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Summary: Hermione gets caught and has an unlikely hero. Prompt from the galorechallenge LJ Community.

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourfanficfreakFR711,292091,5707 Jan 097 Jan 09Yes
Title: Heroes
Prompt: The Thing/Hermione- gentle, smile, crush, savior, thanks (got ‘em all!)
Rating: PG
Summary: Hermione gets caught and has an unlikely hero
Character(s): Hermione Granger, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm, Reed Richards,
Pairing(s): pre Hermione/Ben
Warnings/Spoilers: Um… Fantastic Four Movie 1 and none for HP, you just have to know Hermione
Notes: … Written at midnight, after a day when I ate moldy pita bread. So, you know, it might be kooky.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not even this computer.


Of all the times to be without her wand, this was the very worst, Hermione decided. She hated the way she felt without her wand on a normal day, but when a bunch of her crazy neighbors kidnapped her out of her bed and took her to a local park to burn her like the witch she was, a wand would have come in handy.

Hermione was panicking as Mr. Rodgers, her landlord set fire to a torch and came dangerously close to the pile of wood at her feet. Clearing her mind, she tried her best to call up her magic, but it didn’t’ seem to be working. Magic was either intentional or accidental. When you are integrated into the Wizarding world, you lose a lot of your raw magical power as a result of the finesse of wand training. That was why children could levitate things, transform, even apparate with little to no thought while it was necessary for a fully grown wizard to go through the three D’s of apparition. Personally, Hermione thought it was all just a way to keep the Wizarding world in control; the wand becomes the source of power and thus, if broken or taken, wizards become defenseless; rather like she was at the moment.

“Listen, I’m not a witch, I swear!” Hermione begged as the man started to recite a prayer for her soul. “I believe in god. I don’t kill people, I don’t know how to turn you into a rat, I’m not—“

“Let the lady go,” a grave voice spoke over her pleading and the crowd’s praying. From a bush behind her, Hermione heard movement, but, even arching her neck around, was unable to see who had come to save her.

From the looks of the crowd, the man was rather intimidating.

“She- she needs to be punished.” Mr. Rodgers stuttered.

“No she doesn’t,” another voice came. “She’s not a witch and there’s no such thing as magic.”

“Who are you?” Chuck asked from the crowd. Chuck was in the flat next to hers and was always really friendly to her, it hurt that he turned on her so easily because of a couple of psycho bible freaks.

“Fantastic Four, surely you’ve heard of us.” A more youthful voice said happily. If Hermione didn’t know that these people were on her side, she would have been seriously worried, as it was, she was only focusing on the fact that the fire was getting further away from her.

“You’re supposed to be heroes!” Mr. Rodgers said, clearly recognizing them where Hermione didn’t. “Do away with evil; that’s what we’re doing here, don’t you see?”

“You’re accusing this girl on poor misconstrued accounts. Just as you did before.” The second voice said.

“With Emily,” a female voice interjected, getting louder as she got closer, “and Sarah, who had just graduated from Oxford. Do you remember Tessa? You thought she was a vampire because she didn’t go out in the sun. She was allergic to the sun. It’s called xeroderma pigmentosum, she couldn’t go in the sun unless she wanted severe skin cancer. She told you this when she applied for the apartment.”

Hermione turned her head as the woman came within her line of vision. She was a blond woman in a blue suit. Beside her stood a man with dark hair, graying on the sides who smiled reassuringly at her.

On her other side, a young man with blond hair and energy to burn stood beside a man who appeared to be made out of rock. Hermione looked at him considering, realizing that he was probably the one who had first spoken.

And when it was all over, after the police had taken Mr. Rodgers and the group of neighbors to the Yard, he was the one she was most interested in speaking with.

“Thank you,” she said as she came up to the foursome after giving her statement. “I think you just saved my life.”

“No problem,” the blond said with a flirty grin. “Whenever you’re in need you can call on me… us.”

“Thank you, but I’m sure that won’t be necessary,” Hermione said to the man, making sure he didn’t get any ideas. “Its just… who are you?”

“You don’t know?” her savior asked.

“I’m afraid I’ve been a little… distracted the past seven years,” Hermione responded with a laugh. “I had gone to a boarding school that was essentially its own world and then my friends and I went for a cross-continental… backpacking trip. And my first foray back into society was two weeks ago when I rented my flat, and well… that obviously didn’t go very well.”

“Well, I’m Dr. Richard Reeds, and this is my fiancée Sue Storm, her brother Johnny, and this is Ben Grimm,” the older man introduced. “We were doing an … experiment in space involving a radioactive cloud that altered our DNA.”

Hermione made a noncommittal grunt when the press started calling over the four. Johnny went easily, smiling and waving. His sister and her fiancée reluctantly followed him and when Ben started to follow them, Hermione placed a gentle hand on his arm.

“Thanks again.”

“What for?”

“Saving me,” Hermione smiled at him softly.

“Its what I do.” Ben said with a small smile of his own.

“Still, I could have a major hero-crush on you.”

“Hero crush?”

“Most people have celebrity crushes, I get hero crushes.” Hermione admitted with a shrug.

“You’ve been saved that many times?” He asked, blue eyes sparkling and a smile twitching at his lips.

“I get into trouble, yeah.” Hermione grinned at him.

He smiled back at her before it faded slightly with his thoughts. Ben Grimm was a hero. He saved people, but he did so at the cost of his normality. Really, it was selfish of him to want it, but there were days… he wished he could give this young woman a handshake that didn’t hurt. He wanted to slide his hand into hers, feel the soft skin and scrape of her nails. He wanted to feel her lips against his, but he didn’t have lips anymore.

Hermione looked at the man’s expression and could guess what he was thinking about. Every hero made a sacrifice- that was the way the world worked- but this one…. She bit her lip thoughtfully before speaking up, “What if I told you, I might be able to help you with your DNA problem?”

“Oh yeah? You a scientist?” Ben asked, only doing so to satisfy her. He long ago realized that between normal and saving people, he’d pick the group over the many.

“Not exactly.”

“Well, even if you were, I wouldn’t go along with it. I’ve already tried that. I was useless to help my friends. I won’t ever feel like that again.” Ben answered with an edge of steel in his voice.

“No, it’d… You’d be able to change at will.” Hermione said, already aware that this man would give up his hopes and dreams only to save one person. That’s just the way he was.

“How?” Ben asked. The woman seemed to already be formulating some kind of plan, and if he got Reed to make sure nothing happened, he’d be able to… “How could you do that?”

“Well,” Hermione winced, “those accusations early--about me being a witch--weren’t entirely off.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Heroes". This story is complete.

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