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Bound V2

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Summary: Re-Post and revisions of Bound. Faith in Forks. For Faith fans and open-minded twilighters!

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Twilight > Faith - Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181931,18421721,7656 Jan 096 Apr 09Yes


Disclaimer: See 1st chapter plus ‘Go Ask Malice’ pp220-230 [summary with my ending]. **song lyrics are from ‘Blue Flower’ by Mazzy Star. I own nothing!!
A/N: this takes place the same day as ‘Date?’ just later in the evening/night.


Dr. C and Esme had come by earlier in the day before Faith had left for school – Jazz had locked the bedroom door and refused to come out. The Cullens were too polite to rip it off its hinges. They had asked that Faith call to check in with them periodically or send word through Edward on how Jasper was holding up. Faith had agreed.

When Jasper and Faith returned to the Dormer house they were shocked to find Dr. C and the Prof sitting together at the large, kitchen table. Their heads were bent over a large stack of books and scrolls and they were holding a murmured conversation. They jumped a little guiltily Faith thought when they saw her and Jazz walk in.

The Professor and Carlisle had been researching vampirism and its different causes. Carlisle had done plenty of research on his own after contracting the condition himself and again later as Edward had voiced his questions about his lack of a soul. The Prof had begun her own research into this ‘new’ form of vampire as soon as Faith had informed her of their presence in Forks.

What the Professor and Faith termed ‘garden variety’ or regular vampires have a demonic parasite which pushes out the soul to make room for the demon. The Forks vampires have what the two researchers are coming to believe is a mystical infection. They are not demonic in nature but they do thirst for human blood. They hypothesize that the ‘soul’ is still intact in this race of vampire.

Jazz had pushed past her and headed upstairs as soon as he saw Dr. C. And while this entire vampire learning session was fascinating - Faith just wanted a hot shower and her bed. It was before 2 AM so she knew D would try to force her to go to school in the morning.


Faith had insisted she shower before anything else because she had ‘like a ton’ of graveyard dirt in her hair. Jasper waited impatiently stretched out on her bed. Finally she returned. He could not tell if Faith was a bad influence or not; over the past day he had experienced so many feelings and emotions that he had thought he left behind with his humanity. Impatience for example. At last she was curled up on the bed next to him still steaming and damp from her shower. He wanted to gather her into his arms again.

Faith had stopped to turn on music before coming to bed. It flowed around them, Jasper wondered what it was as he stroked her fragrant hair. Faith usually listened to heavy metal. This was very different it had a melodic, dreamy quality to it. He especially liked the female singer’s husky voice. They lay quietly for a while listening to the music.

'Waitin' for a sign from you,
Waitin' for a signal to change
Have you forgotten what your love can do?'

Jasper listened to the lyrics and he wondered what to do about Faith. Maybe he had been misreading her, but he thought she had feelings for him too. He tried to sort through his own feelings.

'Walkin' through the city
Your boots are high-heeled and are shinin' bright
The sun was sparklin' on the shaft of your knife'

The next verse was a brilliant description of Faith. He pictured her earlier in the night pulling a knife from her boot and lunging at a vampire with a fiercely joyful smile on her face.

'Flower in the morning rain
Dying in my hand
Was it all in vain?'

Jasper had to wonder if it was all in vain, his feelings for Faith. They had come on so fast and so strong. She was like a flower to him though, fragile and alive and soon to be dead. Even if she lived longer than the year she predicted what was a human lifetime to him? Nothing. She’d be gone too soon.

“Bella told us after she met you that Professor Dormer was offered a position at the Peninsula College and that is why you moved here,” Jasper prompted as he drew her closer to him.

“Actually, it was the other way ’round – the Prof wanted to move to Forks so she applied at PC. Of course they were thrilled to get her.”

“Why Forks?”

“Well the Forks part was D’s idea. She said it was ‘supernaturally quiet’ - which we both now know is a laugh. We did have to leave Boston though.” Faith chuckled.


“Well, I was in some trouble with the cops again,” Faith answered reluctantly.

“Really? Why is that?”

“Well, it’s a long story…”

“I have nothing but time,” Jasper reminded her as he settled her in more comfortably. Her sultry heat blazed against the side of his body where he held her. He waited for a while and thought she might not talk, but she was just organizing her thoughts.

“I guess it started one night when I was at the Mt Auburn cemetery patrolling. I found a couple vamps - not much action, but the last one was different. He fought with a sword and he said strange things like, ‘For Kakistos we live, for Kakistos you die’. Next morning I told the Prof about it and she went into book mode.”

“She researched and found out that Kakistos was a really old vamp – so ancient that he was a lot more powerful than a regular vampire. She said it rendered him unable to assume a human face, and his hands were actually cloven hooves, a trait that vampires have lost over the ages.” Faith paused to look at Jazz, gauging his reaction, but his face was impassive.

“Then it happened, I was at the house where D and I lived and the phone rings it’s the Prof says she won’t be home for dinner so go ahead and order pizza or whatever on my own. Then I hear a crash and breaking glass and then he’s on the phone. He says just one word “come”. It was like I was in a trance… I walked over to the weapons cabinet and I started grabbing everything I could carry, stakes, cross bow, battle axe, and my new tanto from Sensei Kanno.” Faith drew a deep breath. She traced Jasper’s pale lavender eyelids with her fingertip.

“I knew where to go… back to Mt Auburn. I found a vamp skulking around by the Dyer crypt and I collared him. He kept looking at the door so I kicked it in. The vamp wouldn’t tell me where to find Kakistos so I had to get rough with him. I kept hitting him until he finally pointed at one of the coffins and said, ‘down there’. I staked him and pulled the slab off of the coffin and felt around till I found a latch. It looked like a big, black hole, but I jumped in anyway. I landed in some kind of a tunnel that ran underneath the graveyard. The walls were lined with skulls and bones. I could see a trail of blood on the dirt floor of the tunnel,” Faith paused and looked at Jazz again now he was giving her this really intense look.

“Finally the tunnel widened into a large chamber and it was full of his vamp minions. “Slayer,” he hissed, “I knew you’d come.”

Everything was echoing like in a cave and I couldn’t tell where his voice was coming from. There were a few torches flickering and I could see the vamps circling me, but I couldn’t see him. I tried to draw him out, “So, where is she?”

“Come closer,” he answered, “I have something to show you.” Faith faltered here. It was like reliving that awful moment. Even though he knew it was a wasted effort, Jasper tried to let encouragement flow into her.

“I stepped toward the sound of his voice knowing I didn’t want to see. Knowing I was going to die, but if D was alive I had to at least try to save her. In my whole life she was the only one that had ever given a crap about me. On the other side of the chamber from the tunnel entrance there was a chair like a throne made out of bones and skins. It was hideous, but not as ugly as what was sitting on it. He held her in his lap and she was already half drained I could tell, but alive.

“Faith,” she whispered then he threw her aside.

I screamed her name and then everything slowed down like in the movies or when you’re under water. The vamps grabbed me and drug me forward to where he was waiting. They took my axe and my cross bow and forced me down to kneel before their master.

“Faith,” he leered, “what a pretty name you have.” I made myself whimper trying to stall for time - make him think I was weak that I’d given up before the fight. He used his disgusting hoof-hand to touch my face. He got D’s blood on me.

“Shh,” he whispered, “don’t cry yet.” He put his filthy hoof on my face and raised it up. “You’re home now.” I could smell his foul breath he was so close.

“Home,” I said trying desperately for a plan, something, anything.

“That’s right,” he was stroking my hair now, “you’re home now. Call me Father.”

“I want to give it to you.”

“Yes?” I could tell he was anticipating something nice. Then I was ready.

“Are you sure you want it Father?”

He smiled and I could see his fangs dripping in the torchlight, “Oh, yes.”

“Okay then,” I tried to lick my lips seductively, “Give us a kiss.”

He leaned in and the vamps holding me down slacked their hold just a little but enough. I let the tanto slip down my sleeve as we kissed. Then I drove it in as far as I could.

“You ain’t no father no more,” I said gleefully. He staggered away from me, only the handle of my tanto visible between his legs.

Then it was on. Two vamps tried to grab me from behind but I batted them away. I pulled two stakes out of my jacket and went to work. I spun kicking one in the chest as I nailed another in the heart. A third punched me in the face but I just used the momentum to roll and was up again just like Sensei taught me. Three more were on me but I was hungry for it by then. I took the first one by the ears and ripped them off of his head. While he was clutching his head and screaming I staked him.

I head butted another and he flew back, the next one came but I was too quick. Grabbed him by the throat and dusted him before another one was on me hitting me in the back of the head. I slammed into the vamp in front of me and staked him.

‘Tonight I’m death.’ I remember thinking that over and over.

“Kill her,” he hissed. Kakistos was up again staggering for me. I didn’t care by then if I lived or die but I was gonna take as many of those bloodsuckers with me as I could.

Two more threw me against a wall right next to a torch and I grabbed it and shoved it right into their faces. Then swung it around and caught a couple more on fire. They were running around screaming til they were dust. Finally one knocked me to the ground. I looked up at the ceiling; the rafters were wooden so I tossed my torch as I surged to my feet. The dry, old wood went up like kindling. The whole cavern was staring to smoke and burn. The beams began to buckle and break sending avalanches of dirt and coffins down into the fight. I found my battle axe and scooped it up taking the heads off of two in one swing. Then I saw him still with the tanto stuck in him he was close reaching out to get me in a bear hug. I hefted my axe and said, “This is for D.”

I threw it and it stuck in his head. Then I picked up one of the fallen beams and staked him with that. Most of the vamps had taken off and the ones that hadn’t were on fire. I picked up the Prof careful as I could and put her on my back and ran for it.

“I didn’t think she was gonna make it,” Jasper could feel how stressful and upsetting it had been for Faith, “She was in a coma for weeks.”

Faith traced Jazz’s arm as she leaned against him in the dark. He seemed to be sculpted from stone or marble. It had felt kind of good to tell the story. D already knew most of it, but not how scared Faith had been. She knew that Jazz had felt the things she didn’t say.

She wondered about Jazz, he’d never really tried to paw her or get her naked, it was…different, but in a good way. This was the second night she’d allowed him in her bed. Faith supposed that was one advantage to having a boy friend that’s older than dirt. Not that Jazz was her boyfriend. ‘He belongs to Alice,’ she reminded herself.

She’d asked Bella once after she’d found out for certain what Ed was if she and Ed had ever done the deed. Bella had sighed and said ‘I wish’ so wistfully that Faith had exploded into peals of laughter on the spot.
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