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Snippets and Tidbits

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Summary: Some little snippets and tiny ficlets that probably won't become full fics. If any of these speak to your inner bunny, feel free to run off with them.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralBugeyedmonsterFR1875,639012,0218 Jan 099 Feb 09No

Numb3rs/Columbo crossover

Title: Untitled Numb3rs/Columbo crossover snippet
Author: Bug Eyed Monster
Rating: Adult
Category: General
Spoilers: None
Summary: Alan asks his son to check up on a police Lieutenant.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, neither the beautiful boys of Numb3rs, or that wonderful old car of Columbo's. I did own an old tan raincoat once, but it fell apart. Somehow I don't think that counts anyway.


Don's phone buzzed. He looked at the caller ID and flipped it open.

"Hey, dad. How ya' doing?"

"Donnie, I was wondering if you could check on someone for me?"


"Whom, Donnie, whom."

"Alright, whooom..."

"A Lieutenant Columbo of..."

"LAPD, Homicide? Hey, yeah, he's a legend!"

"Are you sure?"

"He's been on the force for more than 30 years..."

"And he's still a Lieutenant?"

"He's turned down promotions. I've heard that he has custody of a few nieces or nephews, plus several kids of his own. The higher up the LAPD ladder you climb, the more time you spend at the station. He probably just wanted to be able to spend time with the kids."

"I'm not sure I'd trust this guy with a seeing-eye dog, let alone a child."

"He's really smart. Guy never forgets anything. And I mean anything or anyone. I think he's got a better memory than Charlie."

"I'm not sure about that. He kept going over the same stuff."

"That’s standard questioning techniques, dad. You ask the same question a few different ways and see how much the answer changes."

"You should have seen the coat he was wearing. There are people at the shelter downtown with nicer coats than the one he had. He looked all rumpled, as if he had slept in his clothes."

"Dad, he has one of the highest solve rates in the LAPD."

"Are we talking about the same man?"

"Dark hair, dark eyes, one lazy, about 6 ft, drives a really beat up Peugeot? And he's alwaays rumpled."



"Donnie, can you please come by the soup kitchen and make sure we're talking about the same man?"

"Sure, dad. Why was he there anyway?"

"One of our financial sponsors, a rich old high society dame, was killed in her home a few days back. I'm afraid I really didn't know her; we just saw her come by from time to time. Sad."

"Huh..." Sigh. "I'll be over in a few hours, dad. If it makes you feel any better you can give Lt. Columbo my number, all right? And he's good, dad. Really."


Should you wish to continue this fic, the bunny has said that Don almost idolizes Columbo, like a teenager gushes over their favorite band or singer, though the Don-muse claims that it is merely a healthy respect he has for Columbo-muse.

Don-muse says he is an F.B.I. Special Agent and Special Agents don’t gush like star-struck teenagers. Much.
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