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Slayer's Labyrinth

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Summary: She woke up with no recollection of who she was and why she was here. But one thing was for sure: she was no ordinary Jane Doe.

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Twilight > Buffy - CenteredFlipSideofMadnessFR13817,26505322,4368 Jan 0910 Apr 09No

Chapter I: Who Am I?

Disclaimer:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight belong to Joss Whedon and Stephenie Meyer respectively.  I am just borrowing characters from each series to bring life to a plot bunny idea sparked by a challenge I read.

Author's Note:  I am no expert when it comes to amnesia.  What I know of it is based on what I've heard, read and seen on TV and in movies, so I'm just going on instinct here on how Buffy is slowly regaining her memory and how certain things remind her of certain people in her life.

Chapter I:  Who Am I?

TWO DAYS LATER JANE DOE WAS released from Forks General under the care of Dr. and Mrs. Cullen.  She was assisted from the hospital by the couple and was taken to their home just outside of town.  It was a beautiful but secluded place.

        "Here you are.  Home sweet home," Esme smiled as she stood beside the petite blonde, her arm wrapped protectively around her as they stood outside the Cullen's front door.

        "It's beautiful," Jane Doe smiled.

        "Thanks.  Wait until you see inside," Esme said excitedly and guided their guest inside while Carlisle grabbed what little belongings Jane Doe had with her.

        The foyer was empty when they entered, but one thing Jane Doe noticed was how bright and spacious the house looked.  The furnishings weren't grand, but it looked homey enough.  Esme gave her a small tour of the place before stopping in the dining room where the rest of the Cullen brood was waiting for them.  Carlisle joined them then after he deposited Jane Doe's belongings in one of the spare bedrooms Esme prepared for her.

        "And these here are our children," Esme announced.

        "Hi, I'm Alice," a dark haired girl with the same skin colouring as Esme and Carlisle was the first one to approach her and extended her hand.

        "Nice to meet you, Alice.  I'm...I'm..."  Jane Doe was starting to panic when she couldn't remember her name.  She turned a pair of alarmed blue eyes towards Carlisle who was the sole person who could calm her down when she was rattled and it worked.  Soon her panic started to ebb away as she continued to gaze at Carlisle's calming presence then turned back to Alice and smiled, "Sorry, I can't seem to remember my name at the moment."

        Alice chuckled and shook her hand jubilantly.  "I like you.  You have a sense of humor."

        "T-thanks," Jane Doe stammered.

        Next one to approach her was a stoic looking male blond who seemed to be in pain or conflicted about something.  She couldn't decide which and her curiosity got the better of her and without thinking what she was doing blurted out, "What's wrong?  You looked confused about something.  Either that or someone stepped hard on your foot causing you to look pained."

        Silence surrounded the room.  Every eye was trained on Jane Doe and the male blond.  Slowly he began to crack a smile and extended his hand.

        "I'm Jasper.  And Alice is right, you have a sense of humor.  Hang on to that.  That's what comforts you."

        Jane Doe returned his smile and nodded.  "Thanks.  Sometimes I get panic attacks like you wouldn't believe, especially since I have amnesia and in as much as it's cool, it's really not cool."

        "Don't worry, we'll help you remember what you've forgotten," said a hulking dark haired guy who appeared beside Jasper and extended his hand.  "I'm Emmett, by the way.  Welcome to the family."

        Jane Doe shook his hand.  "Thanks, Emmett."

        A svelte blonde stood beside Emmett and gave him an icy glare, noting the length of time he was holding and shaking Jane Doe's hand before he dropped it as if he was burnt then stepped back.  In the background someone tried -- and failed -- to cover-up a laugh with a cough.

        "I'm Rosalie," the blonde girl introduced.

        Jane Doe couldn't help but feel like she was enveloped in ice.  It was obvious Rosalie doesn't like her presence her, but too bad, so sad.  She was here under Dr. Cullen's care and here she'll remain until she got better.  Something in the back of her head told her she was used to dealing with prima donnas like Rosalie here.  There was someone from her past who thought everyone should worship the very ground she walked on.  A face of a long, wavy haired brunette flashed in her mind then just as quickly disappeared.

        Jasper sensed Jane Doe's panic and was on alert again to work his power on her.  Edward was able to read what she'd just thought of, but unlike Jane Doe, he was able to hold on to the brunette's face and stored it away.  Later he'd sketch it and show it to Carlisle.  That would be their first clue to helping Jane Doe find her family and hopefully remember who she was.

        "Are you okay, dear?" Esme was by Jane Doe's side when she suddenly remained quiet.

        Jane Doe gave her head a firm shake, stared at Rosalie for the longest time trying to see that face that flashed briefly in her mind's eyes, but it was to no avail.  She couldn't see the face of that someone from her past anymore and that annoyed her.  But she was being rude not acknowledging the blonde before her.

        "Sorry.  I was...uhm...hi Rosalie," she smiled weakly at the other girl.

        Edward was the next to introduce himself.  He read her mind again and knew she was worrying about that flash of face from her past.

        "Don't worry, you'll remember who she is eventually," he reassured her.

        Jane Doe turned a pair of surprised blue eyes at him, squinting as she tried to figure out how he knew what she was thinking of.

        "You can read my thoughts!" she gasped.  It wasn't a question that she blurted but a statement.

        Again the room was cast in silence.  Everyone tensed waiting for the other shoe to drop.

        Jane Doe noticed that everyone suddenly became as stiff as statues.  All eyes were turned to her, watching her carefully.  She sensed something odd when Jasper told her to hang on to her sense humor as that was what comforts her.  She frowned and looked at where Jasper now stood beside Alice.

        "You can sense my emotions," she told him.

        Jasper gnawed on his bottom lip.  He was feeling her excitement at discovering their hidden talents.  He looked at Edward and mentally asked him if he can read what she was thinking.  Was she thinking of something sinister?

        Edward read their guest's mind once again trying to find an answer to Jasper's query, but what he found was something that amused him as well.  He couldn't help at smile at the juvenile glee Jane Doe was feeling.  She found them amusing and...and cool.  She wasn't after exposing them.  She felt some sort of kinship with them that she couldn't explain, but the bottom line was she might be possessing a hidden talent like himself, Jasper and Alice.

        "I'm sorry," she apologized to everyone when they still continued to stare at her.  "I'm just...overwhelmed.  I know I ought to be running for the door now screaming to the top of my lungs and pulling my hairs out because I should be freaked out by this, but somehow...somehow knowing this seems natural to me.  I mean, finding out that you guys aren't just any regular Joes that is," she explained.

        Knowing there was no sense denying what she already knew, Edward decided to grill her about the girl she saw in her mind just moments ago when Rosalie introduced herself to her.

        "Does this feeling you have have anything to do with that girl Rosalie reminded you of?"

        Jane Doe turned to him then.  "And you are?" she asked.

        Realizing he hadn't introduced himself yet, he extended his hand and offered her his name.  "I'm Edward."

        "Edward," she mouthed.  "Nice to meet you, Edward, and I think so to answer your question."  She turned and faced the rest of the family who were all fascinated to find out what she just remembered.  "Rosalie did remind me of this snotty girl I knew from before, but I don't think she's really all that bad.  Annoying, yeah, but downright evil?  I don't think so.  And my finding out that Edward here can read minds and Jasper is an empath of some sort doesn't faze me at all because..." she started walking about trying to remember the reason why she wasn't surprised to find out that Edward and Jasper were different.

        Edward kept himself tuned in to her thoughts while Jasper monitored her emotions.

        Esme stepped closer to her husband and wrapped her arm around his waist while Carlisle wrapped his arm around her shoulders.  They were watching their Jane Doe pace about in the dining room trying to remember some things from her past.

        "Hmm, weird.  It was right at the tip of my tongue why I'm cool with you guys have superhuman abilities, and now I can't remember why," she shrugged and faced the family again.

        The Cullens exchanged confused and bemused looks.  It seems like Carlisle was right in taking her under their wing.  She was no ordinary Jane Doe this one.

JANE DOE STOOD WIDE AWAKE BY WINDOW looking out at the night sky.  Esme gave her probably one of the best rooms in the house with a view.  To her right she could see dense trees while to her left she had a wonderful view of the highway.  She was still weirded out by how things turned out earlier when she was introduced to the rest of the Cullens.

        She knew Rosalie took offense after she compared her to the still nameless brunette whose face flashed in her mind, but there was nothing she could do about that.  Rosalie was being rude and was obvious about her dislike of her.  Jasper seemed to ease-up a bit after she reassured him that she wouldn't utter a single word to anyone about his empathic abilities.  Edward...well, Edward kinda unsettles her.  He could read her mind whether she permitted him to or not.  It was how he was able to know what she was thinking about after her introduction to Rosalie.

        A light knock came from her bedroom door.  She turned away from the window and addressed whomever was on the other side.

        Edward's dark head poked inside.  "Mind if I come in?"

        "No, not at all.  Please, come in," she invited.

        "Thanks," he pushed the door open wider and stepped inside.

        She noticed he was holding a sketchpad.  "Don't tell me you want to draw me this late at night," she teased.

        Edward frowned then glanced at the sketchpad he was holding.  He smiled and shook his head.  "No, I didn't come here to sketch you.  But maybe I can later if you like," he offered.

        Jane Doe cocked an eyebrow.  She was impressed.  "I might take you up on that offer of yours," she said.

        Edward just smiled then crossed the distance between them a bit.  He held up the sketchpad and turned it to her.  "Did I draw her to a T?" he asked.

        Jane Doe looked at the sketch he was showing her and was amazed at how good he was at sketching.  She took the sketchpad from him and stared at the image of the girl he drew from memory.  She didn't have to force herself to remember the image that briefly flashed in her mind since the image was already transferred to this paper.

        "That's her," she confirmed.

        "Does it jog your memory who that girl is?  What her name is?"

        "No.  No names.  Just...just the face and the similarity in attitude with Rosalie," Jane Doe's shoulders drooped forward and she handed the sketchpad back to Edward.  "This is frustrating me!" she growled.

        "Don't worry.  At least we have a face we can use to reach people from your past."

        She lifted her head and smiled.  "Thanks for trying to cheer me up.  I know it" her voice faltered when she heard a music coming from downstairs.

        Edward heard it too but disregard it.  It was just Esme going through her music playlist.

        "That song..."  She didn't finish what she was about to say and darted out of her bedroom, leaving a confused Edward who then followed her downstairs.

        He caught up with their guest when she stopped at the bottom of the stairs and listened to some John Denver song.  It was a very popular song of his and Esme often listened to it whenever she was feeling nostalgic or mushy.

        "Are you okay?" he asked when he caught up with her.

        "That's Annie's Song," she said, her eyes fixed on Esme and Carlisle who were locked in an embrace as they swayed to the music.

        "Yeah," Edward agreed.  "What about it."

        "Annie...Annie...Anne," a light flickered and Jane Doe's eyes brightened.  Smiling from ear to ear she turned to Edward.  "Anne!" she exclaimed then squealed causing the couple dancing to stop and find out what was going on.  They saw their guest threw herself at Edward and gave him a hug.

        "Edward?" Carlisle walked up to the two, eyeing his first sire carefully then the young blonde girl who was giggling in his arms.

        "I'm not exactly sure what's going on right now," he replied.  He looked at the petite blonde who was still hugging him and waited for her to disentangle herself from him to explain what she was giggling about.

        "Jane?" Esme asked and tentatively reached a hand to touch their guest's shoulder.

        Jane Doe pulled away from Edward and turned -- still smiling from ear to ear -- to face Esme.  "My name.  I remembered my name!" she exclaimed.

        Four pairs of footsteps were heard rushing towards the living room from every part of the house.

        "She got her memory back?" Alice asked hopefully.

        "No, not all of 'em.  But when I heard the song Esme and Carlisle were dancing to it jogged my memory a bit," she explained.

        "We were dancing to Annie's Song," Carlisle provided.

        Jane Doe turned to address Carlisle.  "Yes.  That's one of my mom's favourite songs.  I think it was also their wedding song.  Anyway, she loved it so much that she named me after the song title," she explained, marveling at how easily the explanation rolled off her tongue.  "Oh my God, I remembered that too," she said almost to herself.

        "Annie?" Rosalie inquired wrinkling her nose.

        "Close.  It's Anne actually," she corrected.

        "Anne?" Emmett echoed.

        Jane Doe  -- Anne -- turned to face the biggest of the Cullens and nodded proudly.  "Finally, I don't have to use that 'Jane Doe' moniker anymore.  But I still don't have a last name," she pouted.

        "Don't worry.  You can be a Cullen until you remember your last name," Alice pushed Edward aside to stand beside Anne, looping her arm around the blonde girl and pulling her close to her side.  She looked at her parents then and waited for them to tell her otherwise that their guest couldn't adopt the Cullen's last name for the time being.

        "Alice is right," Carlisle conceded.  "You can be known as Anne Cullen for now."

        "Really?"  Anne's face brightened once again.  "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" She started jumping for joy and hugged the person closest to her -- Alice -- before breaking away from her and jumped at Carlisle and Esme, engulfing them in her own impression of a bear hug.

        "Don't tell me she'll always get this touchy-feely every time she remembers something from her past," Rosalie complained in the background.

        Emmett, Jasper, Edward and Alice shushed her as they watched their parents hug back the very affectionate Anne.  Sometimes they forget that she was human living amongst vampires, and yet she doesn't look out of place around their company.
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