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Roberta's Blood Trail: A Black Lagoon & BTVS tale

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Faith find themselves on very different sides when a tragic event sets off a brutal cycle of vengence --- nominated for a COA

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR1833105,00031120,5009 Jan 0925 Sep 09Yes

Chapter Eighteen

The shuffling hordes the filled the street were simple things. They were little more then empty husks their only thought or desire was to carry out the orders of the Three Who Ruled as One.

Their mission was simple converge on the place of power and destroy all that resided there. Then they were to sweep the entire city cleansing it of life.

Several of the undead marching down the street suddenly found themselves confronted by a one-eyed man and a woman.

A feral grin bisected her face. However, beside her was another that their primitive minds told them the master wanted destroyed. Several raised weapons and the man turned to his companion.

"Ah I don't mean to rush you Revy but..."

"Don't rush me; don’t you know a woman likes the lead up more then anything. The tease, the seduction; how much you enjoy the actual act depends completely on how much time to you take to enjoy the foreplay."

The one-eyed man sighed and rolled his eye. "OK Doctor Ruth, you sit there and work up your mojo." He held up a shotgun and racked it chambering a round.

The Woman slipped a set of head phones on and pressed a button at her hip.

"What are you using?" The man asked curiously.

"Queen, I'm in a classic rock kind of mood." She raised the weapons in her hands and smiled even wider. "Momma's got a little something for ya all;" She tapped her foot with increasing tempo until the faint strains of Brian May's Fireplace Special could be heard.

She crouched low, gathering power and launched herself into the air in a long jump. The leap carried her into one of the zombies she plunged the long needles in her weapons into the creatures neck. There was a gurgling sound from her weapons and red blood filled the chambers on the weapons. Once the creature had been drained, the woman rolled off her victim in between two more. She plunged the needles into their bodies and the chambers on the gun filled still further. She rose from the ground and got a running start. Two more zombies swiped at her but they never made contact with her. Instead she dropped to the ground sliding on her knees in between the undead duo. She popped up behind them ramming both needles in to their backs. Again the guns made their sinister gurgling and the chambers filled to their full capacity.

Another creature raised its arms intending to blast her but she pulled the weapons free from the now motionless corpses and pointed them at the creature. A shotgun blast took him full in the face causing it to arch backward, half its head missing.

She racked the zombie’s lines with auto gun fire putting down several with head shots and severing limbs from many others.

The One-Eyed man unleashed shotgun fire, blasting left and right.

The woman began singing along off tune to the music in her headphones as she unleashed permanent death on foe upon foe. "No Wrong , No right," She sang as she gunned two more even as she plunged the needle of the other weapon in her hand into yet a third foe. "I'm going to tell you there's no black and no white. No blood, no stain; All we need is one world wide vision."

The sheer and utter ecstasy on her face as she killed was almost orgasmic. Revy was right, the set-up made the main event so much better.


The rest of the group was making good time. Maria and Bella who was obviously a little embarrassed at her performance earlier that evening and was looking to prove herself were acting as point men.

Thanks in no small part to Revy's orgy of violence the streets were clear enough that they made good time to the Church of Violence.

Faith pounded on the door and was surprised when the large double door swung open. "OK, that’s not a good sign." She muttered

"Indeed," Balalaika agreed her gun out and searching the gloom inside of the church, "Yolanda keeps odd hours but they like their privacy during the night."

They searched ahead, Faith's enhanced senses picking out shadows in the room that told that the place had been the scene of a brief but determined battle. She finally saw Eda sprawled out on the floor. Moving quickly she knelt and prodded the nun back into wakefulness.

"A girl she had the kid with her." Eda replied weakly to Faith's whispered words.

"Did she say what she wanted?" Faith asked

"It's in the Basement," Yolanda spoke strongly from the darkness. "She was rather insistent." the old woman looked exhausted but otherwise unharmed. Her eye patch was missing. Faith looked away from the too familiar sight.

"Why the hell would you keep an Old One in your basement Sister it seems ...dangerous."

"Well dearie," Yolanda answered , "it's not as if I had much choice in the matter. the Church was here long before I ever was and the Old One was here for even longer since before there was a city I'm guessing since the time of the Exodus."

"There is that term again." Balalaika asked, "What does it mean?"

Willow turned to Faith. "Don't tell me Xander never did the whole speech. I mean how could he not do The Speech?"

Faith shrugged her shoulders, "You know him, and He probably didn't remember the whole thing. It is a mouthful after all."

Balalaika folded her arms frustrated at their banter, "Well is someone going to tell me what’s going on?" She exasperatedly snapped.

"Ohh let me I never get to do it anymore," Willow struck a pose and in a more theatrical voice said, “This world is older than any of you know. Contrary to popular mythology, it did not begin as a paradise. For untold eons demons walked the Earth. They made it their home, their Hell. But in time, they lost their purchase on this reality. The way was made for mortal animals, for man. All that remains of the Old Ones are vestiges, certain magic, certain creatures..."

"You saying they build church on top of such a thing and nobody know?" Shenhua asked doubtfully,

"They may have built the church on top of it to keep it contained."

Yolanda nodded, "What I was told when I was much younger was that the Old One was sleeping and wished to remain that way. It subtly influences the area and the area in turn keeps it fed and docile."

"Influence,” The Russian crime boss asked, “what kind of influence?"

"Really Balalaika” Yolanda snorted, “What kind of influence would you think a creature that called itself --The Corrupted One --exert. The Old One feeds on Corruption. The actions of the corrupt in turn feed it. It’s a very symbiotic relationship."

"And you've never, not once, felt a need to mention this to anyone all the years that you have been here." Balalaika asked sarcastically."

Yolanda smiled indulgently, "If I told you that part of the reason this is such a dark and violent town is because an old Demon God is sleeping in my basement what would you have said? I barely believed it the first time I came here and I only mentioned it to Eda because she and Mister Harris seem intent on pursuing their relationship. It's been my experience that people like Mister Harris tend to attract the kind of trouble that would gravitate toward foolishly disturbing such a creature for their own misguided purposes."

"Speaking of Misguided," Rotton muttered, "are we going to assault the Old Ones sleeping chambers anytime son I suspect the Maid will be somewhat upset should she arrive to find her young master died whilst we were standing around."

Yolanda smiled at the dapper Mercenary, "Your welcome to make an assault at anytime but she took my only key and that door is rather hefty."

Faith flexed her arms, "...And this is where that ever useful Slayer strength comes in handy." she then winced still feeling the pain of having had her shoulders dislocated.

Balalaika turned to Bella and issued a command in Russian that the girl responded to with a crisp salute after which she headed downstairs at a jog. Maria and other slayers followed her swiftly.

Willow was about to follow but Faith stopped her. "How are we supposed to keep the shambling hordes out? I mean even if the girls get that door open and stop Manuela, the dead guys outside are still going to be a problem."

"We'll need to create a perimeter around the church; maybe a warding to slow them down."

"Whatever you are planning to do I would do hastily." Yolanda snapped, "Our guest will not be long in arriving and I did not endure this long in this hellhole to die at the hands of the restless dead."


Xander wondered if finding Buffy and Roberta would take time But Revy assured him that the finding of the two would be the least of their worries. She proved to be correct. They duo turned a corner and beheld an amazing sight.

The street was a chaotic monument of destruction. Fires burned from several building there were gouges in the street and Revy whistled impressively when she saw that somehow a car had been launched into the air. It had come to a rest on the third floor of the building its front end poking out over the street its front wheels still spinning.

"Wow baby, the cheerleader's got some brass. After meeting her I thought she was a lightweight cream puff but this ... You got to have some real balls to make a killing ground like this."

"Yeah its cool that your impressed and all but this will be all for nothing if they kill each other before we can find them."

"Oh man I hope I get a crack at this chick. I mean Throwing down with Faith was great and all but the Queen bitch of Slayers ...that would be so cool and she can cut bullets like Ginji."

"Yeah? Well if we survive to the end of the night, I'll mention it to Buffy and you two can work something out."

"God you can be such a Dumb Ass sometimes. I mean what guy doesn't sit around thinking about two chicks going at it?"

"A guy who has seen two chicks going at it.” Xander answered sardonically. “Never have I been so glad of having only One Eye. It was easier to cleanse the memories from my warped mind."

They were interrupted by an explosion and then a lighting strike. The lightning came not from the sky but from the ground. The flashes arced around the area accompanied by more explosions.

"I'm going to go ahead and say that they're getting close." Revy deadpanned.

Suddenly every window from the ground up exploded outward. Flashes sparked though the building before, with a tremendous explosion, two struggling figures came hurtling though what used to be a window, apparently unconcerned that they were falling from several stories toward the ground. They were instead intent on beating each other silly.

Roberta was flailing away at Buffy with a pair of sword bayonets while the Slayer was fending her off with deadly attacks of her own.

The two finally came apart with a crash before landing on the ground. Both slid across the ground before popping back to their feet and running at each other clashing with tremendous power and speed. It was their weapons clashing again and again that were creating the flaring sparks that Xander had confused for lighting earlier.

Their clothes were in shreds and both women were covered by slashes and cuts to practically every part of their bodies. Revy was right, Roberta and Buffy had opened up on each other with a level of passion that had to be seen to be believed.

Xander could pick out few if any defensive wounds. Each had been slashing away at each other with no thought of defence. It was just slash-counter slash-thrust-parry-counter-parry-counter-slash, their movements so blazingly fast that Xander could not tell one attack from another.

Their battle culminated in a last rush. They came together in a crash that rippled though the air with its fury. The women hit the ground rolling across it to land at Xander and Revy's feet.

A mind numbing boom sounded "Will you two bitches knock it off." Revy screeched out at the top of her lungs.

Her gunshot had passed disturbingly close to both Slayer and Maid

Buffy was poised with the point of the Scythe pointed at Roberta heart while the Maid had the Bayonets ready to shear off Buffy's head.

"Wow, if we weren't looking down the barrel of apocalypse. I would take a picture of this moment. Andrew's slashfic loving online friends would pay good money for a sight like this." Xander smiled

"Little busy here, Xander," Buffy snapped.

"You are finished little girl.” Roberta sneered

"Are you kidding?" Buffy said through gritted teeth, "I'm about to paint the fucking walls with you."

"You might want to hold off on that. You two might have noticed one or two zombie running around. Well they're trying to unleash an Old One that lives here; if we don't stop his coming out party. Garcia's going to wind up with a bad case of the deads.

"You’re lying; The Young Master would never allow himself to be placed in danger like that." Roberta said with a note of nervous panic in her voice.

"I would agree with you if I hadn't seen the kid pull a gun on The Grey Fox Commander because he thought killing him would end this. But we know better don't we Roberta." Xander snapped, “He came here to find you, to protect you. You know the whole time you were with me you'd go on about protecting Garcia and that this war was all about him. Well he's in the middle of it now and unlike Diego if you sit here fighting Buffy while he dies it will be your fault."

Roberta looked down at Buffy and then rose slowly stowing her weapons. "Where is he?” She asked with cold calm

"On his way to The Church of Violence, The Slayer you've been following has taken him there. I think she wants to set off the blood bath that will start when the Old One is wakened and its spirit takes hold of Garcia's body. Buffy can tell you that we already lost a friend to an Old God's rising. Imagine Garcia walking around but it isn't Garcia it’s the thing that using him as a puppet."

"What’s her game plan Xander?"

"The Eyes of Death, Master Diego was right." Roberta whispered


"She wants to die, very badly” Roberta answered, “When someone gets to that point they will do anything, run any risk to accomplish that goal."

"What the Fuck ever, Senorita,” Revy snapped, “Your little brat is about to get his ticket punched and unless you are cool with that I'd get serious about pulling your shit together."

Roberta looked at Buffy, "We can finish this another time Master Garcia take priority over everything."

Buffy nodded, "I have no intention of letting an Old One out into this world. That is not how I roll." She turned to Xander, "Well how are we supposed to get to this Church Of Violence? “

"You know that car you two managed to launch into the air, I know who it belongs to and assuming he still gets higher then a kite on a regular basis he'll have left the keys inside. All we have to do is get it down and we got ourselves a ride."
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