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Roberta's Blood Trail: A Black Lagoon & BTVS tale

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Faith find themselves on very different sides when a tragic event sets off a brutal cycle of vengence --- nominated for a COA

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR1833105,00031120,4999 Jan 0925 Sep 09Yes



Faith and The Freelance Trio waited at the main Church Gate. A seething mass of undead figures shuffled about looking at them with hunger and anticipation.

“Now I know how the turkey feels at Thanksgiving.” Rotton said softly.

"You ever fight zombies before?" Faith asked dispassionately.

Shenhua looked at them. "People I kill normally dead after I work on them not before. Usually stay that way too." she said while nervously twirling a throwing dart in her fingers.

The Slayer nodded, "Zombies are all instinct and desire. They will keep coming as long as they can physically move. Some varieties can keep moving even after you cut off their heads. So start with the limbs and work your way though, -- Cripple Dismember; then kill.”

"How are we to do this?" Sawyer asked

Shenhua and I take the lead," Faith answered, she turned to Rotton "Wizard you're on fire support," Faith turned to the Cleaner, "Sawyer when we drop one you finish them off."

They all nodded in acknowledgment.

The Army closed on the gates with Faith and the others in their path.

"You got some nice skin girly." One of the creatures sneered, "Let us pass and I'll take it easy on you when I peel it off so I can wear it."

Faith responded by punching him hard enough she felt his bones pulping with the force of her blow.

Rotton gunned down two then watched as Shenhua made short work o them slashing away their un-life. He then spun quickly shooting another in the head as it made a break for the gate. "I hold no animosity toward you but I'll die before I let you harm my companion." the silvered haired mercenary vowed even as he stood posing with his weapons.

The creature came roaring back at Rotton backhanding the man and sending him skidding backward. The zombie cackled delightedly until an angry roar of a Chainsaw, like a hungry predator on the hunt announced that Sawyer the Cleaner was on the job.

Sawyer swung her chainsaw around cutting the legs out from the beast and sending it sprawling in a dismembered heap to the ground. Another luckless foe was cut down to land on his brother. Sawyer then buried the spinning blade in the both of them, pureeing their insides. A grim smile of satisfaction never left her normally dour face the whole time she butchered her foes.

Another two rushed her. "Let's see how tough you are without your precious saw." One of the zombies snarled as he and his companion closed on the Cleaner. With her primary weapon lodged in the two bodies jerking at her feet, they mistakenly thought her helpless.

Far from helpless, Sawyer moved like a kind of dancer. She smirked as several inches of curved and razor sharp blade slid into her palms from their hidden sheathes in her sleeves. She silently thanked Rotton who earned his moniker of “The Wizard” for, among other gifts, his ability to modify common butcher's knives into dangerously lethal weapons. Moving rapidly she used their razor sharp edges to slash at the creature's chests managing a perfect Y incision on both with only a few startlingly quick movements. Her enemies were suddenly busy trying to keep their insides contained behind the textbook perfect autopsy cuts.

Rotton was back on his feet and fired at the beasts driving them back until Sawyer could retrieve her chainsaw that she used to take down the undead duo.

Faith and Shenhua ended up back-to-back cutting down foes with lethal grace. Faith saw a Zombie drawing a bead on her with its rifle.

“Need a blade,” Faith cried out and Shenhua barely hesitated in passing her two throwing darts.

“Sister needs blades of her own,” The assassin bitched halfheartedly.

“If we survive this I’ll look into that.” Faith snapped. The Slayer snatched the darts and hurled them with enough force to sink them in the eyes of the zombie trying to shot them. He screamed loudly at the intruding sharpened metal and clawed at his eyes. Faith ran at the fiend eating up the distance with huge strides as the monster pulled the trigger of his gun trying for a little spray and pray,hosing the area down trying in vain to score a lucky hit on the Slayer and her allies. Faith swung her sword around in a graceful arc. She barely felt the sensation as undead flesh yielded to razor-sharp steel. She took a stance and reversed the blade stabbing outward in a cutting slash that practically disemboweled the zombie gunman.

Shenhua, not to be outdone, gathered the tether holding her blades together in one hand and threw both blades at the same time. Only Faith with Slayer-enhanced vision was able to appreciate what happened next. The Taiwanese killer began a deadly dance of grace and co-ordination. Spinning and whirling both weapon and body to a beat that she alone could hear. foes closing on her literally exploded as they were diced and gutted as she stabbed and slashed with a finesse that would have shocked an Olympic crowd. After finally clearing a wide circle around them, the assassin caught her weapons.

"That was surreal." Faith admitted

"Slayer sister getting good herself." Shenhua grinned wildly.

Nobody was kidding themselves though; they were holding their own but the undead army was driving hard at them. However the foursome started to follow a pattern. Shenhua and Faith would hack off limbs leaving the zombies writhing on the ground. Sawyer would follow along behind carving up the still wriggling foes with deft movements of her saw while Rotton rained coving fire on the all foolish enough to get close to any of the girls. Their grim work continued until a shout from the Church courtyard alerted the foursome that the Russians had taken the field.

Balalaika cried out a command and her Spaznetz trained killers opened fire; mowing down dozens of undead troops.

Faith saw the survivors slowly rising themselves. The Slayer ran full speed among their ranks hacking limbs off trying desperately to break their will to fight. Suddenly Bella and Maria were there; hacking, slashing and crippling many foes with Slayer-enhanced punches and kicks. Faith suddenly found she was surrounded and screamed her annoyance as she jumped on top of one foe and began moving swiftly across their ranks using their heads and shoulders as stepping-stones, cutting heads and slashing bodies as she moved with unerring accuracy.

"Fire in the hole!" Maria screamed.

Faith dived though the air even as a RPG sailed underneath her. She felt the heat and shock wave of the explosion licking her body as she curled in a ball and crashed down with a grunt that was not her own. She opened her eyes and saw Bella had caught her.

She rose to her feet and they scrambled back into the Church courtyard. From there everyone watched as the Zombies rallied themselves.

Claxton smiled, “I have encountered very few problems in life that could not be solved by the strategic application of hi-explosives."

Faith cursed, "This is getting ridiculous. They just keep coming." She growled

Claxton looked at the scene grimly, "They remind me of the Viet-Cong." The veteran soldier muttered thoughtfully.

Boris looked at the American General wryly, "I was going to compare them to the Muhajdeen." the Sergeant said recalling the seemingly endless freedom fighters that had battled the Russians during the Soviet-Afghan war.

Balalaika smiled coldly, "The difference, Comrade Sergeant, is that the Afghans were relentless because they had God on their side. I'm not sure what’s keeping these creatures on their feet but I'm fairly certain it isn't God."

“Indeed, while I'd normally admire such tenacity in battle,” Rotton asked, “I am wondering however if there isn't something we are missing? What is the point of their attack?”

The group watched as the many bodies created by Faith and the Trio were collected by some of the zombie troops. The carcasses that were still whole were being raised back to life but it was the body parts that drew Faith attention. Parts too small to make an actual body were fused to those who remained in one piece and all too quickly Faith got the idea.

“I think I know, look.” Faith said tersely,“The more we kill the more raw materials we give them and I’m betting the new whole is stronger than the sum of its many, many parts.”

Suddenly there was a squawk from the radio at Balalaika's belt. She snatched it up.

"Big Sister," Revy's voice was loud

"Two Hands," The Russian sighed with barely concealed annoyance, "we're a little busy at the moment."

"Too busy for a little additional muscle? We got the Maid and Cheerleader in tow plus a small army of Slayers from the island they'd like to kick some ass."

Balalaika looked out at the army facing them, "They are welcome to join us what is your ETA."

We had to pick up a few survivors and Dutchy- Boy is bringing some hardware. You should be seeing us any second.

Boris watched his commander as she became once more the brilliant and uncompromising tactical genius that had kept them alive in the deserts of Afghanistan so long ago. "They have the main road locked down will you need assistance getting though?"

Revy cackled, "Are you kidding me? If I weren’t involved, I would want to be front row centre to see this shit go down. We're going to turn that place into something out of a goddamn Peckinpah film."

"Understood," a predator's smile cut across Balalaika's damaged face. She was indeed enjoying this."Make it a good show Two-Hands." Maybe she was enjoying the carnage a bit too much.
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