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The Borealis and Beyond!

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Summary: My take on what's going to happen in Half-Life 2: Episode 3

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Games > Sci-Fi > Half-Life UniverseMrSpottyFR183795018568 Jan 099 Jan 09No

Chapter One

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Half-Life 2, or any thing in the Half-Life Universe. If I did, I'd have a debeaked HeadCrab.


In the port city of WashMush, Indiana the Aperture Science Laboratory vessel Borealis was loading the last of the supplies that the vessel and crew would need on it's two-year trip. But something would happen that was not expected.


A.I. #A34b4 aka CJoHNSoN woke with a start, at least as much as a A.I. could. Primary A.I. #A22c1 aka GLaDOS had turned rouge.

:Activating Primary Response:

:Teleporting to Sanctuary Station in 3...2...1...:


The crew lifting equipment and supplies to the Borealis gave a gasp of surprise when the entire ship, and part of the dock itself, disappeared into a blue portal.

No one would find the ship for thirty-six years.


A.N. Very short, but I've become rather....addicted to Half-Life 2 since the last time I posted anything. I've been reading other Half-Life stories with Portal stories, add into it spending a lot of time "trolling" on forums talking about theories on Half-Life 2: Episode 3. So I though to throw my hat into the pot and give it a try. I'm hoping for one long chapter a week, or two short ones.
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