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Roberta's Blood Trail: A Black Lagoon & BTVS tale

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Faith find themselves on very different sides when a tragic event sets off a brutal cycle of vengence --- nominated for a COA

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR1833105,00031120,4999 Jan 0925 Sep 09Yes


Garcia's dreams and nightmares continued


“A disaster, a complete and utter disaster." Dinkins screams, being unable to perform has made him want to act out in other ways. The attempt on Xander Harris was the latest of several outbursts.

It is the after-mission briefing about the attack on Lovelace. The explosion went fine but The Maid is a complication that everyone except Lucentes and Manuela are surprised at. Manuela is surprised at the involvement of Harris. The original visions of the incident didn’t have him there. She is also surprised at the fact she conquered the Maid until she realizes the truth. The Maid has never faced a Slayer until that moment. The scenes of death and murder she sees involving The Maid are her fault. She is the one who set the Maid on the path of vengeance against Slayers.

"I told you not to try and have her kill Harris,” Riley is shouting, “What, you think, you’re the first person to try and kill Xander Harris; I warned you." The Farm Boy rages.

Claxton calmly steps between Finn and Dinkins.“Gentlemen, “ Claxton says soothingly, “Lovelace is dead and the situation has been contained. If we bug out now, the civilian won’t find anything linking us to the assassination.

Claxton is right, there is nothing, no trail that can be followed, but that can be fixed this was why she made contact with the Lawyers. Originally they were using Lucentes but she has promised them loyalty in exchange for freedom. Their price is the Corrupted, just as he said would happen. She isn’t sure why the Corrupted wants the Layers to get so far in their plans and she doesn’t care. He has also promised that her faithful service will be rewarded. That reward is all that concerns her and all she cares about. Death; a sweet release from this world of darkness where she is a plaything of fate.


The Grey Foxes will be leaving for Thailand tomorrow; Lucentes is panicking.

"I haven’t heard from Padro all week and now Alfred is missing too. You think that Kid From the Watchers had anything to do with it?"

There is chattering in the other end of the line.

Lucentes cuts him off. "Of course I haven't told them about the Bloodhound. The Lawyers forbade it but..."

More chattering

"You think I want to end up like that crazy General. The lawyers want Sheu Yen dead for defying them. No, I won’t least not exactly. Listen, that guy in the FARC, you know the one, is he still a friend of yours?"

Manuela nods just as the Corrupted predicted. Everything is in place save for one detail Xander Harris is following their trail, but not closely enough. Harris will need further encouragement and as The Corrupted has demonstrated nothing is better for getting The Young Watcher's attention like trying to kill him. Oddly enough knowing that Harris will survive the attempt on his life salves any guilt Manuela might feel at being the subtle agent of that attempt.


She can hear Riley and Claxton in the next room playing chess and arguing. Lucentes is dead as is Dinkins The Maid is following them now and Manuela is sure that Harris is with her. The FARC contacted Lucentes for more information on Harris. She doesn't know where he is now. She can only see what Slayers see and Harris is steering clear of all Slayers until Roberta relents in her quest for vengeance. She opens her mind and sees images of battle combat Harris fighting at the side of the Marines... a warehouse...of course the warehouse district if the FARC converge there they might find Harris of course the Maid will be there as well with such a killing ground there is bound to be an opportunity for her to meet her destiny.

"No cheating Little Slave. you will die with I am ready for it and not a second before first you have to being me the vessel."

"Why Lovelace, why not Harris let me lead him to you he is following us anyway

"It has to be Lovelace his blood got him into this just as surely as your blood did you. the patriarch of the thirteenth clan though i doubt he even knows what he's capable of."

But he doesn't know how to loosen the blocks on your cell."

But he can learn in fact he can learn the same why you did."

"but I have the curse of sight in order to learn as did he would have to gain that gift."

"yes he would and once he had it he would be subjected to all the delightful visions that keep you up at night. Yes...that's a wonderful idea Little Slave I'm glad you thought of it. "


Garcia clutched his head. Surely there can not be much more to this how much pain can one person be expected to withstand.

"You will be fine Grandfather." The voice again the gentle voice. He wants to follow it follow find it, somehow that feels right. it feels ... right.

More images coming faster, the battle across Roanapur, The fight at the warehouse with The Maid and the Vampires. She sees Roberta standing over Garcia, she is holding a gun. Then Harris is there, fighting her, it is the devil’s root and the drugs that have made Roberta so crazy with rage and hate that she no longer knows friend from foe. Only burning though the Root in her system will save her mind from fracturing in a thousand places but who can survive a fight with Roberta long enough for the madness to fade from her blood.


The general looks at her like a piece of meat

"...and you say these people, these watchers; they have my property?"

"...And more besides; many, many, more; if they could be compelled to tell you where they are.."

"...And the lawyers they know about you betraying The Watchers like this

"They compelled me to come. They gave me no choice in the mater it was strangely comforting really."

"Of course it was, choice is frightening but after today that is a fear you will no longer need to concern yourself with. Now tell me about These Watchers."


How much more of this could Garcia stand how much longer until his mind fractured like a china plate. if he could only go back only find his way ---"

"No Grandfather, you must be brave; follow my voice, it will lead you home there are things you must see."
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