say. She couldn’t believe it. Did that Buffy have some kind of thing for vampires? If the stories were true this was the second one! Faith tried to feel sympathetic.

“I can tell what you are doing. I am not stupid Faith.” Jasper couldn’t feel Faith’s sympathy he could only feel the sharp pain in his chest where his heart should be.

She started at the venom in his voice, but tried to send back concern.

“Are you… Okay?” Faith asked him slowly. She wasn’t used to having to do this sort of thing. Bella was the friend that always knew the right thing to say.

“No,” he whispered, voice cracking, “I do not think I am.”

“Well, did she have a good explanation?” Faith asked cautiously, she didn’t want him to think she was taking Alice’s side.

“As if anything could excuse this.” He said venomously. Then he sighed, “Yes.”

Faith struggled to figure out how to respond.

“What did she say?” Faith asked finally.

“She said she could not help herself. I thought I was past jealousy. I know that is how Alice is.”

Faith contemplated it for a moment. If they had an open relationship she guessed it was fair. Jasper sensed what she was feeling.

“Fair!” Jasper spat at her his fury coming off him in waves even Faith could sense. Faith stiffened.

He glowered furiously up at her as he snarled, “A Slayer? How could she!”

Faith stared down at him. He looked away from her probing stare abruptly, as he whispered brokenly, “She should not have.”

“Jasper,” Faith tried not to get too angry. Jazz was in a lot of pain right now and he would feel her anger if she didn’t control it.

“I’m a Slayer. I’m not so bad,” Faith tried to get him to look at her, “You said this isn’t the first time Alice has done this?”

He turned a stone cold glare on her, “This is the last time.”

“I understand you’re upset Jazz, but you need to come back-”

“She did not tell me.”

Faith froze, “What do you mean she didn’t tell you?”

“She told Esme. I had to drag it out of her. She has been feeling guilty for days, but I only decided to pry it out of her tonight,” Jasper mumbled, looking completely dejected.

“Are you-” He glared at the question she was starting to ask again. Faith cut off the rest of her worried inquiry and bit her lip, still unsure of what to say. ‘Of course he’s not okay. He left ok about five county lines back you idiot.’ She thought to herself.

“While you sit there and try to think of something to say, which is pointless because no words exist to make this better… would you mind getting off of me? I do not want to be here.”

“Not a chance, you’re going home, Jazz.” Faith was still trying to think of something she could do or say to console him. He flailed around halfheartedly, unable to concentrate on escaping from Faith while he was in so much emotional turmoil.

“Get off,” he whispered, pushing at her.

“Not gonna happen, Jazz,” Faith whispered back, “What can I do?”


“There has to be something.”

“There is nothing, all I want is to hurt her back,” he hissed. Faith could tell he didn’t mean it. He was in pain and lashing out.

“Jazz,” Faith pleaded, “Your family loves you-“

“Faith, I am not going home!” Jasper shouted, striking out at her because she was nearest. “Get the hell off of me!”


“I will make you,” Jasper growled menacingly. She could tell Jasper was losing his grip. Faith feared a little for Buffy the other Slayer. She had taken what was most precious to Jasper Hale.

“How are you gonna do that, Jazz? I’m not going anywhere.” Faith grinned smugly as she tightened her grip on him.


Before she could work out what happening exactly, he had twisted from her grasp. He flipped her over onto her back. “Jazz, what the hell are you doing?”

He didn’t answer her, as he clasped his legs around hers to keep her where she was and thrust his hips into hers. Faith gasped in surprise as she realized what he was doing. Then he loosened his grip a bit as his lips descended towards hers. Faith lost track of what she was supposed to be saying.

“Make me forget her, Faith,” he whispered, looking down into her large brown eyes, “Make me forget for just a little while.” He didn’t wait for a response as he leaned down and tentatively pressed his lips against hers.

Jasper felt Faith’s reluctance. He pulled back to look at her questioningly. “Okay, but not this way?” he asked.

Faith nodded, but tried to give him an encouraging smile. “Let’s go to my place.”

Jasper looked fairly unnerved at the idea, but took her hand. She could see the trepidation in his eyes. He’d never been to her house before, most of the Cullens hadn’t – just Edward. The house where the Watcher and the vampire Slayer lived.

They were at Faith’s in a few minutes, but didn’t stop downstairs. She pulled him along to her room and unceremoniously shoved him in, slamming the door and turning to face the Professor just as she flicked into view.

There weren’t words for the older woman’s fury and Faith knew she had to stay between her and Jasper.

“Faith, this is unacceptable behavior-” she began, her words clipped.

“No,” Faith said softly. “Look Prof, my friend just needs to stay here for a little while. You wanna worry about Slayers getting too close to vampires, maybe you outta give your buddy Mr. Giles a call.” Faith hid a smile at the stricken look on D’s face. Prof could probably guess what or who good old Buffy had been doing – again.

She nodded, “Very well.” Then made her way slowly back down the stairs.

Faith had always liked Alice, but now as she held the tiny cell phone in her hand she had to restrain herself in order to avoid crushing it into bits and flinging the shattered remnants across the room.

“You have no right to keep me from him, he is mine.” Alice’s voice had a shrill quality rather than her usual musical tone.

“No Alice, you have no right to him anymore,” Faith growled, “You lost that when you slept with Buffy and then told Esme rather than him.”

“Faith. You will put Jasper on the phone now.” Alice commanded angrily.

“No!” Faith snarled, surprising herself. She heard Jasper gasp from the other side of the room. Honestly, for the first time since Faith had met Alice, she wanted to hurt her. Badly.

“Not after what you did. He needs time.” Faith said in a quieter tone trying to breathe deeply to calm herself. She didn’t want to upset Jazz. She always forgot that even though he couldn’t influence her emotions, he could still feel them. Right now Faith was feeling very violent.

“Don’t be an idiot,” Alice snapped. Then her voice changed and became pleading, “Faith, please… I need him.”

“Alice, I’m sorry, but right now Jazz has got nothin’ to say to you.” She pushed the end button on the phone before she said something she’d really regret. The phone was ringing again immediately. Faith turned the ringer off and threw the phone down on the desk. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair. ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ she thought exasperatedly.

Faith heard a strange noise from across the room and turned to face Jasper. He was staring at her with half lidded eyes.

“Are you crying?” Faith asked in confusion.

“I think so,” he answered as he sobbed brokenly. No tears were coming, but there was definite sobbing.

“I am…” Jasper trailed off as a shudder wracked his form. He snapped his mouth shut, looking at Faith in fear.

“What is happening?” he whispered. Jazz shivered and swayed on his feet.

“You’re just tired Jazz, you should try to sleep,” Faith suggested, moving towards him in case he really fell. Normally Jazz was so tough a real ‘strong, silent type’.

“Sleep? I cannot sleep, Faith. I… I might have nightmares.” Faith had noticed that Jasper usually spoke without any hint of an accent. His Texas drawl crept back into his voice when he was upset.

Faith shook her head and swept the magazines and junk off of her bed. “Just lie down for a while.”

He nodded and sank down onto the bed then looked at her expectantly. Faith sighed and sat down so Jazz could lay his head in her lap.

“You are warm,” he murmured. She looked down at him, laying a hand gently on his cheek as she marveled at his cold, hard skin.

“You’re cold,” Faith answered with a grin. Jasper started to move and she pulled him back to cradle his head in her lap, “It’s okay.”

“It feels so nice,” he murmured. His eyes slid shut. “Do not leave,” he whispered.

“I’m right here, Jazz.” Faith tried to send reassurance to him. Even after all this time she still wasn’t exactly sure how this ‘empathy thing’ worked with Jazz.

And then he slipped into sleep. Faith realized she was in for a very long night. Faith didn’t want to start feeling again. This was wrong though, but was it more wrong than the nothingness of before? She wanted what Jasper made her feel.

Then Faith drifted off to sleep.

She woke up freezing. She gave a convulsive shudder then heard a low chuckle. Jasper drew the covers up over her. He reached out his hand hovering over the control for her electric warming blanket, “Do you want this on?”

Faith looked up at him perplexed, “Did you sleep?” She spoke in a hushed tone, hoping the Prof didn’t wake up.

“Yes. Actually. I did doze a bit,” he noted her surprise, “it is not that we never sleep. It is just very rare. And we need it less and less the older we are. I am over 150 years old you know.”

Edward looked at Bella, “Nonsense Jasper would never do that.”

Bella stared at him with wide eyes, “But Faith would. Do that. She’d totally do that. She’s the do that girl.”

Edward wondered though… for all people assumed about Faith because of her tough girl attitude and provocative way of dressing. He’d never seen any actual evidence of her presumed promiscuity. Still the fact remained – Jasper had spent the night at her house. Faith was a good friend to Bella. Unconditional. Loyal. Maybe that was what Jasper needed right now. Edward decided to go investigate or Esme would never stop calling. Charlie was bound to get suspicious if he heard the phone ring again.

Edward stood on a limb in the big pine outside Faith’s bedroom window. Unlike the other Cullens this was not his first visit to the Dormer estate. He listened carefully. He could hear Faith’s even breathing, but of course he could not hear her thoughts. He thought speculatively of Bella’s immunity to his ability again. Professor Dormer’s thoughts were muffled, jumbled - she was asleep. Good. He reached out trying to ‘hear’ Jasper.
{Hello, Edward, Go Away!}
Edward heard Jasper’s thoughts clear as if he was speaking. He tried to send his worry and concern to his brother. {Jasper, just checking in. We were worried.} Again he tried to send as much love and concern as he could. {Esme and Carlisle are beside themselves.}
{Of course, that’s why you sent the Slayer after me.} Jasper thought back angrily.
Edward tried to repress the guilt he felt and focus instead on his anxiety for Jasper.
{Just in case I started killing helpless humans in my rage?} Jasper thought at him.
‘Jasper is very perceptive,’ Edward thought to himself. He knew he couldn’t keep his guilt from bleeding over. That is exactly why Carlisle had sent Faith not one of the family. No one in the family would have been able to stop Jasper if he had started.
Instead Edward thought at Jasper {Are you coming home?}
{No, I like it here.} Jasper projected a mental image of Faith sprawled across a big bed, long hair fanned out around her. {It is very warm.}
Edward tried again {Jasper, please come home.}
{Go to Hell, Edward.} That last bit seemed almost cheerful which Edward took as an improvement. Edward knew he would get no further. Jasper was translating a magazine article about giving your vintage Harley a tune up into Korean. He sent a final wave of his feelings in Jasper’s direction then made his way back to Bella. He had another hour at least before Charlie woke up.
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