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Roberta's Blood Trail: A Black Lagoon & BTVS tale

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Faith find themselves on very different sides when a tragic event sets off a brutal cycle of vengence --- nominated for a COA

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR1833105,00031120,4999 Jan 0925 Sep 09Yes



Ingrid looked down at the young girl.

"Lets see what you are afraid of my little Slayer."

"The Power of all is the power of one." The Girls voice literally sounded like the voices of thousands of girls speaking simultaneously. "The essence of fear is loneliness We are Slayer therefore we are never alone a thousand have come before us a thousand come after. To make us afraid you would have to know of fears forgotten by time and terrors that are barely dreams."

"Everything has fear It only remains that I dig it out and feed it as I feed off it."

"We have a new fear that we do not understand we can share it with you if you like."

The crowd of women parted to show a young boy Garcia standing in their midst. "What are you doing here Young Lovelace."

When I shared in their power some of what I am became part of what they are. including my greatest fear." Garcia stepped aside and Roberta stepped forward looking balefully at Ingrid.

Ingrid watched as the Maid seemed to almost shed her outer form and in its place was a huge Black feral hound growling viciously.

"You are afraid that this is all your precious maid is?"

"No," the young boy shook his head, "I'm afraid that deep down ... I've come to like her better this way." the boy leaned down and whispered int he hounds ear. "Ataque!"

The hound bounded forward Ingrid lashed out trying to defend herself but the hound had weight and speed on its side knocking her flat. Its slavering jaws clamped down. Ingrid felt their heat choking her crushing her.

She struggled against the powerful vision trying to control it. "I am in control here you can’t do this you can't destroy me."

"You would be surprised what we can do in here Dream-Walker." the many warriors said in chorus

Ingrid watched as the crowd parted again and a tall hulking female shape shambled forward it was covered in tribal tattoos and paint. It looked at her with hate filled eyes and raised a shard of bone high in the air before bringing it down upon Ingrid's chest . Ingrid felt the pain of the bone slam home even as she denied its power to take her life.

“So much death we have seen. So much death we will see. We may not be able to kill you but we can make it so that you wish that we could.”

A Chinese girl with a sharp fencing sword plunged the blade deep in Ingrid’s chest. She felt the pain.

“One girl in all the world. For thousands of years there has been only one and now there are more it is not just the past which we can draw upon but Slayers across the length and breadth of time they will take their turn in time and you will know what it is to be killed by a Slayer.”


The Corrupted stepped from the shelter of the Church and a zombie broke free of the soldier it has been fighting to run purposefully at the lone Slayer it has sen. As he reached the Corrupted the Old one reached out and grabbed the running beast holding aloft. The Soldier watched as the zombie screamed as began to decay it was like watching a hi-speed up film of the rotting of a corpse. When the Old one released the zombie to fall to the ground it was dust that rained from its clasping fingers.

The Old One looked at its hands and body and looked around. “This is just…neat.” it said and moved forward again.


Rock, Xander and Willow raced out to find Shunsi standing motionless and silent while Ingrid screamed and cried in fear. Her mystical tattoos lashed and waved around. Ingrid's screams echoed across the battlefield bringing others including Faith, Buffy, Chang and Balalaika. The Mob Bosses were covered in mud and gore and they looked ecstatic.

"What’s this?" Balalaika asked sharply as they looked at the woman crawling on the ground gibbering in madness.

"I think she's broken," Faith said wryly, "we might have to send out for another if we want to keep playing."

"I’m concerned that they aren’t stopping she was controlling them but she wasn’t the power source. They’ll keep coming getting stronger at this rate." Buffy said thoughtfully

"I’m many things Ms Summers concerned is not one of them.” She pulled her pistol and fired a round point blank into Ingrid’s head the bullet ricocheted off the still protecting tattoos. Balalaika grimaced in frustration and aimed her assault rifle, obviously her intention was to similarly fire point blank. Buffy reached out and snatched the barrel directing it away from its target.

“Don’t you get it, you maniac?” Buffy snapped, “They are part of her but she doesn’t outright control them at least consciously. You pull that trigger and you’ll end up hosing us down. You know not every problem can be solved with a gun.”

"What about General Tso," Xander asked, "you think he's the linchpin holding this together?"

Faith shook her head, "I don't think those freaks are under anyone's control at this point. They're running on automatic pilot."

"Great we beat them they keep coming, we kill them they keep coming, We defeat their leaders still they keep on coming. "

"Yes Xander we grasp the salient points of the situations." Buffy said with cutting sarcasm, " What about the Island Slayers, they have the group speakie mojo have they anything else in the bag of tricks ?"

"Don't look at me, Xander replied, "I wasn’t even aware they had a bag of tricks I mean other then the standard slayer package."

They watched as Corrado tore across the battlefield. He seemed to be getting larger and it was quickly obviously why. He was absorbing any zombies he could get his hands on adding their body mass and life force to his own. he was already about ten feet tall and thickly muscled. Sheu Yen was already fleeing the creature having obviously lost all control over it. The Party watched as The Beast grew larger and larger.

"That's really big." Buffy supplied helpfully.

Look, " Xander pointed and they at last saw Manuela wandering the through the battle.

"That's no Slayer, Willow cried out the old one is out

"Finally, " Balalaika snapped "the waiting was growing tiresome."

The Corrupted took the field and snatched random zombies decaying them in her grasp beefer casting them aside and moving onward. Corrado ran at her and The Corrupted raised it hand and froze the creature in place the crowd watched as beast started a palsied shaking before shredding apart. Then she looked at the rest of the army in front of them screaming loudly. the shock wave of that scream seemed to ripple outward swirling and growing until the world screamed in unison and each and everyone of the zombies exploded leaving bones and disjointed limbs in their place.

The Corrupted approached them. Even Xander could feel the awesome power coming off the girl now . They all stepped aside as the the Corrupted looked down at Ingrid like she was an insect or other lowly thing if interest.

"Foolish child to inscribe words of power upon your flesh without knowing fully what such a curse would entail. She reached down and the tattoos seemed to gather preventing her from grabbing Ingrid.

"I was already ancient when these worlds were first spoken," The Corrupted hissed in annoyance, "do you really think to deny me." The Corrupted seemingly reached INTO Ingrid's flesh and taking hold of the tattoos, ripped them free from her body producing a bone chilling scream from Ingrid who now shivered without protection.

"Miss Faith, If you would be so kind as to loan me your weapon," Balalaika said with cold intent. "Miss Summers seems adverse to my use of firearms."

Faith nodded and handed over her sword which the Russian took while gripping Ingrid's head and hair in her other hand.

For Vassily ," she hissed plunging the blade deep in Ingrid's stomach and twisting it hard. "For Peter," she said repeating the gesture on Ingrid's other side. "And the rest of my men who suffered and died repelling your cowards tactics." She plunged the blade in a few more times before tossing the blade back to Faith and leaving Ingrid bleeding profusely on the ground.

Ingrid writhed on the ground in pain, blackish blood flowed out to stain the earth around her. She was obviously bleeding to death.

"Why didn't You finish her off?" Buffy asked.

"If I want someone dead I can make it happen. When I want them to suffer i make that happen too. She will die it will take time but she will die." Balalaika snapped.

"You are right, Miss Summers, " Chang said coldly, "there are many problems that can't be solved with a gun but there are few problems that cannot be solved by finding the right person to kill and right person to kill them."
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