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Roberta's Blood Trail: A Black Lagoon & BTVS tale

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Faith find themselves on very different sides when a tragic event sets off a brutal cycle of vengence --- nominated for a COA

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR1833105,00031120,4999 Jan 0925 Sep 09Yes



A pain unlike anything Garcia had ever felt tore though his skull. Yet his head stayed attached. The young Lovelace wondered if not dying was blessing or a curse. Death, pain, battle, despair and still more death; creatures of darkness beings from realms both heavenly and from hell and yet more death. All of it played across Garcia’s young eyes searing him to his very soul. Was this what it was to be a Slayer to be tortured by visions of the creatures it was your destiny to fight.

”Focus, Young Master Lovelace,” Corruption hissed, “See the world as it was. Allow the currents of decay to carry you forward. “


Manuela lies in the damp and the dark. She cries, her mother is gone and she knows that it is only a matter of time before they find out she is like the others. Stronger then she should be, faster then she should be, and the dreams, the terrible, terrifying dreams. She wants death, begs for it and prays to an uncaring God for it. ”Please god let me die?” she begs. She knows she cannot take her own life. It would be a mortal and unforgivable sin.

“Why?" A still small voice asks.


“I have been called such, not for a long time though.”

”You are not God?”

“…Nor his son the sacrificial lamb or his prudish virgin mother you also believe in. Honestly if she actually looks like she does in your mind then I’d say it was a waste of a good virgin."

“Then you are saying that God cannot save me from this life.”

"If he could help you, he would have already.. Since he isn’t talking to you and I am maybe you should take your miracles where you find them child.”

”Who are you?”

”I am Corruption, I am decay, and if you want my help child you will have to earn it."

Manuela‘s heart fell, was this not always the way, you never got anything for free in this world not even death. “Tell me how.”


The new camp is just like the others, except now all the girls are like her -Slayers- she hears that world in her manic dreams.

”You hear General Sheu told the Lawyers off “One of the guards’ gossips to his partner on the watch as they patrol the pens where the Slayers are kept like livestock.

”He’s been smoking what he grows.” His friend snorts derisively, “The lawyers won’t take that lying down; they'll come."

"Not as long as he has the Slayers to fight for him and the wacky root to make them invincible." The guard replies while looking at the slave pens where Manuela crouches like the animal they believe all slaves to be. "You want to try one… just to see what their like."

His friend is looking at a small girl. The little girl’s name is Shunsi. Her destiny isn’t to be raped by some filthy guard who will take her in the muck and the rain. Her destiny is both grander and more tragic. Manuela can see him, the Japanese Man drowning in darkness. He will rescue Shunsi; take her away from this life. He will train her, guide her, guard her and counsel her. He will make all her dreams come true save for one; and there are worse fates then being ignored by the one you love. His heart belongs to one who does not know the value of what she holds. She isn’t capable of understanding its value, not like Shunsi can.

She rolls Shunsi over, effectively hiding the girl, while opening her shirt. It's only a little thing and it will be over quickly. She can tell that even without the gift of prophecy.

"I think maybe the crazy one.” The guard says eagerly, “She looks like she wants it; she's older anyway. You know how the boss is; he likes the break in the virgins himself."


Garcia cringes from the visions trying to push them away. But as one image piles on top of another; images of life as a Slave, as a tool; life so far beyond anything Garcia has ever personally experienced. He is beginning to wonder if he is losing his young mind. Then as the images continued, the young boy starts to think that maybe insanity might be a more merciful thing.
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