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Slayer's Labyrinth

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Summary: She woke up with no recollection of who she was and why she was here. But one thing was for sure: she was no ordinary Jane Doe.

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Prologue: Hello, Jane

Disclaimer:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight belong to Joss Whedon and Stephenie Meyer respectively.  I am just borrowing characters from each series to bring life to a plot bunny idea sparked by a challenge I read.

Author's Note:  This is a fic response to Amers' fic Challenge 4053: Twilight in a New Light.  I don't know if it'll stay just a single crossover with Twilight or if I'll cross it with another fic, but for now this is just crossed with Twilight.

Summary:  She woke up with no recollection of who she was and why she was here.  But one thing was for sure: she was no ordinary Jane Doe.  How will her new 'foster' family react when they find out the truth about her?  And what will happen to her once her memory returns?

Edit:  I just added a banner for this story of mine.  I got bored thinking of what to write for the fourth chapter (while the third one's waiting to be beta-read) so to keep myself from getting way too bored I started fiddling with some pix and created a story banner for this fic.


Prologue:  Hello, Jane

CARLISLE KNEW THE INSTANT THE petite blonde woman was brought in to Emergency and tended by him that what happened to her was no ordinary hiking accident.  She was found just at the boundary between Forks and La Push; she was brought in by a couple of kids from the reserve and from the looks on their faces when he caught sight of them just before they left the hospital told Carlisle all that he needed to know.

        She should've been dead with the amount of beating she received from whomever she ran across with.  Broken ribs, her left femur was broken as well, her shoulders dislocated as well as her jaw.  She also received a blunt force trauma to her occipital bone.  Her knuckles sustained some bruises as well, but they were all defensive wounds as far as Carlisle could tell.  Her right ankle was swollen; probably twisted it while she was fighting off her attackers.

        Carlisle quickly worked on fixing her dislocated jaw as she was brought in without giving much support to it and he could tell that it was one of the reasons why she was having difficulty breathing.  He was methodically working on righting the young woman's jaw.  He was thankful she was knocked unconscious already so he didn't have to flood her with anesthesia to numb her jaw muscles.  Once her jaw was looked after Carlisle went on to work on her dislocated shoulder, ordering his staff about to work double time and get the girl to the x-ray room so he could see the extent of the dislocation.

        When Carlisle came out of surgery after making sure the blonde was going to survive and she was wheeled to one of the private rooms at the hospital that he assigned for her it was already close to midnight.  When he last looked at his watch it was just before five in the afternoon when the blonde was rushed to the hospital.

        "Dr. Cullen, you have a personal call on line 1," announced one of the admin clerks at the reception desk.

        "Thank you," he smiled and took the phone that was handed to him.  "Hello?"

        "Carlisle?"  It was Esme.  He didn't need to be an empath to know what his wife was feeling.  He could tell from the sound of her voice that she was worried.  He should've been home hours ago.

        "Hi sweetheart," he greeted and forced himself to smile albeit the fatigue he was feeling.  Although a vampire never showed weakness, he had to put on a show to his co-workers especially since he was on call for over twelve hours and did an emergency operation on their Jane Doe.

        "What happened?  Why are you still there?"

        "There was a last-minute emergency.  A young girl was rushed in with multiple injuries," he explained.

        "Oh, poor dear."  Leave it to his wife to empathize for someone she hardly even knew.  That made Carlisle's smile broaden.  Although some people considered their kind to be related to animals, still, there were a select few that actually cared for humans and not see them as a source of food.  "Will she be alright?  Has her family been notified?"

        "She's recuperating now," Carlisle assured his worrywart of a wife.  "And no, her family hasn't been notified yet."

        "What?  Why not?"

        "No ID was found on her and she was unconscious when she was brought in.  Sweetheart, I might pull an overtime and stay here at the hospital to watch over her."

        "What?  Why?"

        Carlisle cleared his throat and scanned the room.  It was already late and the night staff was sparse, but even if there weren't that many people around he still need to be careful.

        "Can you ask Edward to swing by the hospital and have coffee with me?" he asked needing to speak to one of his gifted sires.  With Edward he could mentally relay to him what he suspected happened to the girl without letting anybody else hear it.

        Esme understood and told him she'll send for Edward as soon as their son returned back from his girlfriend's place.  Lately Edward's been spending the night at Forks' chief of police home watching over his current obsession -- a newly transplanted human from Arizona named Bella.

        Carlisle remained on the phone with Esme for another few seconds before hanging up and went back to check on his Jane Doe.  Somehow there was something about the unconscious young woman he just tended to that told him she was no ordinary human.  If she faced-off with what he suspected she faced-off with, she was damn lucky to get away with only the injuries she sustained.

EDWARD CULLEN SAT ACROSS FROM HIS foster father at the hospital cafeteria having a cup of coffee with him.  To the humans they appeared to be talking about school, but unbeknownst to them mentally Carlisle was telling Edward of his suspicion.  After eliciting a promise from him that they'd scout the place up until they reach the border between their land and the Quiluetes they called it a night and Carlisle went back to his vigil by the blonde girl's side.

        Edward, Emmett and Jasper would spread out and check the area in search of the rogue vampire that has been causing them problems as of late.

        Carlisle walked up to the side of Jane Doe's bed to check on her vitals when something caught his attention.  The angry bruises that marred her skin were looking less blotchy than when she was first taken in.  Her breathing was becoming regular as well and soon she wouldn't need the oxygen to breathe.

        "Who are you?" Carlisle whispered through gritted teeth as he watched Jane Doe lie on the hospital bed recuperating almost as fast as any supernatural being he knew of.  Injured vampires needed a full restorative sleep to rejuvenate themselves.  Werewolves does the same too although for their class the healing process might take a while since they were part human and part animal.

        Jane Doe began to stir in her sleep.

        Carlisle was on full alert, waiting for her to regain consciousness, which didn't take too long.  He watched her lashes slowly flutter open revealing a pair of liquidy blue eyes that appeared disoriented.  She blinked a couple of times as she adjusted her eyesight to the semi-dark room.  Only the light coming from the lamppost outside her bedroom window was filtering through, casting her room in an eerie bluish-black shade.

        Carlisle remained quiet while Jane Doe oriented herself to her surroundings.  He could tell panic was starting to settle in by simply watching her facial expression.  It was time for him to make his presence known.

        "Welcome back," he smiled and reached beside him to turn on the bedside lampshade located there.

        Jane Doe shut her eyes tightly and looked away when he turned on the lamp.  She slowly opened her eyes and tested it before slowly turning her head back to look at him.

        "Where--where am I?" she croaked, her voice breaking due to her dry throat.

        "You're in a hospital.  Please, don't try to speak.  I'll get you some water."  Carlisle disappeared from her side and grabbed her a cup of water from the water cooler nearby.  He returned back to her in lighting speed and helped her take a few sips from the paper cup.  "Better?" he inquired once the water did its magic and made her mouth and throat less scratchy.

        Jane Doe nodded before lying back.  She took a couple of deep breaths and looked at her surroundings once again.  She already knew she was in a hospital since the good doctor told her that.

        "Where?" she inquired meeting the blond and pale-skinned doctor's eyes.

        "Pardon me?"

        "Which hospital?  Where?"

        "Oh, you're at Forks General."

        "Forks?" she echoed.

        "Yes," Carlisle nodded.  "Forks, Washington to be precise.

        "Washington..." she whispered sounding lost and confused.  "What am I doing here?"

        "That, young lady, is what I'd like to know too."

        Jane Doe cocked an eyebrow and gave the good doctor a confused look.  "What do you mean?"

        Carlisle wasn't sure how he'd bring up the subject of her condition when she was brought in to the hospital earlier.  Should he outright tell her that she was close to death's door when he tended to her or should he be gentle?  How much does she recall?

        "Before I answer that, I'd like for you to answer a few questions for me if you don't mind."

        "Okay," Jane Doe easily agreed.

        "Thank you," Carlisle smiled and inclined his head.  "Now, since you were unconscious when you were brought in we didn't get to take your vital information.  So I'd like to start by asking you for your name please."

        "My name?" she echoed.

        Carlisle nodded.

        "My name..."  Jane Doe repeated to herself.

        Carlisle watched the girl closely.  He knew she received a blunt force trauma to the lower back of her head.  He anticipated an onset of amnesia since the human head's a very vital part of the human anatomy.  A nasty blow delivered to the cranium could and would result in some memory loss.

        "My name...what the hell's my name?"

        Carlisle could see Jane Doe was starting to stress herself and didn't want her to get any more upset.  He reached out and touched her hand to calm her.

        "You don't remember your name?" he asked gently.

        Jane Doe slowly lifted a pair of teary blue eyes.  Panic was clearly visible behind those eyes and Carlisle understood.

        "Don't worry.  I expected this to happen."

        "Expected what?" Jane Doe demanded.


        "What?" she looked aghast.

        "Yes, I'm sorry.  You received a blunt force trauma to your lower cranium and that might've triggered the onset of amnesia," he explained.

        "Oh my God...what about my family?" she inquired.  "I am not from around here, am I?  I'm just...I'm just a visitor, right?  A-a tourist that got mugged or something that's why I ended up in the hospital because some nasty bugger out there decided to rob me or whatever and...oh my God," Jane Doe stopped her ranting and clutched Carlisle's hand tightly.  To a regular human being the hand that Jane Doe was squeezing right now would've been broken already, but thank goodness for vampire strength Carlisle was able to tolerate that deathly grip the young blonde woman was giving his hand.

        "Don't worry.  Amnesias tend to be temporary.  All you need is some time to recuperate and relax," he advised her.  "Memories can be tricky.  Once you're discharged from here my family and I will help you regain your memory," he promised.

        Jane Doe's grip on Carlisle's hand loosened and a pair of hopeful blue eyes looked up at him.  "You'd--you'd do that to a complete stranger like me?"

        Carlisle quickly snatched his hand away once Jane Doe loosened her grip on it and gave her a reassuring smile.  "Of course.  Since you are not from around here and I am a respected doctor in this town, people can vouch for myself and my family that we are good citizens of Forks, Washington.  I'll see to it that you get released to be under my family's care since you will need some medical attention still after you've recuperated from the injuries you sustained when you were brought in here."

        "Thank you," Jane Doe smiled at him.  Somehow hearing this complete stranger reassure her that she'd be in good hands once she was released from her settled the butterflies in her stomach.

Author's Note 2:  I know I have a few WIP fics I need to do, but after reading a challenge for this crossover I couldn't help myself and the wheels in my head started turning and the result is thus.  I hope you enjoyed this chapter and the next.
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