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Roberta's Blood Trail: A Black Lagoon & BTVS tale

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Faith find themselves on very different sides when a tragic event sets off a brutal cycle of vengence --- nominated for a COA

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR1833105,00031120,4999 Jan 0925 Sep 09Yes



While Faith and The Freelance Trio were fighting off the zombie siege The main road to the Church was teeming with still more of the fiends. Even with the help of the defenders inside, the Zombie soldiers had managed to take out quite a few fleeing citizens. Even more disturbing for the defenders was that the dead would be quickly raised back to un-life and given weapons. They would become part of a growing army of un-dead ringing the structure and getting stronger.

Hearing approaching vehicles the zombies prepared to kill yet more humans. "Direct all fire on the target when it comes in view." a beret wearing zombie cried out to the others. They opened fire as a jeep came flying around a corner fishtailing wildly as it plunged though the siege lines.

Far from being stopped by the gunfire, the occupants of the jeep had been expecting resistance and unleashed their own brand of hell. Several of the zombies were cut to shreds by well placed shots from the vehicle's female occupants, especially from the two gun wielding woman with her head out of the roof of the jeep.

They caused so much mayhem that virtually nobody noticed the two large trucks that came barreling in behind them to brake wildly at the Church's front door. A stream of people began disembarking shuttled inside by Eda and Yolanda while Balalaika's men provided covering fire, not that Buffy, Roberta or Revy really needed it.

"Score one for the stunt driving skills of the one-eyed god of mayhem." Xander screamed joyously as he swerved the jeep closely around a group of zombies who were brutally slashed at by Buffy who was hanging out of the Jeep's shotgun seat.

Roberta let loose deadly and precise gunfire from the Mossberg in one hand while in the other was the antique rifle she had reconditioned to be considerably more deadly. She had taken the backseat post along with Revy who was hurling abuse and gunfire with equal abandon.

"Come on bitches," Revy screamed as she alternated between auto-gunfire and shotgun blasts.

"Hey Revy," Xander cried out, "Take it easy. Remember you got to keep those things filled or..."

"Shut-up, Dumb-Ass; you're harshing my buzz." she screamed,”Now stop this piece off shit I want to rock and roll."

Xander did as he was told and as the Jeep skidded to a halt. Two-Hands launched herself out of the Jeep to land on top of a zombie. She plunged the needles of the Dragon pistols into the throat of the beast before banging off a shot at still another.

She ran at a group of three, tackling them all. Two of them got the Dragon's needles plunged into their necks. A sick gurgling thrilled Revy's soul as the two died to give her weapons life. The third was getting back to his feet when Revy lashed out in a kick that caused him to double over. She marched toward him kicking him again to make him fall helpless to the ground.

Revy stepped on his neck to keep his struggling body from moving jamming her guns to its head. "Hey fish," She hissed "There's this really cool kill-shot I haven't tried on these beauties hows about you and me we play a little game of Lab Rat?"

A flicker of light betrayed a sniper taking aim at her. Revy leveled the Carpathian Dragon thinking "Blood Bomb!" as she fired at the distant sniper. The gun produced a cloudy almost liquid stream that shot across the space between gun-woman and target. The cloud surrounded the creature seeping into every nook and cranny of its body. The shot had landed dead centre and Revy cursed as it appeared her new weapon's most powerful shot had done nothing. Then the fiend started screaming growing to almost obscenely bloated proportions before finally exploding in a spray of red mist of bone and blood.

Revy looked at the weapon in her hand and its almost empty blood chamber and smiled evilly "This day just keeps getting better and better." She looked down at the zombie who was actually begging for its life in a reasonable approximation of English. "Sorry, sweet cheeks, we’re all out of mercy." She snarled before jamming the needle into its back and watching as the chambers refilled with blood.

"Hey I hate to interrupt your personal moment but we're on the move." Buffy snapped as she ran past.

"Relax Cheer-girl; I got my crap under control." Revy said as she snapped off another shotgun blast at a zombie in front of the running Slayer.

Roberta stayed with the vehicle filling and emptying the shotgun in a blur as she unleashed hell. Between them the three women drove a wedge through the enemy lines.

Xander fired up the jeep rolling up to the door and throwing himself out on the far side to avoid the return fire that occasionally came his way.

Rock had joined the group at the Door. At his side was the young Slayer Shunsi. "I’m trying not to worry about the fact we are making our big last stand in a church." he said to Xander

Xander smiled "Oh come on, Sundance, this is when things are going to get fun."

Rock found himself smiling as well, "I always pictured myself as more like Butch then Sundance."

Faith looked at the two men doubtfully, "Number one it's the Killer that has the climax in a Church not Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and for another thing, you morons might want to recall that Butch and Sundance die at the end."

What Butch and Sundance had to say about her criticism was lost amid the fire and smoke as one of the trucks took enemy gun fire and finally exploded sending hot metal spiraling into the air and shoving fleeing refugee to the ground. Xander broke from cover and picked her up. He began running with her back toward the church. Rock dashed through the firestorm to help him with Shunsi on his tail.

Suddenly one large zombie came out of the dust and smoke firing at the two men as he came. Revy's scream cut across the battlefield. "Get the fuck away from my partners bitch." she unloaded both barrels at the creature watching with glee as the zombie screamed and then exploded raining blood and bone across a small area.

She walked over calmly to Rock and Xander. "When you pansies are done hiding under a rock would ya both get yer asses back in the church you aren't doing anyone any good out here."

The boys were raising when another fiend came running at them full tilt Rock had only a second to note the depleted reserves on the guns Revy was holding "Revy be careful your guns are..."

Revy instinctively whirled and shot at the creature. It too exploded in a cloud of scarlet.

As the smoke cleared; Revy, looking deathly pale, looked back at Rock. "Crap I forgot about that part." she murmured before dropping to the ground in a swoon.

"Revy" Rock screamed out grabbing her pale body. Several zombies swarmed in.

Rock screamed his defiance to the world and snatched up Revy's discarded weapon. He barely felt the sting as the Dragons latched on to him and sucked his blood.

"Burn" He screamed, the gun fired and a Zombie went up in flames

"Burn" he repeated sending RPG fire at two more, the resulting explosion caused a third to burst into flame as well.

"Burn" he screamed with hysterical anger and a now a half dozen exploded, flames licking at the ground and battlefield setting all they touched alight and scorching all the rest.

"Rock," Xander cried out grabbing the man and pulling his aim away from the next group he was intending to fry. "You're killing yourself, Revy doesn't need vengeance she needs help."

Rock blinked looking like he was waking from a dream then he looked down and saw Revy was still alive. Her shallow breathing and pale skin were definitely a sign that she was on the brink of death but she was still breathing. She was still alive for now, how long she stayed that way was any body's guess.

"If we can get her inside; maybe Willow can do something."

Rock nodded and with the help of Shunsi the two men gingerly picked up the gunslinger and carried her inside the Church of Violence while the battle continued to rage around them.

Eda and Yolanda stood at the doorway firing at anyone stupid enough to get too close.

Xander was amazed to see the Yolanda still wielding her trademark gold-plated Desert Eagle. She dropped a zombie with a head shot from the hand-cannon, its massive kickback apparently not even fazing the elderly nun.

"Thanks for putting up with us Sister." Xander said as politely as possible given the crisis.

The old woman smiled at him, "The Good Book says the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against his church. I'm no expert but I don't think a zombie infestation qualifies as an exception to that rule."

"Hey Boy-Toy," Eda said curtly, "I hear you and your friends were tearing the place up." She pulled the door closed.

"Don't blame me.If Buffy and Roberta want to burn the city to the ground. " Xander grumbled, " I'm hardly going to try and stop them unless I have to."

Eda cursed when she saw how badly hurt Revy was "What happened to her?" Eda snapped

"She over did it with those guns." Xander reported, "They drained her almost dry of blood."

"We have to get her to a hospital, get her help." Rock was still in shock and looking decidedly pale himself.

"Great plan; how are we supposed to get her out of here past the army of the dead outside. What about Willow where is she?" Xander asked

"Ms Rosenberg is trying to breach the chamber downstairs whatever that door is made of it has resisted some pretty hefty attempts to open."

Roberta asked coldly, "What about Master Garcia? Where is he?"

"Down in the Inner Sanctum, The doors sealed after them and they haven't come out."

"...And you have tried to breakthrough?"

"Dear that is about all they have been trying. They've used everything short of explosives. The feeling is that you might not understand should your Young Master end up as a stain on the wall because the boys got a little too frisky with the plastic explosive."

"A shaped charge should do, “ Roberta supplied grimly, “I will take care of it if the rest of you are unwilling."

"Good, that young girl, Fabiola; she has been losing her mind down there and I think she was going to try beating against the door with her rage any second."

Rock and Xander continued fretting over a wounded Revy, "Relax Boys," Eda said to them, "We have something here that will work for a simple blood transfusion.”

"Blond transfusion, are you kidding me?" Xander asked.

Eda replied,“if all that's wrong is that she is couple of pints low that should help her out."

"… Except that none of us is a match for Revy." Xander pointed out.

"Actually yes we do have a match." Eda shot back, "You are a perfect match for Revy.”

Xander was startled and latched on to her stopping her departure. "What do you mean I’m a perfect match. How do YOU know?"

"I mean you have a matching blood type for Revy. "Eda snapped "Now let’s grab the stuff and do this thing."

"...and how do you know what her blood type is...or mine for that matter?" Xander asked

"Are you kidding, " Eda asked as if Xander was simple, "I know a little about everyone in this town worth knowing anything about. "

"Very Funny Eda; Now answer his question, How much do you really know about everyone?" Dutch asked the argument had drawn a small gathering.

Eda sighed and named off the blood types of every major citizen of Roanapur in the room.

Xander looked betrayed but Eda was obviously having none of that. "You can't tell me you didn’t already know this about me Xander."

"I knew you had access to information but..."

"Exactly I get access to the information that might someday prove useful. You find out the things people don't want you to know and you make sure that you can use the information when it’s needed no matter what it is. Now let’s get that blood transfer working."

Yolanda acted as a field medic and swiftly connected Xander and Revy to a machine. Soon Xander was watching as blood flowed effortlessly between the two.

He turned to Eda. "So how long have you been keeping this little secret?"

"I keep a lot of secrets; you already knew that about me. That was why you came to see me in the first place when you were looking for a lead on who might be running slaves out of Roanapur."

"You know what I mean Eda." Xander said tiredly.

"Xander you blew into town with an insane story about demons and vampires. Virtually the day afterward, weird stuff started happen in a town in which weird was previously defined by a pissed off citizen not getting their head blown off by a random gun-toting stranger. I was running back ground on you as soon as I could."

"Naturally Eda had already made inquiries into Rebecca's past, such as could be known anyway, thus we were quite surprised when one of the tests came back with a positive match." Yolanda sighed while eyeing the transfusion tubes.

"What does it mean? Xander asked

"You know what it means Xander" Eda said seriously while looking him in the eyes, "Revy must be...could only be...your long lost sister."

Xander paused at her words a second before noticing the amused glimmer in her eyes. "Go to hell you sadistic nympho bitch." He snapped while Eda laughed and cackled derisively.

"You should have seen your face -- Revy is your sister -- Honestly Xand you are such a blast sometimes. Eda smiled airly, "I mean really, Have you any idea how many people have matching blood types in this world the number is astronomical. Statistically speaking you're a blood type match for a few thousand people in this world. "

Roberta commented with cold politeness, "As delightful as this is I have to release the Young Master."

Xander cleared his throat, "Before we go with the blowing things up option. Mightn't we want to try, oh I don't know, knocking."

Yolanda looked at him, "Honestly, Alexander, you really can't think that didn't occur to anyone."

Xander startled at the rare use of his full name. "The Old One has been reaching out all day long," He explained "He did it to me at least once. I’m guessing that if we ask nicely he'll pop open the chamber on his own."

A voice cried out from the outside, "Give us the Old One and we'll let you live. Give us the Old One and we'll let you go."

"Are they serious?" Eda snapped,

"I doubt it. Killing us all is a lot easier from their point of view." Buffy said grimly, "I may not like the idea of giving up a Slayer to a deranged terrorist but I like the idea of her unleashing an Old One a hell of a lot less. "

Xander sighed "Welcome to my world."

Leaving Xander hooked up to an unconscious Revy the ever fretting Rock and Shuns at their side, The group headed down the basement where Giles and Willow were having an animated discussion that involved a lot of waving hands and pointing at the walls and the pictures and murals thereon.

As near as Buffy could figure, their dispute focused on the proper interpretation of several phrases. A poem of sorts scrawled on the wall about knights riding forth and fighting evil.

"I'm sure it’s the Sumerian" Willow was insisting

Giles threw up his hands, "I’m telling you Willow it’s too regimented to be Sumerian."

Willow read out loud

"the Thirteenth did save us all this day
Thirteen by their own heart betrayed
Thirteen needs must pass away
but Thirteen alone can open the way."

Giles snorted, "That would make this bit over here make no sense."

He read the wall by way of explanation.

“By blood did we imprison
by blood do we fight
by our blood do we live
and for our blood will we die.”

Buffy gave a loud whistle that got the room's attention.

In the quiet of the moment, the door's massive lock clicked open.

"Well that was convenient." Willow snapped.


“The time of your service to me has come full circle Little Slave.” The Corrupted sang in Manuela’s ear “Time to enjoy the reward you have worked so hard to earn.”

The Corrupted reached out and took her in its arms and kissed her delicately on the forehead. Manuela closed her eyes and when they opened again her eyes were a cold and featureless black and the Corrupted form sagged to the ground as a pile of dust.

Taking first one step and then another; stumbling at first as if walking and moving was a long forgotten dance that was now being relearned, The Corrupted stepped from the chamber and strode purposefully toward the door.

“My paralysis has left me I can move again, feel again." The Corrupted sighed, "My powers are diminished by my time in sleep but in time I will return to my full power and now thanks to the Little Slave, i have allies."

The Corrupted stretched out her hand and made a sign. the Door creaked and the inner chamber opened. "The time has come to properly greet them."


Roberta did not hesitate leveling the black powder rifle still held in her hands. it was obvious she intended to shot first and ask question on the plane ride home.

They moved down the short hallway to see Manuela standing over a prone Garcia.

Roberta flew at The Old One intending bloody vengeance. "What have you done!" she screamed,

"Garcia is enjoying a deep and fulfilling dream he is learning the terrible cost of becoming a Slayer."

"You will release him then or ..."

"You can do little to intimidate me Bloodhound you lack the means to destroy a God and even if you could, would you risk such action; not knowing if such an attack would doom your precious master to eternal dreams and nightmares."

"Is this so?" Roberta asked Willow who was examining Garcia.

He's in a dream state alright pretty hefty one."

"Its like he's a Slayer." Buffy said quietly, "He...feels familiar somehow like i know him. Like I've always known him."

Your enemies gather. the boy may yet survive but should your foe penetrate this sanctum then he will die or be taken as a slave to the Wolf Ram and Hart."

I’m not seeing the real advantage to him. You put him in a coma from which he might not wake."

He will wake when he chooses to. He is walking the road of Destiny. He can get off whenever he wants to but he must decide to come back."

"If you have harmed him in ..."

"Your threat might be better directed toward the army at your gates defeat them and Garcia will have all the time in the world to awaken should they defeat you however he will find no joy in awakening i assure you."

"So what do we do Buffy." Riley asked his ex-girlfriend .

Buffy smiled, Thanks for the vote of confidence," She closed her eyes. she had been here before. The odds against them, enemies at their back and now an ally that she could not fully trust, but might need in order to win the larger war. "We bunker down just like you were doing before." She said resolutely "Willow can figure out a way to bring Garcia back to us."

She turned to the Corrupted, "I assume you’re going to want to help us defend this place since if it gets blasted your resting place is screwed as well."

"Once again I bestride this plain,” The Corrupted intoned, "Once again I can bring unto the world the decay and darkness it so richly deserves.”

"Yeah, you get on with your bad self." Buffy snapped.. She was seriously over the limit with her personal tolerance for drama queens on this trip, especially ancient demonic ones.

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