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Bound V2

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Summary: Re-Post and revisions of Bound. Faith in Forks. For Faith fans and open-minded twilighters!

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Twilight > Faith - Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181931,18421721,7806 Jan 096 Apr 09Yes

The Talk

Disclaimer: See first chapter. Also heavily borrowing dialogue from Joss for the 'what's up w/Faith' scene.

The Talk

Jazz had that faraway look that Faith had come to associate with Ed’s telepathy.

{You know what you need to do.} Edward admonished Jasper.

She walked over to the window and called, “Hi Ed!”

She was rewarded by Edward’s smooth chuckle, “Hello, Faith. I just came by to check in.”

“Sure, tell Bels I’ll see her later.”

“Of course,” Edward replied smoothly.

Jazz’s eyes were back in focus and he was frowning. Faith saw a tiny crease form between his brows.

“What did he want?” Faith tried hard to sound casual.

“To give me a warning,” he answered dully.

Faith stiffened. She had planned on leaving for the weekend. “What’s up?”

“It is nothing…really,” he refused to meet her eyes.

“Look I can handle myself, but I have to watch out for D too. Warning about what?”

He smiled ruefully, “Oh I am certain Professor Dormer is in no danger from this particular threat.”

Faith relaxed a little, “So are you gonna quit with the cryptic and tell me what Ed said?”

“He wanted to be sure I understood how dangerous what I am doing is,” he laughed a mirthless laugh, “as if what he is doing is not worse.”

Faith sat down next to Jazz, “Still not following blondie.”

He gently caressed the side of her face, and then leaned in slowly to give her the chance to pull away. She watched him warily, but didn’t move, he heard her heart rate quicken as he softly brushed his lips across her mouth. She pulled back, as if burnt, one hand going to her lips.

“Edward is worried I will hurt you. Humans are too fragile he says,” Jasper said in a hard tone. Then his eyes softened, “but I would never hurt you Faith.” He waited while Faith warred with confusion, denial, and then finally settled on acceptance.

“You aren’t entirely safe with me either you know,” She approached him hesitantly, her eyes never leaving his face, “Every time I get this close, the Slayer in me still says ‘slay’ loud and clear.”

Her fingers brushed his cheek, leaving a burning trail of fire in their wake. His skin hummed with electricity. He gave a little shudder then leaned in to tangle his hands in her silken tresses. He brushed his lips across hers again. She gave a tiny gasp and withdrew once more. He stared at her vainly trying to read her thoughts through her liquid brown eyes. He wished he was Edward…then again, his powers didn’t seem to work on her either. At least he could sense what she was feeling.


Faith persuaded Jazz to go to the diner to meet Bella and Edward and a few of their friends. He seemed very reluctant, but he was more reluctant to let her out of his sight. It was a very chilly night; he dropped Faith at the door and went to park the car.

“Hey! Speaking of people and things they do that aren’t like usual, anyone notice Faith acting sort of different?” Angela asked.

“No, not really…” Bella said thoughtfully.

“Well, I just mean you know she’s off by herself a lot more. And she’s kind of…distracted,” Angela explained.

“Think maybe she has a new honey?” Jessica asked eagerly.

“A boyfriend? Why wouldn’t she tell us?” Ben asked.

“We’re Faith’s best buds. She’d tell us,” Mike protested.

Everyone stopped talking as Faith approached the table. “Tell you what?”

“About your new boyfriend, who we made up…unless we didn’t?” Angela said guiltily.

“This was a topic of discussion?” Faith asked.

“Well, it was raised, but never discussed,” Mike offered.

“Are you dating somebody or not?” Jessica demanded.

“I wouldn’t use the word dating, but I am seeing someone…” Faith paused as she watched Jazz walk over all leonine grace, “But really we’re just good friends.”

After dinner which Ed and Jazz didn’t eat, Ed caught Faith’s eye. Jasper noticed. {Edward, leave her out of this.} Edward shook his head.

“Can I speak with you?” he asked so softly the regular humans at the table wouldn’t hear.

Faith shrugged and followed him out the diner. He opened his car door. The misty night air didn’t bother him, but Faith would be more comfortable inside.

“I need you to tell me how to make love to Bella,” he said without preamble.

“I don’t know why you’re coming to me with this…” Faith looked supremely uncomfortable.

“Well, to be honest most of my family was very inexperienced prior to becoming virtually indestructible.”

“But why not ask one of your brothers?” Faith suggested weakly.

“I need a modern, human woman’s perspective,” Edward folded his long, white hands in his lap not looking at her.

“Look,” Faith fidgeted in her seat trying to find a way out of this one.

Edward did not think he had ever seen Faith look even the slightest bit embarrassed. She was always so…earthy. He’d assumed she’d jump at the chance to be sure he showed Bella the best time possible. “Faith, I need your help. Do it for Bella.”

Faith blew out a long breath and hung her head, “Listen, I am so not the person to help you with this…”

Edward didn’t have to be a mind reader or an empath to read the pain etched across Faith’s face. His voice softened, “Faith,” he reached out his hand to her then thought better of it and dropped it. “Have you ever…er had…sex?”

Faith’s head shot up, her look incredulous, “No, it’s not that…but you want to make love to Bella right?”

Edward nodded.

“That I do not have any experience with,” she paused, large, brown eyes pleading, “Can’t you just get a book or something?”


Later downstairs at the Dormer house…

“Christ! Are you kidding me?” Faith exclaimed.

Bella drew back, “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“Nah, its cool just caught me off guard is all,” Faith put her hands in her pockets. ‘Why is this happening to me?’ she thought in dismay.

“Boy toy got to me earlier,” Faith explained.

Bella’s eyebrows raised.

“Guess he didn’t tell ya ‘bout that huh?” Faith asked shrewdly.


“Really Bels, you don’t need to do anything special. The guy always has a good time,” Faith paused and bit her lip, “You’re the one I’m worried about.”

Bella looked a little uncertain, “Faith, how much does it hurt, really?”

Faith looked ill at ease, “Normally…I don’t think very much, not if you’re ready. I know Ed will be real gentle – he already treats you like you’re made of glass.”

“Faith,” Bella could tell her friend wasn’t being completely honest. “You know…I know you know. Please tell me what it’s really like,” she pleaded.

“Bel, Ed may be a vamp, but he’s not a monster…I can’t tell you what it will be like for you,” Faith’s voice broke, but she looked defiant.

Bella had never seen Faith look so vulnerable. She started to apologize again. Faith held up her hand and cleared her throat, “It’s cool, you didn’t know.”

Bella bit her lip, she wanted to hug her friend but wasn’t sure if the other girl would allow it.

“Seriously, Bels, it’s not like I want to share and cry and grow… or whatever.”

Bella gathered her friend into her arms any way.


Later in the evening…

Edward was holding Bella in his arms, her head resting against his cool chest. He rested his head on hers for a moment, “You smell like Slayer.”

Bella tensed a bit, “Sorry…”

He chuckled, “No, Slayer smells good compared to those dogs you hand around with.”

“Oh,” Bella said quietly then thought, ‘Does Faith smell better than me?’


“I thought you couldn’t read my mind?” she asked suspiciously.

“I can’t. I just know you well.” He pulled back so that he could see her face, “So what happened?”

“We had a…talk…there was hugging,” Her eyes welled.

“That is why I sent you to her,” Edward pulled her close.

“Hoping she’d scare me?” Bella was indignant, ‘As if what happened to Faith is anything like what…’

Edward broke into her thoughts, “No, when I spoke with her I could tell it brought up a lot of bad memories. I knew she did not want to talk to me. I hoped she might talk to you.” He explained gently.

Bella felt guilty, of course, as always Edward was thinking of others. Bella lay awake for a long time that night wondering what had happened to Faith. She had always been amazed by how physically strong and graceful Faith was. Now she was more impressed by Faith’s emotional strength.
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