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Roberta's Blood Trail: A Black Lagoon & BTVS tale

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Faith find themselves on very different sides when a tragic event sets off a brutal cycle of vengence --- nominated for a COA

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR1833105,00031120,5009 Jan 0925 Sep 09Yes

Chapter Twelve

A tide of vampires, all ages and genders some well fed others skeletal to the point of collapse, exploded forth, pouring out of the warehouse.

Faith reacted instinctively. She hurled herself at the tide of undead using her sword to take down three in one devastating slash. “Remember to aim for the heart!” she screamed at Maria and Manuela who stood back to back staking all who approached them.

"Open fire!" impossible as it was to believe both Balalaika and Claxton cried the words in chorus and both teams opened up with gunfire screaming.

"She's Here." Manuela cried out as an upstairs window exploded outwards.

"A hammer of righteousness to all injustice!" Roberta cried out as she crashed through the gaping hole firing her guns as she dropped to the ground in a combat crouch.

"Welcome to my killing floor." She snarled gleefully at Claxton before marching toward him relentlessly, the sea of undead parting around her. She moved like the iconic killer cyborg she was so often compared to since Rock had seen her the first time so long ago.

Shenhua grimly swung her knives in a deadly arc seeking to force the Maid to retreat but the Maid stuck up her arm entangling the tethered knife. The blade wrapped around her arm the blade of the knife came to a sudden stop caught in the Roberta's clenched teeth. The blade shattered in the grip of her mouth while Roberta growled and pulled on the tether, pulling the Taiwanese assassin off her feet. The Maid swung the line around in a circle before jerking on the line and reeling the woman close enough to grab her from the air and drive her with a bone-jarring thud into the ground.

A panicked Sawyer lashed out obviously worried for her friend and tried forcing Roberta backward with the wildly spinning blade of her chainsaw. Roberta slammed the guns in her hands together, against the blade's teeth. The chainsaw let out a deranged groan as the motor tried to overcome The Maid's freakish strength, a fight the chain blade lost as the belt snapped and Sawyer was herself dragged forward. A swift palm strike sent The Cleaner sprawling to the ground beside the fallen Shenhua.

Rotton fired shots at the maid to drive her away from his fallen comrades.

Roberta kicked Rotton below the belt. The painful groin-shot was felt by every male for blocks around.

Faith rose up in her pathway slashing at her with the sword in her hands. Roberta blocked her attacks with her gun but Faith's superior strength allowed her to cut through one of Roberta's pistols. "A Slayer!" Roberta hissed. Faith renewed her attack trying to drive The Maid back. Roberta dodged around each slash before grabbing at Faith who lashed out with a kick that sent Roberta spinning into a pile of metal poles. Faith closed the distance quickly knowing that Roberta's gun and her deadly accuracy and speed, gave her a tremendous advantage. However it wasn't her remaining gun that Roberta used to defend herself from the Slayer's lightening fast attacks. Instead she snatched up one of the poles she had crashed into and began using it as an improvised spear, slashing and thrusting at Faith with blazing speed and keeping the Slayer on the defensive. Faith quickly realized Roberta had another dangerous advantage. She knew exactly where to hit someone, even a Slayer, to cause the most harm. Faith would dodge a slash or parry a thrust only for the Maid to land a follow-up blow on her shoulders or sides that drove air from her lungs or sent painful fire through her body. Growing desperate to stop the Maid's attack Faith slashed at the metal rebar splitting it with the force of her sword slash. Faith now launched a dizzying series of slashes and thrusts hoping to keep the Maid off balance but far from slowing her down The Maid simply switched styles. She improvised a stick fighting attack that allowed her to counter Faith's attacks while still launching her own brutal swats and slaps. Finally Roberta lashed out and hit both Faith's shoulder and elbows almost simultaneously. Faith felt her arms go dead even as paralyzed fingers went slack forcing her to drop her sword. Faith dropped backward and swung her feet trying to deflect Roberta's attacks with her feet and knees but the battle was already decided. Swift as a shadow Roberta slipped behind the Slayer and poked hard at the woman's knees. One of her legs went dead and she found herself stumbling to the side. Roberta slid in close to the briefly helpless Slayer, entangling her arms as she moved. With a savage jerk; she wrenched both Faiths’ arms hard. Faith heard an agonized scream and was surprised that it came from her own lips. She fell to the ground, almost passing out from the pain of having both her shoulder joints dislocated at the same time. Roberta left her where she fell as Xander rushed to her side.

Roberta continued cutting though the opposition before her until Fabiola darted out and held a restraining hand on her. "Mistress Headmaid, the Young Master has come a long way to find you he wants you to come home --please listen."

Roberta stopped, Fabiola felt relieved as a gentle smile came to Roberta face Then Roberta spoke and Fabiola went cold.

"Fabiola, What are you doing out here?" Her gentleness of her voice in no way matched the violent madness in her eyes. "Never mind I hear thunder and that means rain. Find the Young Master's jacket; bring it out to the garden. He was going to go to the library and if it is going to be unpleasant outside he should dress appropriately. After that, I'm sure Master Diego should be fine until we return, but stay close should he have further duties for you." Roberta patted the young girl companionably leaving her behind.

Garcia stood in her way. The demented Maid dropped to the ground and looked into his eyes. "Young Master, It is so nice to see you again. I have a final duty to perform. Then if you wish, we can have some tea in the garden." She reached out with bloodstained fingers to gently caress his young face.

With no trace of the fear that he knew he should be feeling Garcia reached out and held his beloved maid. "Please Roberta I need you to stop this I need you to come back home Please stop this."

"Master Lovelace, I will be able to play with you soon. I have but one task to discharge for your Father and then You and I can enjoy the rest of this fine day Fabiola is bringing you your jacket please put it on I would not you to catch a draft."

Garcia looked under the blood and gore at his beloved maid and saw the eyes of his Roberta. "What task Roberta, what did Father want you to do?" Then he watched as she rose from her knee and the warmth and love leaked away to be replaced by something all together more horrifying.

"Trapping and dealing with a troublesome Fox." She hissed as She began her relentless marching in Claxton's direction.

A battle cry in Russian echoed across the rooftops as a lithe form launched itself into the night sky and dropped to the street. Roberta flipped backward barely avoiding the falling body of a young woman dressed in VDV fatigues.

Xander recalled this was one of the young girls rescued from the Slavers. Balalaika had volunteered to take care of the young Russian named Bella who only spoke her native language. Bella lashed out at Roberta driving her back form Claxton. Roberta smiled and caught or evaded her blows. The Russian managed to grab at the Roberta and drive her backward, but it was all too quickly obvious that she had not caught Roberta rather it was the Maid who had trapped her Slayer opponent. The two rolled across the ground with Roberta landing atop the girl. The Maid pulled back her fist before driving it powerfully into Bella's torso. The Russian gave a high and loud scream, cringing away from the blow for a few crucial seconds. Roberta aimed a sharp blow to her temple that rolled the young girl's eyes back in her head. Bella slumped to the earth senselessly and Roberta rose abandoning the broken thing behind her and continued her unstoppable march.

"Roberta you don't want to do this." Xander cried out

Maria swung out a fist at Roberta head, which the maid caught. She then lashed out with a vicious punch to the Maria’s elbow causing a sickening crack. "I am going to find out the truth of things Xander no matter what I will find out the truth."

Manuela held her arms open almost greeting the Maid as she stalked toward her but Claxton swerved around the girl "Finn get your girls in gear and get them and the rest of the squad out of here." Claxton cried out launching himself at Roberta.

A razor sharp blade appeared in Roberta's hand. "Time to skin your hide Senor Fox!" The Maid hissed gleefully.

"Nooo, It was supposed to me." Manuela cried out with a heart broken wail. Riley grabbed her and dragged her away. She reached clutching toward the battling duo. "IT was supposed to be me." She screamed.

Roberta and Claxton rolled across the ground and for a moment it appeared that Roberta had Claxton at a disadvantage and was going to cut the life from him mercilessly. Balalaika ordered her men to keep up their fire. Claxton boldly rolled himself and Roberta into the path of the gunfire the hail of bullets churning the pavement around them in a cordite rainstorm. Roberta finally relinquished her hold on the soldier. Pulling her pistol again to hurl fire at the Grey Fox commander

Suddenly Roberta's gun fell silent, she pulled the trigger but nothing came out. Narrowing her eyes she scanned the rooftops spotting Willow quickly.

Xander would have been amazed to know that his endless chatter and banter had for once not been ignored but rather processed and filed away as Roberta had been doing for most of her battle hardened life. She filed it away where her nimble mind had constructed various scenarios for dealing with a situation just like this one.

She quickly hurled a grenade high into the air toward the Witch still floating above the street. Willow reached out with her mind to catch the grenade while shielding herself and the Russians from what she thought was an explosive attack. Instead the blast when it came threw off a blinding light. Willow cried out, shielding her eyes from the flash even as her distracted mind released its hold on The Bloodhound's weapons.

Knowing she had only seconds Roberta aimed a stream of fire into the air cutting through a billboard high above the street sending it crashing to the rooftop; scattering several of the Russians and further unsettling Willow. Undaunted though, Balalaika's men and the Marines kept the pressure on. Roberta snarled and wheeled around breaking for the dubious cover of a rusted car that had long ago lost its battle with creeping age. From this vantage she hurled thunderous gunfire at the marines.

Manuela danced closer to her shots drawing her fire. Riley broke from cover and dashed to grab the Slayer-girl and tackled her to the ground avoiding Roberta's deadly gunfire which started marching relentlessly back toward him popping closer and closer to the cowering Finn.

Suddenly Buffy was standing over-top of Riley. She wielded The Scythe, a weapon that looked remarkably like an Axe but had been made for the use of Slayers in the field. Buffy used it to deflect or cut from the air the hail of bullets coming her way. Finally Roberta retreated back behind the car blindly firing a few more times.

Between the gunfire from the Marines and Hotel Moscow's relentless troops, the aging car was losing what little life it still possessed. Buffy lashed out her weapon again deflecting a bullet, which sliced back, burying itself in the car; igniting what little fuel remained inside. Xander watched as the thing went up in a blaze of fire and smoke. Garcia screamed as he watched the burning hulk take to the air before falling back to the ground with a tremendous crash. Xander dashed over and checked around the burning hulk the maid was gone.

He looked up to catch Buffy's gaze. "Sewer escape?" Summers asked tiredly,

Xander nodded, "Sewer escape."

"You mean Roberta, she's alive?" A panicked Garcia asked, Xander nodded and the young boy sank to his knees whispering gratitude to Santa Maria among others.

Revy snorted at Xander, "Then you my friend, are fucked. If that bitch is still breathing she'll be coming for us, all of us. It ain't a question of if; it's a question of when."

Buffy looked at Xander with a reproaching stare, "So are you gonna tell me what the hell is going on and why your back here or can I just cut right to part where I kick your ass."

Xander looked at Buffy thoughtfully before replying, "You might want to get the ass-kicking out of the way now. The background on this disaster is kind of a long story."
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