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Adam's Son

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Summary: Xander gets kidnapped, and discovers a new family.

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Television > Mutant XfanficfreakFR1311,505082,3747 Jan 097 Jan 09No
Takes place in Season 3 of Buffy and season 1 of Mutant X, no Lexa, no Gabriel.

Disclaimer: Not Mine


Xander sighed disappointed as he parked in front of the donut shop. Yet again, his friends insisted on keeping him out of the loop on the latest big bad, and instead degraded him to being errand-boy. The thing he didn’t understand is why they never even tried to teach him how to fight or help in any capacity. Instead, they just labeled him as normal and thus, as baggage. Xander knew that he was a potential asset in this battle, but they all refused to see him as such.

Xander unbuckled and exited his uncle’s car, already knowing how this particular ‘errand’ would pan out. He’d go inside, the owner would greet him by name, he’d smile and order a dozen donuts, and all the while, breaking a little more inside at how useless he was.

He was so busy focusing on how much his life sucked, that he missed the non-descript black sedan roar up behind him and unload four men, dressed in black suits and sunglasses, their very presence screaming ‘government cover-up’.

“Alexander Harris?” a deep voice in front of him asked.

Xander looked up at the two men in front of him. The talker was tall and carried and aura of impatience. The one next to him was broad, heavily muscled, and gave off a do-not-mess-with-me vibe. They definitely weren’t the type one would expect to be in suits. “Yeah?” he answered hesitantly.

“You’re to come with us.” The tall one seemed to be doing all the speaking, and Xander suspected the muscled one was really just there for show.

“Um, I’m kind of busy right now.” Xander spun around, intent on running back to his car when he crashed into another suited chest.

He quickly backed up, rubbing his flattened nose. “Listen, if this is about that rocket launcher, I had nothing to do with that.”

Ignoring the continuing talk, Tall and Muscles each grabbed one of his arms and dragged him into their vehicle. Xander put up as much of a fight as he could, but it wasn’t enough to overpower the two. It didn’t help his situation that this was happening on a Sunnydale sidewalk, where everyone would ignore the event. His thoughts drifted to his friends, and what they would do when they found out what happened to him. He could only hope to find out soon.

“Trust me, It wasn’t me. I don’t know anything about the Rocket Launcher – except that there was one. And it was stolen. But that’s just a … rumor! A rumor that I heard, you know? Teenagers, we just spread any and all gossip we hear. I don’t know anything.”

Babbling nonsensically now, Xander took the time to study his abductors. Aside from Tall and Muscles, there was a man who Xander’s soldier memories easily identified as having military training, and was thus dubbed Soldier. Next to him was a man who kept opening and closing his hand, as though playing with a stress ball, he was quickly named Twitch. Tall was defiantly the leader, as proven when he took out a phone, confirming to someone that the ‘boy was found and on his way’. Muscles was the muscle of the mission, while Soldier and Twitch seemed to be extra hands.

As the car started moving, Tall leaned forward, to start to explain things to Xander.

“Mr. Harris, we are escorting you to Genome X, as you have been chosen as the one lucky high school student to receive a personal tour by Mr. Eckhart himself. You were chosen out of millions of applicants and I’m sure you will find your trip very educational and exciting. Congratulations.”

“I think you guys made a mistake. I didn’t enter any contest. You’ve got the wrong guy, sorry.”

“I’m quite positive we haven’t, Mr. Harris.” He responded with a really un-reassuring smile. “You were chosen.”

“Are we going to tell my parents, then? Is that where we’re headed?” Xander asked, hoping that as they let him out, he’d manage to make a run for it.

“Your parents have already been informed and wish you well on your trip. They’re very excited for you.” Tall answered smoothly.

Xander snorted quietly. Like his parents would ever drag themselves out of the bottle long enough to even register his existence. He smiled up weakly at the agent. “Great, but, I don’t really have anything with me, so you see, a trip is really impossible at this point.”

A duffle was swiftly tossed to sit at his feet. “Your parents put some clothes together for you. They figured you wouldn’t want to waste a second by stopping. We’re on our way to the airport right now.”

“Can I make a call?” Xander asked hopelessly. “I had plans with my friends today.”

“I’m sure that Mr. and Mrs. Harris will take care of everything for you.”

Xander rested his head on his knees, thinking desperately. The only thing he could come up with however was, “I have to pee.”

Tall raised an eyebrow at the statement. “We’re almost to the airport, Mr. Harris, I’m sure you can wait a few more minutes.”

“Yeah, I really don’t think so. I really, really have to go.” Xander looked out the window, at his surroundings, “Actually, there’s a small place, just a block away from here, if we could just stop for a couple of minutes.”

Tall sighed and nudged Muscles to let him know to follow Xander’s directions.

Playing it as cool as he could, Xander gave instructions, hoping that the suits wouldn’t realize what it was before he got inside.

“Right here, on the left, ‘Willy’s’.”


Willy didn’t like trouble. That’s why, whenever one of the Slayer’s gang came in, he always made sure to be extremely careful around them. And when one came in without the slayer, well, he paid extra close attention, knowing that within the hour, she would be in there, demanding information.

So when he saw the Hawaiian shirt-clad teenager walk in, he knew that he would be having a bad day, and when the four suits entered behind him, his day just got a whole lot worse.

Xander entered the bar hesitantly; looking around so that if anyone in there was too unusual looking he would be able to make back out and make his excuses, but thankfully, the bar was empty except for Willy himself and a figure cloaked in shadows at the back of the bar. Probably a vampire, but thankfully, not noticeably different from the human race.

He pasted a smile on his face and went up to Willy. “Hey, Willy.”

“Yeah, kid?” The little man greeted nervously eyes flickering between Xander and his four bodyguards. “Wh-What can I get for ya today?”

“Nothing, just need to use your bathroom before a little road trip. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Nah, course not. Feel free.” Willy waved a hand towards the back of the bar and kept his eyes on the suits as Xander walked off. “What about you gentlemen, get ya anything?”


“Alright,” he said nervously, whipping a glass with the dirty rug in his hand.

In the bathroom, Xander was contemplating a clever message on the mirror written in soap, but knew that no one who came back here would really care about him; in fact, demons would probably just spread the word that the Slayer’s group was one short. No, he decided, it would be better to leave his information with Willy instead, as he could be relied on to squeal under repeated punching.

He left and went straight to Willy, ignoring the suits attempts to gesture him towards the exit. “Can I get a glass of water, Willy?” he sat down at the bar, throwing a winning smile towards the impatient men in suits.

“Mr. Harris, we really don’t have time–”

“Sure we do!” Xander interrupted. “I’m thirsty as all get out.”

Tall sighed frustrated and went to stand next to him, hoping his presence would urge the teenager to hurry up.

“So, Willy, did ya hear? I won a trip to Genome X, apparently I got chosen out of–”

“Mr. Harris, we aren’t supposed to share that information.” Tall’s hand came down roughly on his shoulder. He removed the glass from Xander’s hand and lifted him off the chair. “We really are running late.”

Xander shouted back to Willy as he was being steered out of the bar. “Genome X, in New York. I was chosen for an exclusive tour–" He was cut off as Muscles beefy hand came to cover his mouth. His eyes continued to shout in Willy’s direction as he was dragged out of the bar.

Willy sighed and set down the cloth and mug he had been fiddling with, not any cleaner than when he picked it up, “I hope you’ll be alright kid. You were an okay one.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Adam's Son" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jan 09.

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