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Roberta's Blood Trail: A Black Lagoon & BTVS tale

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Faith find themselves on very different sides when a tragic event sets off a brutal cycle of vengence --- nominated for a COA

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR1833105,00031120,4999 Jan 0925 Sep 09Yes



The Slayers took the lead acting as point men with Foxes and Hotel Moscow troops providing covering fire. Many Slayers owed their lives to a well placed round that distracted an undead fiend long enough for her to swing an axe, thrust a sword, and snap a neck whatever it took.

Rico carried out a heavy mini gun. Then he watched with amazement as Roberta easily picked up the weapon using it to lay down a massive sheet of suppressive fire.

Sanchez and Riley looked on with almost worshipful looks as The Maid raked the enemy lines without touching a single Slayer. Claxton eventually had to scream at them to back her up to snap them out of their awe. That situation didn't improve any when Fabiola took the field. Her grenade launcher made short work of anyone lucky enough or stupid enough to try and rush The Bloodhound.

Soon the two maids moved from the safety of the Church Of Violence forcing Rico had to run fresh belts of Ammunition or power packs out to the duo to keep the Roberta's Chain gun running. Finally the man threw up his hands and set up a recharge station at the door. Fabiola and he took turns running supplies out to Roberta who kept a steady stream of fire playing across the battlefield.

Finally Roberta ordered her junior to retreat to the Church. "Look after Master Garcia, see to him I will deal with these." Roberta said looking every inch the chilling warrior she was. One had to look carefully to see any of the warmth in her eyes as she looked at Fabiola.

"He never lost faith in you. Not once, I tried to make him leave go home but he refused he never stopped believing you could be saved."

Roberta smiled and took her hand. Then she squeezed it "Next time try harder you are supposed to be seeing to The Young Master's needs not his whims. "

"I. ... I’m sorry Head Housemaid." Fabiola whispered in a shocked voice.

"You are the one I must be able to count upon to take care of the Young Master if I am unable to return to La Hacienda. You will be the last line of defence if anything happens and I fall."

Roberta released Fabiola and turned back to the dirty business of warfare

Fabiola watched a moment longer "Then May I speak for master when I say do not fall he would want you to survive as do I." she said and and then fled back to the church.


Ingrid weaved among the Slayers like a wolf among sheep. Slashing and thrusting her poleaxe with mad glee at the death and destruction she caused. Her tattoos allowed her to survive not just gunfire but martial attacks as well and when she could manage it she would grab onto an enemy and use her wyrding attack. Many watched helplessly as her tattoos flowed across their skin turning them cold and trapping them in horrific illusions that would end with Ingrid taking their lives.

She caught sight of another figure though the smoke of combat and charged her.

Shenhua found herself fighting for her life against a foe who she quickly realized was much faster and just as dangerous as her. Ingrid stepped inside her guard and lashed at her with the handle of the poleaxe driving the air from Shenhua's body. Ingrid reversed the weapon swinging at Shenhua with the blade and spike of her poleaxe. Shenhua managed to blunt the force of the blow if not its target. She felt the burning pain of the poleaxe blade as it bit deep into her side. Her scream of pain brought Rotton running. The man tried to come to her rescue but Ingrid swirled her poleaxe around jabbing him in the stomach. Shenhua watched as the dark tattoos leaked down to blacken her weapon. The Ice Bitch used it to swing at Rotton. Ingrid’s attack swatted him into the air. He became a silver haired projectile smashing into one of the snipers nests. His body dropped through the building to land on the main floor. Rock rushed to his side to help him up he was bleeding and battered but otherwise ok.

Rock tried to help him up but the man waved him off as he startled up "Shenhua I left her out there with that tattooed witch."

"You're going back out there. You’re lucky to still be alive." Rock replied.

Rotton dragged himself back to his feet and went limping toward the exit. Sanchez joined him and Rock threw up his arms in frustration. Turning around he wasn't surprised to find Shunsi close at hand as she usually was. "Go after them," he snapped "but no heroics just find Shenhua and get her back here to safety." Shunsi smiled wildly and gave him a thumb up before tearing after the two men.

Shenhua was still on the ground after watching Rotton batted away like a baseball. Now she watched helpless as Ingrid raised her weapon intending to carve her life away. Shenhua closed her eyes and stilled her soul and thus was almost deafened by the woman's curse as her weapon impacted with Maria's mini-axe. Shenhua scrambled to her feet and expected the Slayer to retreat with her but the girl stood her ground fending off the larger woman's blows. Shenhua watched helplessly as this strange woman fought desperately. Shenhua wanted to do something anything but her wound was serious if she didn't die from the gash in her side then the vicious Ingrid would all too happily end her life once she had disposed of her slayer opponent.


The battle continued across the courtyard

Nobody wanted to admit it but they were being seriously pressed the shuffling zombie army was still slowly advancing but the quicker and more dangerous ghouls were darting in and taking down combatant after combatant. One Hotel Moscow solder screamed as a ghoul who tore his life away with a clench of beast-like jaws jumped him. The creature abandoned him like toy leaving him to bleed out on the ground he saw a shambling zombie horde coming on fast he felt at his belt but nothing remained to aid him suddenly Bella was there, she did not cry for him. The ability to weep was one thing you lost very quickly under Balalaika's harsh training. Bella tore a grenade from her belt and passed it to him pulling the pin as she did so. The man thanked her for her slight mercy and she nodded at him and saluted him before rising from his side to flee. The man waited until the horde was upon him. He waited until the last second and then released the dead man’s switch. The explosion took him and several dozen zombies the bodies scattered by the force of the blast. There would be no resurrection for any of them.

The undead tide kept coming. Snipers fired at legs and feet dropping them in their tracks and then the butchers came; men and women who had spent their life times learning how to cut and slice the human form. Among them was Sawyer who stood singular and alone. Her speed her skill her ruthless and cold devotion to hacking away at any who stood their ground before her was both terrifying and beautiful.

The fight dragged on seemingly for hours though it was really only a few minutes. The Zombies kept marching and advancing slowly and while the Slayers were giving a good account of themselves in this frenzied melee they were slowly losing ground.

Two of the vicious ghouls were pressing Faith and Buffy when Ingrid's scream of rage echoed across the battlefield.

Faith quickly sized the situation up "It's not looking good B,"

Buffy was being pressed while trying to dispose of her foe but he was tough and fast and refused to go down to her powerful blows. Finally she screamed in frustration and snatched a split second opening to grab at his head and literally tear his head from his body.

"We hold this line." Buffy growled, "No matter what it takes; whatever we have to do. We hold this line."

The two women watched as their foes flailed on the ground until they latched onto each other. Then the undead flesh flowed into, over and around each other until a single zombie larger then either had been on their own stood were there had been two before. That scene was being repeated across the battlefield. The soldiers and slayers poured on the pressure but their undying foes were forcing their way toward the Church’s main entrance.

"No mercy!" Ingrid screamed at her troops "No mercy, leave none alive add the dying to our ranks."


General Sheu Yen was driving his troops to move forward.

"Break them, break their lines; destroy them utterly." he cried out joyously, "The Slayers were nothing. This is real power."

He was driving them forward when new gunfire cut the air. Everyone looked up and saw several jeeps careening up the pathway toward the church. Hanging out the side of one of them firing two-handed with a devil-may-care grin on his face was Chang.

"Covering fire, I want covering fire now." Balalaika yelled. Her men complied like machines coolly unleashing gunfire toward the enemy holding the main pathway. Several of the Slayers joined in the assault tearing them down and beating on them to forestall their eventual resurrection.

Quickly, Chang's armed 14k killers split the enemy lines and rained hell on everything that moved.

The Triad Boss's jeep skidded to a halt outside the church and Chang jumped from the vehicle. "So I'm sitting around my place," He said casually "and I start to thinking to myself. -- Chang, old buddy -- I said -- why are you letting Balalaika have all the fun. I mean, if hell really has come to Roanapur; would you really want to sit the whole thing out."

Balalaika looked up at the man with a cold grin on her face. ”I knew you couldn't stay away Babe."

Chang grimaced at her use of his hated nickname. "So, what’s the plan?"

"If it;s moving and its not friendly keep shooting it until it stops moving."

"Great plan,“ Chang said snidely “i like it when we keep things simple What about The General?"

"He is right over there." Balalaika pointed out "He seems rather upset with you."

Chang watched The General directing troops who were gathering parts from the battle field and rebuilding themselves into gradually more powerful foes.

"I don't want him to die, Whatever else we do I want him to live long enough to know what a bad Idea screwing with us is."

"Such sweet things you say." Balalaika said as she shouldered an assault rifle, "Shall we show the youngsters how it’s supposed to be done."

Chang opened his coat to reveal a bandoleer of clips for his two pistols. "Shall we dance madam?"

The two of them began their own demented Dance of Death across the battlefield.


Ingrid and Maria continued their duel. It quickly became obvious that Ingrid was playing with the Slayer drawing out the fight to increase her fear and frustration. Suddenly a shadow darted out from the church. Rotton and Sanchez barreled toward the duo body-checking Ingrid, pushing her to the ground. Rotton raced to Shenhua's side and scooped her up.

"How you survive? She hit you pretty hard " Shenhua said weakly..

Rotton smiled weakly, "My Coat is made out of a ballistic fibre it's extremely shock absorbent."

Shenhua looked at him amazed. Rotton shrugged, "I believe in…”

“… Being prepared." They finished in chorus.

Maria backpedaled as the Ingrid cursed Sanchez and slashed at him. He blocked her strike with his rifle and then watched as his weapon was sliced in two.

Ingrid laughed coldly and raised the deadly blade of her poleaxe intending to hack away Sanchez's life. Maria came flying back at her, fighting even more fiercely to protect the man. She lashed out madly.

"Look at him Sweetie,” Ingrid hissed; He can’t take his eyes off us he’s so afraid you will die before his very eyes. Emotion that strong is a rare thing.”

Maria tried to stab at the woman who moved out of the way; grabbing at the Slayers arm as it passed trapping her.

"Let’s give him a show,” she displayed Maria to Sanchez, “Keep watching little boy don’t take your eyes off us for a second. I want her to know that you will see this for the rest of your life." She grabbed at Maria's face and her tattoos flowed across Maria's face and head. The slayer began to scream in terror. Ingrid plunged the edge of her poleaxe into Maria.

The Slayer grunted in pain and crumpled in the arms of her foe. \Ingrid held her tightly as if they were intimate friends. "Yes that's right my sweet, feed me with the pain of your death and your despair. I may let him live so he can suffer with the knowledge that he had to watch you die."


Several of the Slayers could be seen screaming and crying. Xander broke from the barricading to drop next to one and holding her tried to calm her. "What's wrong tell me."

"She's like a wolf, hunting and hounding us not just her but in our dreams and nightmares."

"Listen to me she is just another big bad just like every one that’s ever faced us and fallen."

"Are you certain?" the Slayer asked as she watched Ingrid cutting down two fighters who had tried to come to Maria's rescue but were tragically too late. Ingrid laughed joyfully as she cut down two and then gutted still another Slayer. She was just going after Rotton and Shenhua again when Shunsi was there battling her as hard as she could.

Xander grabbed the woman and looked in her eye with fierce determination. "You girls are into doing what your told, well then fallow this order. You stand together. if you do that, nothing can stop you. All for one and one for all; you hear me?"

The Slayer nodded, "All for one and one for all." she pushed away from Xander and knelt with her head down. "All for one and one for all." she repeated to herself over and over then Xander suddenly noticed that another Slayer nearby had taken up the chant and then another and another. Soon he could hear the words spoken in unison from every point and then it felt like the worlds were echoing throughout the world.

Willow sighed loudly, "Xander did you do a bad thing?"

Xander whined, "How was I supposed to know they had freaky group speaking type powers?"

Ingrid scrambled toward Shunsi who was also repeating the words. "If you all are one then you can all die."

Her axe blade carved through the air toward Shunsi's head who reached out and grabbed the blade between pinching fingers. The Little Slayer looked up, cocking her head sideways to regard Ingrid as if she was a specimen on a slide under a microscope.

Her eyes had turned to smooth black orbs and Ingrid watched in horrified fascination as an oily substance leaked out of her eyes and across her face. The substance resolved itself into primitive markings.

Ingrid raised her weapon trying to dislodge the girl but Shunsi easily maintained her unnatural grip on the weapon. As she was pulled off the ground by the strength of Ingrid's thrashing struggles the possessed girl powered her feet into Ingrid's chest; forcing the woman back with a hard kick. Ingrid snarled with fury and came back off the ground slashing with her poleaxe. Shunsi's bokken lashed out to catch and deflect her strikes.

Rotton watched with Shenhua as the fight progressed. "How is she doing that?" Rotton asked, completely mystified.

"Slayer sister is good," Shenhua explained, "she turning bokken at last second, that bunt force of each blow so her enemy can't strike her with full power." Shenhua watched impressed at the Little Slayer started ducking under her enemy using her small size to maximum advantage. "She is using the point of bokken to strike at the weapon."

"What good will that do" Rotton asked .

Ingrid lashed out trying to either slash at the young girl or impale her. Shunsi made faces at the woman until Ingrid screamed in rage and chopped downward savagely. The poleaxe buried itself in the ground and Shunsi jumped up to avoid the blow landing with all her weight on the handle or more accurately, the exact spot on the handle her previous blows had landed. There was a snap and the pole arm shattered.

Ingrid snarled and lashed out with the top half of the poleaxe. The Point buried itself in the ground and Shunsi grabbed at Ingrid who laughed as she grabbed hold of the Slayer girl. her tattoos flowed across her arms and attached to the Slayer.

However unlike her attack on the others this time she started screaming

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