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Bound V2

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Summary: Re-Post and revisions of Bound. Faith in Forks. For Faith fans and open-minded twilighters!

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Twilight > Faith - Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181931,18421721,7656 Jan 096 Apr 09Yes


Disclaimer: See first chapter plus ** Jasper’s story summarized from pages 285 - 301 of ‘Eclipse’. I have tried to summarize, but some of the quotes may be exact.
A/N: Really this chapter is for the Faith fans that aren’t that familiar with Jasper. It also explains Jazz’s life for Faith. If you haven’t read any of the Twilight books the unabridged version is in ‘Eclipse’. Takes place later on in the same night as ‘The Talk’


Faith knew Ed hadn’t intentionally brought up bad memories for her tonight. She was irked that he thought it would be a genius idea to send poor Bel over to dredge up the same memories for a second time though. She needed to blow off steam and she didn’t want to take it out on D or her friends. So she went looking for something that it was okay to pummel. Nothing to slay in Forks or La Push. She thought about heading up to Port Angeles, but changed her mind and headed for Shelton instead. A nice long ride was just what she needed and Shelton had at least two graveyards she could find easily. Who knows they’d probably send someone else over that wanted to discuss her childhood trauma. Faith was right the bike ride was helping to clear her head some. She hadn’t ridden for a few days because Jazz always wanted to drive his car anyplace they went.

The Forest Cemetery on Railroad Ave yielded nothing in the way of action. Faith was disappointed but not surprised, this close to the Forks vamps and the wolf pack she’d be lucky to find even one in this small town. She considered driving back to Port Angeles, but decided to check out the Shelton Memorial Park over on Van Buren Street while she was here.

Faith sat on a graveside bench and contemplated earlier in the evening before Ed had ruined her night. That kiss with Jazz had been something. Her instincts told her where things were going. She also knew it was crazy.

‘A vampire and a vampire Slayer? I’m insane,’ she thought.

Faith was also beginning to worry that the Prof was going to kick her out or lock her up soon. Jazz snuck into her room every night. Faith wondered what she’d do when Alice returned. She didn’t think for a minute that it would end any other way. She and Buffy if they were lucky would be on this earth a year maybe two longer - if they were lucky. Jazz and Alice were going to live on for years. They had been in love for decades.

Faith’s musings were broken off by a vampire grabbing her by the back of the neck and ramming her head into the cemetery fence twice. The female vamp was going for a third time when Faith elbowed her in the face followed up quickly by two right jabs. It grabbed her again by the back of the head and pushed her down. She rolled and was up again, arms raised in a fighting stance. She kicked it once then twice alternating legs. The third kick, a roundhouse aimed for its head, didn’t connect. It grabbed her foot and threw her into the fence again. Faith caught herself on the fence and braced both hands by grabbing the chain link. She brought both feet up and viciously kicked the vamp in the chest. It sailed through the air landing several yards away. Faith sprinted after it and staked it before it was completely on its feet.

Faith padded into her room. Jazz was curled up on her bed. His face was boyish, relaxed as he slept. She reached out hesitantly to touch his face, his cheek curved and she knew he was smiling… ‘Okay so maybe he’s not asleep.’

“Faith.” He opened his golden eyes. “You should be sleeping. It is late.”

“Mmm… don’t know if I can,” Faith idly traced his arm where his shirt sleeve had pulled up. Then she stopped as she saw something that she’d never noticed before.

“Jazz, is that…are those scars?” Faith asked. The sound of his name from her lips did strange things to his body; if he had a heartbeat it would quicken each time she uttered his name or rather her ridiculous nickname for him.

Jasper smiled faintly, “I have a lot of scars.” His face was a mask as he pushed the sleeve of his shirt higher up his arm. Faith studied his skin for a moment then realized with shock the marks were layered scars running up and down the length of his arm.

“What the hell?” Faith breathed as she traced her finger tips further up his arm.

“You have seen the scar on Bella’s hand?” Faith nodded. She’d seen the strange scar on Bel’s hand a perfectly shaped crescent of teeth marks. It was creepily always cooler than the surrounding skin.

“You know how she came by it?” he asked and Faith nodded - she’d heard the story.

“That is what happened to me - only repeated a thousand times.” He frowned at the myriad of scars on his arm. “Vampire venom is the only thing that leaves a scar on my kind.”

“But, why do you have so many?” Faith was now investigating his other arm which displayed the same pattern of crisscrossed bite marks.

Jasper shrugged, “I came from a different sort of world than the others.”

When he didn’t elaborate, Faith stopped her exploration. She turned her dark eyes on him. “Jazz, what happened to you?”

“Do you really want to know?” he sounded hesitant.

“Yes, tell me please.”

“I was born Jasper Whitlock in Houston, Texas. In 1861 before my seventeenth birthday I joined the Confederate Army. I told the recruiters I was twenty. They were desperate for men and I was tall enough to get away with it. My military career was short, but promising. From a very young age people had always liked me, listened to what I had to say. Some people called it charisma. I know now that it was something more. I was promoted quickly through the ranks, over older, more experienced men. The fledgling Confederate Army was unorganized, so that provided opportunities, by the first battle of Galveston I was the youngest major in Texas.”

Faith was impressed. She had suspected from their training sessions that he had been trained in hand to hand and swordsmanship. She’d never dreamed it had been that long ago.

“I was in charge of the evacuation when the Union’s mortar boats reached the harbor. I left with the first of the civilians to accompany them to Houston. We reached the city after dark, but I stayed only long enough to make sure everyone was safe. As soon as that was done I left for Galveston without resting.” Jasper tugged Faith into his arms and settled her more comfortably against his chest. Faith could hear the words rumble in his chest.

“I remember that one night very clearly.” He paused as if unsure how to go on.

"I found three women outside the city. At first I thought them to be stragglers from the evacuation. I dismounted to offer my assistance. When I saw their faces I was stunned. They were, without question, the most beautiful women I had ever seen. They had such pale skin and they all seemed so young. I could always sense how people related to each other, and it was clear that the smallest was somehow in charge of the others. She spoke of me as if I was not there, ‘He looks right — young, strong, an officer’. I tried to speak but I couldn’t. ‘And there’s something… compelling,’ she said to the others. That was the last night of my human life.”

Faith waited patiently for him to go on. Jasper continued. “There were six of us when I joined Maria’s band. The newborns were all male because Maria wanted soldiers. I fought my first battles against the others. I was faster and a more skilled fighter. Maria was pleased with me. She put me in charge of the others as if I were being promoted which suited my nature. The fighting was intense. Of the original twenty-three, I was the only one to survive.”

“Decades later, I became friends with Peter who had remained useful and survived his first three years. Peter was . . . civilized he didn’t enjoy the fight, though he was strong. It was because of this he was assigned to deal with the newborns. A year later the newborns were due to be purged again and Peter was assigned to assist me. We would take them aside one by one . . . it was always a very long night. Peter tried to convince Maria that a few had potential, but she said no we had to get rid of them all.” Jasper halted his story again. Faith thought he was trying to read her emotions to gauge her reaction to the story. She waited wordlessly for him to continue.

“I could feel that it was taking a great toll on Peter. I had decided to send him away and finish up myself as I called out the next victim. Suddenly I could feel that he was furious. I tensed up for what might follow - he was a good fighter. The next newborn was a female, Charlotte. His feelings had changed when he saw her. He yelled for her to run, and then he bolted after her.”

“Five years later, Peter came back for me. He picked a good time to arrive. Maria did not understand my deteriorating frame of mind. She had never felt a moment’s regret or remorse and had no idea why I felt differently. I had begun to notice changes in her emotions when she was near me; there was fear and malice in her. Peter returned and told me about his new life with Charlotte, in five years, they had never had to fight. I traveled with Peter and Charlotte for a time, getting my bearings in this new world. Still the depression did not fade. Peter noticed that it was always worse after I had hunted.” Faith was surprised that he, like Carlisle, had developed a conscience on his own.

“I wondered at that. After years of slaughter and carnage, I was undeniably a monster. Yet when I took each human victim, I could feel everything my prey was feeling. Their wonder when they first laid eyes on me and their terror as I sunk my teeth into their flesh. With every victim I remembered that last night that I was Jasper Whitlock.”

He stopped for longer this time and Faith thought perhaps he was finished. She wondered if he was still too hurt to talk about Alice. She had pieced together a little of his story from conversations with the Cullens and Bella. She had no idea how long it had lasted or how horrible it had been for Jasper. Just when she was ready to give voice to her curiosity Jasper began again.

“The depression continued to worsen and I wandered away from Peter and Charlotte. I was so wearied by killing,” He stopped again. Faith knew this must be the part where Alice entered his story.

“I was in Philadelphia and I was out during the day something I was not completely comfortable with yet. I ducked into a diner that was almost empty. My eyes were dark enough that no one would notice them. She was there…she hopped down from a stool at the counter as soon as I walked in and came directly toward me. I was not sure if she meant to attack, but she was smiling… and her emotions were like nothing I had ever felt before.” He faltered here. Faith noticed he still could not say her name.
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