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Slayer's Labyrinth

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Summary: She woke up with no recollection of who she was and why she was here. But one thing was for sure: she was no ordinary Jane Doe.

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Chapter VII: Gathering Up Loose Memories

Disclaimer:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight belong to Joss Whedon and Stephenie Meyer respectively.  I am just borrowing characters from each series to bring life to a plot bunny idea sparked by a challenge I read.

Author's Note:  Yes, ladies and gents (if there are indeed gents reading this fic too, hehehe), 'Anne' is now 'Buffy'!  Thank you all for your patience.  And honestly, I kept on lapsing to calling her 'Buffy' when I was typing the previous chapters!  And sorry it took me so long to update.  Since I landed a new job I've been busy since the beginning the February, but that doesn't mean I've abandoned this or my other WIP fics.  As always many thanks to ImmortalSlayer for beta-reading yet another chapter for me and also pointing out some error or events that I overlooked while typing this chapter.

Chapter VII:  Gathering Up Loose Memories

WESLEY SPENT THE REST OF WHAT WAS left of the night sitting with Buffy and explaining to her exactly what her role as a Slayer was. Meanwhile, Carlisle explained to Angel and his company, the state that Buffy was left at the hospital and based on her condition, she suffered -- and was still suffering -- from a case of amnesia.

        "But, she's been gaining her memories in almost rapid-like successions." Carlisle reassured his guests.

        "Do you have any idea who or what could've beaten her up that badly?" Angel asked, while he paced Carlisle's office. The two older vampires had ensconced themselves in Carlisle's private office along with the rest of Angel's team, excluding Wesley, who was working with Buffy at the moment.

        Edward, Alice and Jasper as well, were also in the room to lend Carlisle support in case the others needed verification.

        Carlisle took a deep breath before slowly expelling it out. He met the other vampire's gaze and shook his blond head.

        "But we are still searching for whoever attacked Anne." Edward was quick to reassure the other group.

        "Anne?" Cordelia echoed and turned her full attention to the bronze-haired vampire. "Why did you guys call her 'Anne'?"

        "It was the name she remembered when she heard Carlisle and Esme dancing to an old John Denver song," explained Alice.

        Cordelia cocked an eyebrow, still not understanding why Buffy was referred to as 'Anne.' She looked back at the good doctor, hoping he'd be able to read her mind and explain it more to her somewhat convoluted mind.

        "Anne is a part of Buffy's name, probably a second name. Usually for amnesiac patients, their memories are triggered by scents or seeing some similarities of a person they knew to someone else. In Buffy's case, she heard Annie's Song and quickly linked the song title to a memory involving how she was named." Carlisle explained as best he could to the brunette.

        "Oh," Cordelia exclaimed, fully understanding now.  "So, just out of sheer curiosity here, if we hadn't come along because Doyle here had a vision of Buffy in uber danger, how would you have helped her find out who she really was?"

        Edward stepped up then to answer that question. He had with him the two sketches he drew of the faces he saw Buffy saw in her mind when she first met Rosalie and Bella.  Handing the sketches to the brunette, he waited until she was done looking at them.

        "Ohmigod!" She exclaimed when she stared at her likeness then the other was Willow's likeness.  Her eyes darted back and forth between the two sketches before meeting Edward's eyes, "How did you know what Willow and I look like?" she asked.

        "I didn't." Edward answered.  "The sketch of you I drew after I saw your face flash through Anne – err, Buffy's mind when she was first introduced to Rosalie when she first came to live with us." he explained, gesturing to her sketch. Turning to the next picture he said, "That one I drew after she met one of my classmates and somehow she was reminded of a person she knew from her past. She asked me to draw it after, in case she would forget.”

        "Have you guys gotten a hold of Willow?  She lives in Sunnydale."

        "No, not yet." it was Carlisle who answered Cordelia’s question this time. "We got the local sheriff involved in finding out Buffy's relatives and these sketches were all we had to go with.  We didn't even know to look for people in California until Buffy revealed that she was originally from Los Angeles."

        "Oh yeah, she and her mom moved down to Sunnydale after her parents got divorced and that incident of her burning down her school gym," Cordelia curled her nose and shrugged. "I think Buffy's got a thing for either burning buildings down or blowing ancient badass up, don't you think so, Angel?" She turned to look at the broody vampire who had remained silent during the entire time that Cordelia was holding court.

        "The lass was left with no choice, luv." Doyle said then added, "She was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Her former high school gym was infested with vampires and the only way to get rid of 'em was to burn the whole place down and kill those suckers." He paused and looked at the other five occupants of the room, "Uh, no offence meant to you folks. I'm referring to bloodsucking fiends who were preying on Buffy's poor classmates -- snacking on 'em and all. So yeah, Buffy had no choice but to be rid of 'em like that." he explained at least to the four vampires who didn't know Buffy's story.

        "That explains the building burning.  What about the ancient badass up?" Jasper asked, curious to find out more about Buffy as well as what Cordelia was referring to.

        "Oh that one happened during Buffy's second year at Sunnydale," Cordelia announced with a flourish wave of her hand.  "It was after Buffy's birthday and she and Angel..."  Cordelia's voice faltered when she locked eyes with her boss, then quickly recovered from her minor blunder by continuing, "--er well, Angel lost his damn soul 'coz Buffy made him way too damn happy -- apparently there was a clause in Angel's curse that he can't experience too much happiness or his wonderful tortured soul will go kaput--"

        "Cordelia..."  Angel growled, his pale cheeks appearing to be blushing, which was impossible since he was dead and vampires don't blush, but Angel was getting flustered all the same because of what Cordelia was sharing with the Cullens.

        Cordelia paused and looked at her boss once again, "What?" she demanded.

        "I don't think the Cullens needs to know too much about Buffy and Angel's past, luv," Doyle answered on Angel's behalf.

        Cordelia made a face but ignored her two companions to continue on with what she was saying.  "Anyway, Angel went bad and hooked up with his sire Drusilla and grandsire Spike who took over leading the Sunnydale vamps after Buffy dusted the Master's bony ass the previous year.  Anyway, they brought together this ancient menace whose dismembered body was scattered all over the place because if he was put back together...well, say goodbye to this wonderful planet we call home,"  Cordelia paused and took a deep breath.  "The Judge was made out of rock or something, and the only thing that killed him was when Buffy pulled out the big guns -- a.k.a. she got a hold of a bazooka and the Judge went ka-blooowey to pieces that for sure wouldn't be put back together again.  Suffice to say Buffy's made my last three years at Sunnydale High an eventful one 'coz of all these demons and monsters coming after us and she kicks their asses back to where they came from."

        "Wow, nothing that exciting ever happens in school," commented Emmett from the doorway.  "But I agree with you that since Anne--err Buffy came with us, things were shaken up a bit," he added, grinning mischievously at Edward's direction.

        Cordelia turned her attention to the direction of the doorway and practically gawked at the hulking vampire looming there. She knew she had been introduced to all of the Cullen’s, but during introduction period she just looked over each and every one of them without really looking at them. And Emmett Cullen was one hunky piece of cold meat if she needed to be politically correct. He was a vampire, of course, so he couldn't be warm.

        Edward covered a snort with a cough as soon as he read Cordelia's thoughts. He didn't have to read her mind to know exactly what she was thinking off from the moment her eyes landed on Emmett. Her thoughts were written all over her face and Edward was sure Emmett and everybody else in the room noticed it.

        Rosalie better not see her ogling Emmett like that or human friend of a friend or not, Cordelia will be a goner. Alice mentally passed that thought to Edward, while covering her own amusement with a smirk.

        "I'd say keep Buffy around and you'll probably  have fireworks or even more by graduation time -- and it won't be the New Year-y type of fireworks either.  More like the TNT-explosion type of fireworks happening," Cordelia said, sighing. Thankfully for her, Doyle was standing nearby and was able to steady her since her knees decided to go all wobbly at the moment.

        "Cordelia..."  Angel reprimanded, but the brunette paid him no mind.

        "What?  Look, these people are obviously friends otherwise Buffy would've pulverized them by now or something. Anyway, we need to compare notes, and since they hardly know Buffy we need to give them some 4-1-1 about her," she said matter-of-factly.

        "I don't think they'd want Buffy's full history, luv." murmured Doyle.

        Cordelia made a face and looked at both her vampire and her half-demon half-human comrades before rolling her eyes skyward. She walked away from the duo and sat down on one of the chairs inside Carlisle's office. "Weren't you guys listening?  Doctor C over there just said that Buffy's got amnesia." She pointed out and gave her two companions pointed looks before continuing, "Right now as we speak Wesley is explaining to Buffy exactly what her role as a Slayer is all about. Now, I maybe just a mere mortal here like Wes, but I've been around the supernatural ever since Buffy came to Sunnydale to form some sort of sixth sense, for a lack of better words to use to describe this gut-feeling of mine."

        Angel decided to humor Cordelia. Although she sounded like an airhead, sometimes what she had to say made sense. And she was right to claim that she formed some sort of sixth sense when it comes to sensing demons and monsters alike, coming out of the woodwork.

        "And what is your gut telling you right now?" he asked.

        Cordelia took her time from answering.  She kept on stealing glances at the hunky hulk of a vamp standing by the doorway. From time to time she couldn't help but notice Edward suppressing a grin. When their eyes clapped for a brief second she cocked an eyebrow and mentally thought, "What's so funny?" before meeting Angel's eyes and said, "Buffy's a strong person.  We've seen her fight off how many vamps and demons at a time and still come out the victor, even though she doesn't necessarily leave the fight unscathed."

        "So?" Angel prodded.

        "What if whatever attacked Buffy aren’t just your regular human thugs?"  Cordelia questioned.

        The Cullen’s attention was now solely focused on Cordelia. She was getting at something. Or rather, she was hinting at something.

        "Are you suggesting something demonic happened here?" Doyle was the first one to voice out the question that was on everybody’s mind.

        Cordelia merely gave him a pointed glare accompanied by a cocking of a brow.

        "That can't be." Carlisle was the first to deny Cordelia's unvoiced accusation.

        Cordelia turned her gaze from Doyle to the handsome vampire doctor. "And why not?  I know Forks is a wee little town, but c'mon, your family lives here. And I know you're different from your other vampire species 'coz you don't feast on human blood -- thank God for that! -- but you're not the only vampires roaming the country." she pointed out.

        "She's got a point," Alice agreed, surprising the rest of her clan by siding with the brunette human.

        "Alice?"  Jasper questioned his beloved's decision.

        Alice gave her boyfriend a faint smile then crossed the room to where Cordelia was.  Smiling down at the brunette she turned and faced the other occupants of Carlisle's office.

        "I had a brief vision.  It wasn't a clear one, but I sensed supernatural beings were involved with what happened to Anne --er, Buffy." She hastily corrected herself to addressing their amnesiac friend by her real name.

        "What did you see?" Edward and Angel demanded at the same time. The two vampires locked gazes and glared each other down. Tension sizzled in the room, only to be broken by Cordelia who brought herself to her feet and quickly stood between the two vampires and tried pushing them away from each other.

        "Whoa, down boys." She said and gently prodded Angel and Edward to step away from each other again. "In as much as you both are very protective over Buffy's welfare, I don't think now is the right time to hose down Doc C's office with testosterone." She said and remained standing between the two vampires.

        Emmett, who was standing by the doorway just seconds ago, stood behind Edward and was the one who pulled his brother away. Cordelia gave him a pleased smile before turning her back to the two Cullen’s men and glared up at her boss. "You better behave yourself Mr. Broody Pants. Buffy's safe so you can relax your fangs and temper," she scolded.

        Angel didn't like being bossed around but with Cordelia, he found it easier not to argue with her. She often got her way whether she deserved it or not. And besides, most often than not she was right and he was wrong, so he backed down and stood beside Doyle.

        "Thank you." Cordelia released a somewhat exasperated sigh before turning to the other female occupant of the room. "I think the testosterone level's gone down a notch or two here so feel free to take the floor anytime, Alice." She said, smilng.

        Alice returned the quirky human girl's smile and decided right there and then that she liked Cordelia as well as Buffy and Bella. Three different types of human females with different personalities, but all have good hearts.

        "Thanks," she smiled then returned to addressing everyone in the room.  "I only saw three figures. Blurred figures, but I felt they're not the friendly sorts." she explained.

        Everyone in the room stayed silent for a long time. Cordelia’s and Doyle's breathings were the only sound heard inside the room before Carlisle moved.

        "So, we have some unwanted guests causing havoc to our friends and neighbors." he announced.

        Emmett, Edward, Jasper and Alice all stood in attention, understanding the full meaning of what Carlisle was saying. While Angel, Doyle and Cordelia understood that this unknown trio that Alice had envisioned about, spelled trouble with a capital 'T' for the Cullen’s.

        "Don't worry, Doctor C, Angel Investigations will lend you a hand, but for a fee of course." Cordelia was the first one to speak, breaking the ice somehow and causing the others to chuckle whilst Angel and Doyle groaned at their quirky friend's subtle approach.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Slayer's Labyrinth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Apr 09.

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