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Wicca Wizard

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Summary: HP/Buffy. Taken from the streets of London Harry Potter is trained as a Watcher but will he defend those who abandoned him to hell on earth when they find him after having thought him dead for ten years. Continued for Wardog71 from FanFiction.Net

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Disclaimer: If you recognise any of the themes, characters, spell etc. from television, books or any other form of media then I don’t own it, even if you don’t recognise it chances are that I don’t own it. If it hasn’t already been published or shown on television then I own it.

Author’s Note: Just so there’s no confusion about the timeline I thought I’d put this is. Please note that the Angel crossover will be very minimal. I’d also like to thank wardog for the opportunity to take this over for him and I hope I can do it the justice that I know he would have. Harry’s involvement will change the plot in minor ways, also once the television series ends everything will be AU, rather than follow Buffy Season Eight and the like.

Harry’s Age Buffy Seasons Angel Seasons Year
9 1 2001
10 2 2002
11 3 2003
12 4 1 2004
13 5 2 2005
14 6 3 2006
15 7 4 2007
16 5 2008

If my Buffy Timeline and Angel Timeline don’t match please just pretend that they do. Harry will be going to Hogwarts in his Seventh Year, as a student but not a student in the traditional sense. Confused? I know I am.

Can someone tell me if it’s a broadsword or longsword that’s used in one hand please?

Also please note that this will be a Dark but, Light aligned Harry story (I guess you could say he’s grey). Unlike most stories however I hope to show a plausible reason for him turning to the Dark Arts rather than just getting up one day and deciding to go shopping in Knockturn Alley after escaping his Order guards using an Invisibility Cloak and buying a trunk with a full house in it that stops magical detection.

In other words I’m hoping to avoid clichés.

Jimmy’s Current Age: 6

Rupert Maxwell Giles qualified and tested field Watcher and low level Earth Magic practitioner, stared at the child who had just tried to pick his pockets, his face was marred by an unfathomable expression. The child, in a word, puzzled him and the same time, called to him. His station in life was obvious, though homeless children his age rarely remained as such for long, either dying or being removed from the streets. His clothes were worse than rags and his dirty face when combined with ancient eyes on a young face made his age relatively indiscernible. Giles could have guessed of course but he would prefer not, he had dealt in facts much of his life and disliked heresy, but if forced to do so then he would say that he looked to be around five years old but he suspected that had more to do with his situation than his actual age.

It wasn’t his appearance that puzzled Giles though; he had travelled to many places in the course of his obligations to the Council, some of the worst places in the world and had seen his share of homeless children, no it was what he could sense within the boy that drew his attention and was the cause of his puzzlement. Ever since his days of rebellion when he’d gone by the pseudonym ‘Ripper’ he’d been sensitive to the power within other people, specifically the magical power within them. The boy was drenched in it and that puzzled Giles. Usually only someone who had spent years drawing them magic into themselves and wielding it felt like the boy did to his arcane senses, which considering the boy’s age was impossible. The magic was different as well; it was much more focused around the boy, like it was a part of him not borrowed from the Earth. The only thing remotely similar to it, in Giles’ experience, was a few demonic sorcerers that he had fought who had mystical abilities due to their heritage.

Giles’ academic side was intrigued by it.

“What’s your name lad?” They were sitting on a park bench at Giles’ insistence; it helped them blend in to the surroundings, something that Giles understood the importance of. One of Giles’ hands was around the boy’s arm to stop him from running while all around them happy families enjoyed the unusually warm summer; the air was filled with the laughter of children and adults alike. Giles ignored it all and focused on the boy.

“Jimmy.” His voice was defiant but Giles picked out an undertone of fear, which in turn led him to notice that underneath his grip the boy was rather tense.

Carefully he relaxed his grip slightly while wondering how to proceed. He knew that the boy was lying about his name, though others would have trouble realising it, Giles himself was an accomplished liar and could recognise another with the same dubious skills. From his reaction to being touched Giles suspected that he’d been abused in some manner.

“What’s your full name Jimmy?” Giles kept his voice gentle so as not to frighten him, he tried to sound friendly in an effort to encourage him to answer and not sound like he was demanding answers.

Jimmy hesitated, to Giles it looked like he was weighing his options before he muttered reluctantly. “Harry James Potter.”

It felt strange to call himself that, Jimmy reflected, he’d been calling himself Jimmy since the Dursleys had dumped him months earlier. Harry was weak, but Jimmy was strong, Jimmy could do things that the Dursleys called freakish, Jimmy wasn’t scared.

Giles nodded in satisfaction, with his full name and the Watcher Council’s resources he’d be able to track down information about him. Now though he needed to ask some hard questions, ones that he wasn’t sure he really wanted the answers to.

“Where are your parents Jimmy?” He used the names Jimmy rather than Harry since he seemed to prefer it and at times the carrot worked much better than the stick.

“Dead, they were drunk and died in a car crash.” There was a slight hesitation, as though he was debating something, before he added. “Sir.”

Giles smiled kindly. “You don’t have to call me sir, Jimmy. Now, can you tell me who you live with now?”

Jimmy’s flinch at the question didn’t go unnoticed by Giles, though he seemed to recover rather quickly. “My aunt and uncle, but they left me here a few months ago.”

For a moment Giles let the silence settle between them while he considered what he was about to do. It wasn’t a hard decision to make however, he was a Watcher and his trainers had taught him that at times he needed to trust his instincts and his instincts were telling him to take Jimmy with him.

“What would you say if I offered you a place to live?” Giles asked cautiously.

Jimmy’s eyes widened in fear and he tried to pull himself, free and run but Giles tightened his grip and Jimmy found himself unable to break it. He’d heard stories about people taking children off of the streets and what happened to them. This man seemed nice but Jimmy didn’t even know his name and the man had no reason to give him a home. Jimmy said as much, even as he gathered what he called his ‘Power’ to lash out at the man.

Giles gave him a horrified look, one that Jimmy thought was totally genuine, he would never do such things to a child, or anyone for that matter, as Jimmy was alluding to, and then the rest of the statement caught up with him.

“I haven’t introduced myself have I. Quite rude of me actually.” He mused. “My name is Rupert Giles, at your service young sir. As to why I would offer you a home that is a long story.”

“Well, I’m obviously not going anywhere.” Jimmy said in a rare moment of sarcasm, gesturing to the hand that was gripping his arm.

Looking around carefully to see if anyone was listening in on their conversation Giles decided that he’d have to explain a bit about who he was. He’d rather not explain just what he job as a Watcher entailed in the middle of a London park but if he wanted Jimmy to go with him it didn’t look like he had much choice.

“Very well then, but I warn you my story is rather hard to believe. I work as what is called a Watcher for something called the Watcher’s Council. To understand what we do you must know the truth about the world. You see living amongst us are things, creatures, which are thought to be mythical but are in actual fact real. I am talking about things such as demons, vampires even magic.” It was far blunter than Giles would have liked but there really was no way that he could soften his words.

Instead of the look of disbelief that Giles had been expecting Jimmy went pale and began to shake slightly, all the while he had a look of contemplation on his face.

“Vampires, their faces look really weird and they have yellow eyes right?” Jimmy asked, fear lacing his voice.

“They can look human but that is their true face, yes. When did you see a vampire Jimmy?” Giles asked gently.

“It was a couple of months after the Dursleys dumped me. I was sleeping in an alley when a woman screamed and woke me up. A man, no not a man, a monster was biting the woman’s neck. There was blood everywhere. I ran while he wasn’t watching.” Tears welled up in Jimmy’s eyes as he recounted one of the worse nights of his life.

Giles wanted to comfort him but he was sure how so he settled for patting his back awkwardly.

“What does a Watcher do with a vampire?” Jimmy asked curiously.

“Our main function is to aid the Slayer.” At Jimmy’s confused look he elaborated. “The Slayer is one whose powers are similar to those of a vampire but who is destined to fight them. Every Slayer has a Watcher who trains them and aids them in battle. Also Potential Slayers, girls who may become Slayer when the current one dies, are also sought out and trained so that they may be ready to face their destiny if they are Called. As there is only a single Slayer at any one time, other Watchers are deployed around the world to fight against dark forces.”

“You want me to go with you to be trained as a Watcher.” Jimmy clarified, showing startling insight for a child.

“Perhaps.” Giles answered carefully, not wanting to get his hopes up. “That depends on what the Council decides but I believe that it is a definite possibility.” Giles didn’t mention the magic that he sensed within him, that would be a conversation for another time.

Jimmy weighed his options carefully but he knew that he had no real choice if he wanted to survive.

“I’ll do it.” Jimmy said, praying that he wasn’t making a mistake. “I’ll go with you.”

Giles smiled and released his arm in a show of trust. He knew that he was doing the right thing.

While he tried and failed to tidy his hair, as instructed to by Giles, in preparation for his meeting with the Watcher’s Council Jimmy thought about the previous week, which had been one of the best of his life if for no other reason than he had enough food to eat every day.

Following their discussion in the park Giles had taken him back to the two storey house on the outskirts of London that he shared with a much younger Watcher named Henry Lake, who, as Jimmy now knew, was one of the most powerful Sorcerers working for the Council. This revelation had led to a discussion of just what sorcery was and the power that both Giles and Henry had sensed within him. They had been surprised when he revealed that he could use the power and had been equally surprised at the casual ease with which he used the power.

Neither one of them could identify what it was exactly but when Giles had contacted the Council about the possibility of training Jimmy, as well as finding out what exactly his magic was they had told him to bring Jimmy in to meet with Quentin Travers and the rest of the Council’s senior members where they would answer both questions.

In the mean time both Giles and Henry had thrown themselves into find out just what Jimmy knew in terms of knowledge and the extent of his power. They also tried to find out about his past but Jimmy was tight lipped about it. While he didn’t know many of the things that he should have learnt in school that was more from not going to school than a lack of intelligence. When he had told them his birth date, which he knew from one of the few times he went to school, they had revealed that his seventh birthday was in two short months.

They had begun to fill in the gaps in his knowledge, as well as teach him the basics about being a Watcher that the children of all Watchers learnt. Specifically they had begun to teach him Krav Maga and another language. For the language they had chosen Latin because of its use in sorcery, or Wicca as some called it, and how many ancient texts had at least been translated into Latin when the Roman Empire ruled much of the world. Jimmy called it a waste of time, learning Latin that is, but persisted because they assured him that it would pay off in the future.

Giving up on his hair Jimmy checked the rest of his outfit, which Giles and Henry had helped him pick out when the three of them have braved the shops to get him a new wardrobe and gleefully burned the rags that he had been wearing later on. Black slacks, a dress shirt in the same colour and shiny black shoes all gave him the appearance of someone attending a funeral but he shied away from brighter colours. His emerald coloured eyes were framed by a new pair of rectangular framed glasses; he also had contacts but only wore them when he was practicing fighting.

“Jimmy, stop perving on your self in the bloody mirror and get down here before Rupert has a heart attack.” Henry leant against the bathroom doorframe, grinning at him.

Henry was the son of an Irish woman and an American born Watcher. Spending the first ten years of his life in his mother’s homeland had had a permanent impact on his speech which had a definite Irish lilt to it, one that Jimmy found to be rather reassuring. He also took after his mother’s family in terms of looks and build. At nineteen he had finished growing at an intimidating six foot three inches with broad shoulders and a powerful build comprised entirely of hard earned muscle. His kind, open face belied his intimidating physical presence with a boxer’s nose, one that actually came from boxing, and warm brown eyes. With his black hair, which like Jimmy’s own was unruly and dominated his general appearance, they could pass for brothers at a glance.

Flashing him a nervous grin of his own Jimmy followed Henry through the house, which, as he had discovered, was a strange cross between a cosy home and a library. Four bedrooms and a bathroom filled the top floor. Jimmy occupied the room that had been a guest room while the fourth room was filled with wall to wall, ceiling to floor bookshelves. It was there, out of sight, that books dealing with the supernatural were kept.

On the first floor there was another bathroom and the kitchen, which was generally ignored in favour of various kinds of take out. The dining room table was usually strewn with papers so dinner was eaten in the lounge room in front of the television, though Henry and Jimmy were the only ones who showed an interest in the device. An office took up the remaining space on the first floor, both the office and lounge room had bookshelves filled with more socially acceptable subjects.

The basement was probably Jimmy’s favourite room; it was in there that the training took place. Mats covered the stone floor to cushion falls and training dummies were pushed up against the back wall while various pieces of weaponry covered the other walls. As Henry had told him, it would be years before he was strong enough to use the weapons but that didn’t dim his excitement in learning about them and the history of some of the more unique ones.

They found Giles pacing in the short hallway that led to the front door.

“Finally.” He cried out when he saw them. “If you weren’t needed at the meeting I would have left already.” Jimmy and Henry exchanged an amused glance as the usually calm Giles panicked.

“Never mind. “He said, seeing the look that passed between them. “If we leave now we should make it on time.”

With another amused glance at each other Jimmy and Henry followed Giles out of the door and into the waiting taxi.

The Watcher’s Headquarters was exactly how Jimmy imagined that it would be. From the outside it looked like a cross between a business building and a museum while the interior did absolutely nothing to dissuade that notion. They passed through halls that were lined wit pedestals holding items that he had never seen before but that he was willing to bet that they were artefacts from long dead civilisations or demonic societies.

The room that were currently in seemed to be a cross between a conference room and a command centre of sorts. A large table occupied the center of the room at which the decision makers of the Council sat. A floor to ceiling window covered one wall, allowing natural sunlight to stream into the room, while the other walls were adorned with maps that were, in turn, marked with coloured pins.

At the head of the table sat a man who had identified himself as Quentin Travers. He was a short man with a hard face and eyes that lacked anything resembling warmth despite the smile that was plastered on his face, Jimmy noticed none of that however, he was to interested in the room around him.

“So you are Harry Potter.” It was a statement not a question and therefore didn’t need an answer but Jimmy offered a comment anyway.

“I prefer Jimmy sir.” Since finding out about the meeting Giles had stressed the need to be polite and respectful.

“Very well, Jimmy.” Travers’ tone expressed his distaste for the name. “We are here to inform you of your options and what exactly your power is.”

“I shall answer the question concerning your magic first as it impacts on what option you choose. By now Mr Lake has nod doubt informed you of the nature of his sorcery, yes? Good. Your power bears some similarities to it but at the same time it is markedly different. It is a type of magic but whereas sorcery or Wicca as you may know it draws its power from the Earth your magic is a biologically part of you. To understand how it works you must first know that all around the world there are people living in hidden communities who call themselves witches and wizards, people who have the same type of magic as you. To channel their magic they use wands and incantations, spells.”

Jimmy stared at Travers in shock, a quick look at Giles and Henry showed that he wasn’t the only one, though they recovered far faster than him.

“A wizard.” Jimmy whispered. “Bloody hell.”

“You are not just any ordinary wizard Jimmy. In the Wizarding World, as it is called, Harry Potter is famous.”

Jimmy felt his eyes go wide and his face go slack with shock, well slacker than it was before at any rate.

“In the Wizarding World, a non-magical person is called a muggle and a magical child who is born to non-magical parents is called a muggle-born, while people who have long lines of magical ancestors are called Purebloods. A combination of the two produces a half-blood. During the 1970s an evil wizard who called himself Lord Voldemort came to power. Voldemort believe that only those of Pureblood ancestry were worthy of learning magic. He incited a war with himself as the head of what became known as the Pureblood faction. Your parents, Lily and James Potter, were fighters for the Light. On Halloween in 1981 Voldemort personally attacked your parents, killing them both. He then proceeded to attack you using a spell called the Killing Curse, which does exactly what its name suggests.”

“Instead of killing you the curse rebounded and hit Voldemort. No one is sure if it killed him or not but what is known is that he hasn’t been seen since. It is because of this that you are famous and in the Wizarding World are known as the Boy-Who-Lived.”

Through his shock Jimmy began to get angry. He didn’t know who he was angrier at though, Voldemort for killing his parents, the Dursleys for lying to him about his parent’s death, but most of all he was angry at the so called Wizarding World for leaving him with the Dursleys.

“I assume that you wish to hear your options now?” Travers asked.

Jimmy managed a small nod in reply.

“Option one; you continue on as you are, training to be a Watcher except we shall add in magical training with one of the wand wielders employed by the Council. Doing this means that you will not attend the Wizarding school of Hogwarts as you will be far beyond the other children your age when you are eligible to attend. If you wish to attend Hogwarts than you will continue with your training minus the magical aspect and once you graduate from Hogwarts you will finish your training. It is up to you to decide.”

Giles shifted uncomfortably, though he doubted Jimmy realised it he was being manipulated into making the decision that Travers’ wanted him to.

It took Jimmy seconds to decide, he wanted nothing to do with the Wizarding World and he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn magic straightaway. “I’ll start learning magic now sir.”

Travers smiled; there was no warmth in it. It was a smile of victory, the smile of a man who had gotten exactly what he wanted.

“Very good, now being a Watcher tends to run in families, unless of course you marry into a Watcher family, so we’ll need to change your name or at the very least hyphenate it. This is important as some members of the Wizarding World may object to your place amongst us. Do you have any objects?”

Jimmy thought about it for a moment, did he really want to be Harry Potter? The answer was a resounding no. “Can I change my whole name sir?”

“I see no problem with that. I presume that you wish for your first name to be Jimmy?” Jimmy nodded. “James then, Jimmy for short. As Mr Giles will be responsible for your training I suggest you take his name. Do you have a problem with that Mr Giles?”

Giles looked startled at the suggestion but answered in a crisp voice. “No, not at all sir.”

“As for a middle name…” Travers looked around the room, seeking inspiration before his eyes landed on Henry. “James Henry Giles.”

Beside him, Henry looked just as startled as Giles did but strangely pleased at the same time.

“Now, to business, Mr Giles and Mr Lake you are to continue with his education, both normal and supernatural. The Council will see to it that you, Mr Giles, are appointed as his guardian and he’s registered as a home schooled student. Mr Lake when you judge him to be ready you may begin teaching sorcery in addition to his other studies. Within the next week a Mr Jeffery Myers will visit you and take you to buy the supplies that you will need in order to learn wand magic. You will meet with him as often as he is able, he will teach you and assign tasks to be completed between lessons.”

Jimmy nodded to show his understanding of the instructions while Giles and Henry made affirmative, verbal responses.

“Excellent, we are done here. You may leave.”

Jimmy was startled by the abrupt dismissal but he didn’t have a chance to say anything as Giles and Henry ushered him from the room.

During the taxi ride back to the house all three of them were silent, each lost in their thoughts about what they had just learnt. Giles in particular was withdrawn, muttering to himself and glancing at Jimmy every few seconds.

When they got back to the house Giles guided Jimmy into the lounge while Henry, after exchanging a significant look with his fellow Watcher, walked off muttering about making a cup of tea. Jimmy fidgeted in his seat while Giles looked at him nervously but with a strange intensity in his expression.

“How do you feel, about what you learned today, Jimmy?”

Jimmy shrugged, avoiding Giles’ eyes.

“Words please Jimmy.” Giles still kept his voice soft but it had become slightly sterner, letting Jimmy know that Giles expected an answer.

“I’m angry.” The words seemed to burst from him. “I’m meant to be their hero and they dumped me at the Dursleys.”

It wasn’t the first time that Jimmy had named his relatives and once more Giles reminded himself that he had to pay them a visit. He wasn’t entirely sure what would happen during the course of the visit but he had an idea, nothing pleasant though, of that he was sure.

“I can’t begin to understand what you’re feeling and I’m not even going to try but I am here if you wish to talk about anything. You should also remember however that your parents were part of this Wizarding World and they sound like they were brave and decent people. All I ask is that if you ever come into contact with this Wizarding World is that you keep an open mind.”

Jimmy nodded his assent and Giles began to pace, his nervousness obvious.

“Now, my next topic concerns your new name.” Jimmy looked up sharply, unsure about whether or not Travers had made Giles angry with his choice. “I’m not displeased; in fact I’m rather flattered. What I wanted you to know though is that I have no intention of trying to replace your parents but if you ever need help I’ll always try to be there for you.”

For the first time since he’d been left at the Dursley home Jimmy smiled in happiness.

Jimmy’s face took on a gob smacked expression as the bricks reformed into an archway to reveal Diagon Alley. On either side of him Giles and Henry were doing remarkable goldfish impressions themselves while Jeffery Myers or Jeff as he had told them to call him, grinned at their collective reactions.

It had been three days since the meeting with Travers, when Jeff had arrived at their house. With him he brought a five compartment trunk filled with books, potion making equipment, ingredients, and course books, as well as assorted other items that Jimmy had no idea as to the function that they served.

After showing them the trunk, and dealing with the subsequent amazement, Jeff had proceeded to the basement where he had set about creating an area where Jimmy could safely practice magic. Under the amazed gaze of the other three he had expanded the room to twice its normal size and then placed a series of stones that were covered in what Giles identified as runes around part of the room. Once arrayed in a certain pattern the stones would activate a shield which would absorb spells if Jimmy missed his intended target, to remove the shield a single stone had to be taken out of the pattern by hand since they couldn’t be moved using magic.

Before they had left for Diagon Alley Jeff had covered the thin lightning bolt scar on his forehead with a glamour charm, explaining that everyone in the Wizarding World knew it as the mark that the failed Killing Curse had left on him. He had also pushed a cap onto his head to cover his rather distinctive hair before Jeff had pronounced the disguise as passable. Jeff had driven them to Charing Cross Road where the Leaky Cauldron was located while lecturing on the different methods of transportation used by wand wielders.

“Now stick close lads, you don’t want to get separated down here. If we do make your way back to the Cauldron and wait there for the others.” Jeff muttered as they started to move through the crowd.

Giles took on a look of indignation at being called a lad, especially as Jeff looked to be the same age as him. The only thing that they actually needed from the alley was a wand for Jimmy, though Giles and Henry looked like they were itching to explore. Jimmy felt much the same way.

They were going to get the wand from a shop that Jeff knew of down Knockturn Alley as opposed to the more commonly used shop, Ollivanders, which was owned by a man who was a close friend of Dumbledore’s according to Jeff. When Jimmy asked who Dumbledore was Jeff had explained that he was the man who ruled magical England from the shadows and that the Council had discovered that he had been responsible for Jimmy’s placement following his parent’s death. Even without meeting the man Jimmy hated him. The Knockturn Alley wand shop would also provide him with a wand that wouldn’t have a tracking charm on it, allowing him to practice magic without being monitored by the British Ministry of Magic.

Upon entering Knockturn Alley the group had gained some strange, even hostile looks, but no one bothered them. Which was just as well since Jimmy knew that both Giles and Henry were armed. He had a feeling that if they had gone further into the alley that they wouldn’t have been so lucky.

They didn’t have to travel far into the alley before Jeff led them into a grimy little shop. Pigeonhole shelves lined the walls and the shelves in turn were filled with slim boxes of varying length.

“Jeff, it’s good to see you mate.” The speaker was a short man, with a pot belly and scraggly beard.

“You to Will. Lads, this is William Harding. He’s the best damn wand maker in the business, no matter what people tell you about Ollivander. The little lad is Jimmy, the big Irishman is Henry and the distinguished looking fellow is Rupert. It’s Jimmy that’s here for a wand.”

In short order Jimmy was handed a piece of wood that shifted into a rough estimation of how long his wand would be. As he searched the shelves Will explained how no two wands were exactly the same and the different type of wand cores that he used. He told Jimmy that every witch and wizard had a magical aura that was as unique to them as their fingerprints and about his ability to see the auras, called Aura Sight, and use that gift to match a person’s aura to the aura that surrounded the wands.

“You’re bloody picky kid.” Will snarled, good-naturedly as he pulled more boxes from the shelves, indeed he seemed to relish the challenge.

Jimmy grinned back weakly; worried that Will might not have a wand for him. It had been close to an hour since they entered the shop looking for his wand. Giles and Henry were sitting in conjured chairs reading books on wand lore while Jeff was chatting with Will.

“Don’t worry Jimmy, we’ll find you one.” Jeff assured him. “Remember it doesn’t have to be a perfect match to your aura, that’s impossible, it just has to give you a strong reaction. Over time it will become accustomed to channelling your magic and more attuned to your aura.”

“Ah, this one should do it.” Will interrupted, holding an open box that contained a single dusty wand. “This is one of the first wands that I ever made. Twelve and a half inches long, made from mahogany with a griffin feather as its core. That’s a powerful combination but it also means you won’t be able to do a lot of the more delicate spells without overpowering them and wasting a chunk of your power, this wand’s designed for brute force. It’ll serve you well for duelling, Transfiguration and Curse Breaking however. Warding will be a bit iffy but as long as they’re relatively large scale wards you should do fine. Give it a wave.”

Jimmy took the wand and waved it about like he had all the others. Golden sparks exploded from the tip and warmth filled his body. Unknown to everyone except for Will his aura flared brightly, showing a measure of the true power that he held within him.

Jimmy looked up, smiling, to see Will staring at him intently. “In a few years lad you’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wicca Wizard" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Jan 09.

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