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Bound V2

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Summary: Re-Post and revisions of Bound. Faith in Forks. For Faith fans and open-minded twilighters!

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Twilight > Faith - Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181931,18421721,7656 Jan 096 Apr 09Yes

Six Months Ago

Disclaimer: Faith, Buffy, & Co belong to Joss Whedon. The Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I believe Professor Diana Dormer belongs to Robert Joseph Levy. I am making full use of dialogue from BtVS and the Twilight series. I’ve used some great Buffy sites for dialogue like Buffywiki – if you want the links email me. I own nothing, but some cranky cats!
A/N: This story is a repost [I think I took it down to revise about a week ago]. I have gotten my timeline straightened out – the majority of the action takes place during Bella, Edward, and Faith’s senior year so ‘eclipsish’. Everything that happened in Midnight Sun/Twilight has happened, but not New Moon [Edward never left, but Bella is good friends with Jacob]. Faith is a Slayer, but has never been to Sunnydale and her first Watcher did not die. They defeated Kakistos and moved to Forks months after Isabella Swan. If you are a Twilight purist you aren’t going to agree with my portrayal of the Cullen family [they aren’t as uber powerful].
Warning: If Alice and Jasper not being together makes you unhappy DO NOT READ!
Spoilers: Some for the Twilight series – mostly Twilight/Midnight Sun and Eclipse and also ‘Go Ask Malice’ by RJL.
Thanks: Sithspit beta-ed the first chapter for me when it was little more than a drabble so many, many thanks! Also thanks to Wikipedia for my fun Forks and Boston facts.

[Set at the end of Bella’s junior year] Six months earlier

Forks was beautiful, just not the place on the west coast that Faith preferred. Everywhere she turned the trees were green; a canopy of moss hung from the tree branches, gracefully draping the trunks and rocks surrounding them. Ferns grew everywhere; a big change from the Boston metro area. Thick fog gave an alien feel to the place. No blue sky but no smog either. Faith felt like her lungs could use a cigarette.

Faith sat in the cafeteria half way through her first day at the Forks High School. There weren’t even 460 students at the school. Amazing. Her classes at Boston South had 50 or 60 kids to a classroom.

Faith was trying to answer all of the questions of her curious classmates - lying about most of it, of course. She figured she was probably the only freak in the school – no need to make it worse with the truth. She was the only new student and it felt like everyone was staring at her. Not much went down in Forks apparently.

She noticed them almost immediately. They were sitting in a corner of the caf as far away from the rest of the student population as possible. They weren’t staring at her like everyone else. They didn’t seem to be talking or eating. There was a similarity to the group; all of them chalky pale, fair even for a town that never saw the sun. They all possessed very dark eyes, seeming almost black from Faith’s vantage point. They also sported dark shadows under their eyes, like purplish bruises, as if they were all recovering from shiners. Faith had a lot of experience with that. They were all beautiful, even the two boys. Faith was reasonably certain they were vampires - which of course made absolutely no sense. Sure it was a public school, but hello? It was noon? It was cloudy but some sunlight still filtered through the cloud cover.

“Who are they?” Faith asked the girl sitting next to her, from her Spanish class—Jessica, she was pretty sure. Jess looked up following Faith’s gaze. “That’s Dr. Cullen’s foster kids.”

“Really?” Faith tried to look encouraging and interested. She had Jess pegged for a talker. Faith thought to herself, ‘So this isn’t the first time they have been here – wicked strange.’ Faith pondered what would make vampires attend school rather than massacring the student body.

“Emmett and Alice Cullen are the brunettes. The blonds are twins, Rosalie and Jasper Hale.” Faith’s companion suppressed a giggle, “Dr. Cullen and his wife have five foster kids, and…” she paused dramatically, “…they’re all together.”

Faith gave her companion a questioning look.

“I mean Alice and Jasper and Rosalie and Emmett. They’re like dating.” Jess sounded scandalized.

“They look a little old for foster kids,” Faith pointed out. ‘Real old,’ she thought.

“Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper are all seniors. Alice and Edward are juniors.”

“So where’s Edward?” Faith asked. Jess had said five but she only saw four obvious vamps in the room.

Jessica glanced around briefly and shrugged, “Someplace with Bella probably.”

Throughout the conversation Faith’s eyes kept flickering back to the strange ‘family’ sitting across the lunchroom. ‘A fricking nest of vampires. The Prof told me this town was supernaturally quiet. Guess she was wrong.’ Faith still couldn’t wrap her mind around it.

“How long have they lived in Forks?” Faith turned back to Jessica.

“They moved down here from Alaska a couple of years ago.” Jessica explained then looked a little guilty, “Oh Edward.” Faith could swear the girl simpered a little. She turned to follow Jessica’s gaze and saw the fifth vamp with his arm around a human girl?

“Hello, I am Edward and this is my girl friend Bella,” his voice had a melodic quality, unlike his ‘siblings’ his eyes were a light golden brown rather than black. His hair was bronze and his skin unnaturally pale.

The girl with him looked shy; she was also pale, but had hazel eyes and long, dark hair. Her eyes never left her ‘boyfriend’.

Faith still didn’t know what to make of this bizarre situation. She glanced at the clock and said pointedly, “Getting late, we don’t want to miss Biology.” She looked expectantly at the dark haired girl sitting next to her. She searched her memory for the name, “Ready Angela?”

Faith walked with Angela to Biology, her next class. They entered the classroom and Faith noticed the only open seat was next to Edward Cullen. ‘Wonder if he ate his lab partner?’

Faith handed her slip to Mr. Banner to sign. She noted Cullen staring at her with a hostile expression on his face. ‘I wonder if he knows what I am too?’

Faith had no choice but to go and take the seat next to the vamp. She couldn’t very well slay him in a classroom full of kids. After spending an awkward fifty minutes trying not to glare at the vamp, the bell rang and he was up and out the door in a flash.

As luck would have it Faith’s next class was gym. Edward’s girl friend Bella was there, but no Edward. ‘Maybe I can get some info out of her?’ Faith speculated.


Five months ago

“Seriously girlfriend, you are a danger to yourself and others.” Faith said to Bella who sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

Bella was grateful to Faith for saving her from having Mike Newton as a badminton partner again. The only drawback being, unlike Mike, Faith had no problem making wise-cracks about Bella’s clumsiness.

“So, D’s going out of town for the weekend – lecture in Portland. You up for a party?” Faith quickly changed the topic.

“Faith, you know Charlie would have a fit if he found out I went to a party with boys and no adult supervision.”

“Well Bels, if we only invite your boy-toy and his hottie brothers there won’t be no boys there will there?” Faith waggled her eye brows suggestively.

“Well, technically…” Bella said reluctantly. ‘Sometimes Faith is both a gift and a curse.’

“So are you still grounded or is Ed letting you hang out with teen-wolf again?”

“Edward gets upset when I am there…he can’t get to me if something happens,” Bella said defensively.

Faith snorted, “Ah, he’s just a little bit jealous of wolf boy.”

Faith had arrived on the scene about six months after Bella had. Unlike Bella, Faith had reveled in the attention of all of the male students of Forks High School. She hadn’t settled on one just yet though.

When Bella had asked Faith about it, she winked conspiratorially and said, “I like to keep my options open.”

Faith had been planning to help Bel escape to hang out with her friend Jake down in La Push for a while. She’d just been waiting for an opportune moment. Bella had given her the key to engineering an escape; Alice could see whatever Bella was planning then let Ed know so he could put a stop to it.

'If I plan it though, Bella won’t be thinking about it,’ Faith thought smugly.

She grabbed Bella’s arm after they walked out of gym class a few minutes early. The Slayer pulled her along, catching her whenever she stumbled; Bella wished she could be as athletic and fast as Faith. Maybe then she’d be more of a match for Edward.

“You know Faith, I think Jacob kind of likes you,” Bella had been trying to play match maker with her two friends for a month now.

“Gotta tell ya Bels, I think there’s only one dark haired honey for old Jakey.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Bella snapped, “We’re just friends.”

Faith held up her hands in surrender. “I know Bels, I know.” But she had a smirking grin on her face.

Faith jumped onto her motorcycle and hauled Bella up behind her, kicking the engine to life and driving for the line like a mad woman. Bella clung to her friend for dear life as they roared down the rain slicked highway. They were at the treaty line in no time where a grinning Jacob was waiting for them.

“Hey, Jacob!”
“Bella!” he yelled back.

Bella saw the smile she’d been waiting for stretching across his face like the sun breaking free of the clouds and knew it would be worth it to make Edward a little angry.

Bella looked up at Jacob as she leaned on his shoulder. She was feeling a bit guilty for sneaking away from Edward again to spend time with him. He always got so worried and anxious when she was where Alice couldn’t see her and he couldn’t get to her without breaking the treaty.


They had moved to Forks, WA because the Professor thought a small town environment would be good for Faith. In other words keep her away from the criminal element she was used to associating with. Additionally, Forks was reputed to have little to no supernatural activity of any kind.

For once, it turned out that the Prof was wrong; the supernatural death rate was low because the large coven of vampires in Forks and the large pack of werewolves in La Push frightened most of the other ‘predators’ away.

The Prof had insisted Faith return to school. With as much school as she missed she was lucky she had Bella to tutor her. Things could be worse; she could be like Ed and the other freaks doomed to repeat high school for ever. ‘How’s that for a fate worse than death?’ Faith thought to herself.

Professor Dormer knew her handling of her charge, Faith, was unorthodox, to say the least. Letting her socialize with vampires and werewolves…Quentin Travers would have a bloody coronary! Of course from what she heard the other active Slayer, Miss Summers, had relations with a vampire--the scourge of Europe, Angelus. According to Miss Summers’ Watcher, Rupert Giles, the vampire in question had a soul at the time. The Watchers’ diaries painted Angelus as a most vicious fiend. Professor Dormer certainly wouldn’t say she trusted the local non-human population, but until they offered Faith trouble she’d try to hold her tongue.
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