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Roberta's Blood Trail: A Black Lagoon & BTVS tale

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Faith find themselves on very different sides when a tragic event sets off a brutal cycle of vengence --- nominated for a COA

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR1833105,00031120,4999 Jan 0925 Sep 09Yes

Chapter Eight


Garcia slipped closer. Surely the voice was lying. Roberta was strong she couldn't be captured, and yet he heard no answering sounds that would foretell of her escape. This man whoever he was had truly managed to detain his beloved Roberta. Who was this man that he could do this?

"You are wondering perhaps why you are still alive Rosarita, perhaps even who I am, yes."

There was an answering grunt and Garcia could hear the man’s taunting laughter. Obviously Roberta was still trying to escape but could not overcome this other person’s power.

"The unit patch, maybe you recall that? It is the insignia of ..."

"Special Forces, Havana." Roberta snapped,

"Very good, my name is Alberto. Normally I am only a drill instructor but Commander Maruranda asked for personal favour."

Garcia shuddered His sheltered life had not shielded him so much that he did not know he name of one of Castro's finest and most brilliant tactician.

The voice continued, "The Commander was most ...annoyed when you left our ranks. The others wanted you dealt with years ago but he would resist. You were like a daughter to him."

"Is that why he spent God knows how many hours turning me into a monster?" Roberta was saying,

"And what a monster," Alberto said with genuine awe in his voice. "I told my men you were the only one the higher-ups thought could replace The Jackal when they finally caught up with him. I warned them about you and still you got the drop on a full squad of them I'll have to teach their replacements to be more careful."

"So what happens now?"

"I can count as well as you Rosarita; you've killed all but one of the men I stationed here to wait for you. That means the American is running into one of my corporals about now. He is nowhere near your skill level but he should be able to deal with Harris."

There was more grunting and struggling and Alberto's soft laughter. Garcia quietly picked up a crow bar discarded on the floor. He would have to wait for the right chance or Roberta would be killed by the stranger.

"Rosarita why are you being like this The American is nothing. He isn't one of us. You know his friends have made enemies, many enemies who are powerful who are willing to help us break with the cartels."

"You no longer serve the cartels?"

"I know that was why you left the last time. Oh we still accept a task or two like the order to come here and find you. However, they did not know we had other agendas. Our benefactors have come to know of you Rosarita, and they are willing to help you escape your dull life in the country. OR did you think being a house maid would wash the stench of blood and smoke from your soul?"

Garcia anxiously awaited her answer, "Yes, it was a boring place." Roberta said as if the long simmering thought had only just bubbled back to the surface. "Perhaps, perhaps the master’s death and seeking vengeance for it was just an excuse to leave."

"Do you think none of us know the temptation of living normal lives? But we are beyond them Rosarita you more so then most. That was why they wanted you."

"Still I have a mission to complete. When that is over, maybe..."

"Fine, we are supposed to deal with the Marines anyway."

"I doubt Havana will be happy, they like to avoid stirring up the Americans if they can. You're telling me they will overlook my actions against them."

"Many in Havana want you gone; you are an embarrassment that they do not like having rubbed in their faces. But as I said we serve new masters with greater power and they see a place for you among us again."

Garcia heard Roberta's voice again, “Then I guess I need to get on their good side ... and yours." she said with deep and husky honey in her words.

"Don't start Rosa, The Marines are more important."

"The Marines think I'm walking into their trap. In fact, they are walking into mine."

"The Vampires, you are using them to thin the marines ranks."

"Very good, so you see we have plenty of time and all this blood and death, I had forgotten how exciting it can be."

"You can't trick me Rosa,"

"Trick you, if I wanted to trick you I would just betray you after the Marines were in the ground Or I could wait until I met your mysterious benefactors why would I waste a perfectly good opportunity to get more cannon fodder for my war. "

"You are an evil woman,"

"...Which obviously excites you; or is that still another concealed weapon you have pressed against me? It feels ... most impressive."

"Is this how you got the American to fight for you?"

"He is American, assuming that he isn't gay, I don't have enough silicon in my breasts or air in my head to keep his interest that way."

"What about the old man, surely ...all those least once?"

"He was old I doubt he would have known what to do assuming he even remembered how."

"Small wonder you are so eager for it now. Alright Rosa, let us see how trustworthy you really are."

Garcia saw them lean closer he ducked back behind the boxes and so only heard the moaning and wet sounds that come from between the two of them for what seemed like hours but was only a few seconds. Memorable seconds to judge by Alberto's reaction when he came up for air.

"My God if that old fool could have you at his beck and call and not at least take a taste ... are you sure he wasn't..."

"Then I can take it as a compliment that you are obviously smarter then he is..." Roberta paused "You've pressed the wrong weapon against me again, Alberto are you being careful again?"

"Very careful Rosa, very careful indeed."

"Perhaps another sign of my...good will. Let me get some of these clothes out of the way."

"Move slowly,"

"Of course I would be disappointed if you missed the best part. I'll start with my pants."

Garcia heard the unmistakable sound of a belt buckle being opened. So this was the real Roberta, a wanton and a killer. Apparently lust for blood and war fed her lusts for everything else. Suddenly there a roar, the sound of a weapon going off. Garcia chilled, had he waited too long. Had the man suddenly come to his senses and shot Roberta. He could hear the man cursing Roberta angrily. Then he heard Roberta's a low cold laughter.

"Oh yes more careful, you should have been so much more careful."

"A buckle-gun." Alberto screamed. He had obviously been the one shot.

"I bought it to please the boy. You should have seen him. I told Harris that only a fool would let someone get close enough to make such an extravagance useful."

There was a sound of struggling followed by the sound of bones breaking.

"That was my hand you bitch."

"Actually to judge by the sound it was only a few bones in your hand but not to worry I’ll get to rest soon enough. Now what is this vial?"

"You think I’ll tell you anything"

"I think you are a weak man and weak men always give me what I want."

"My man the one who killed your gringo demon hunter, he'll be here soon and then you are dead, you hear me, dead."

"Your man should have been here about two minutes ago. I'd say that he failed to kill Harris as I knew he would when you told me."

"You think that feeble boy can take one of my best men and survive."

"Yes I do. Because you see little man, like me Harris is driven by something stronger then you. As long as the ones he loves are in danger, he will do whatever he has to survive."

"Love, are you insane?"

"I know you would not grasp that. You see that was why I would never ally with you. You serve those false gods called Principle and Ideals. I no longer am that foolish. Now the only person I serve is my master whom I love."

"The old man, he's dead --his cause is dead."

"No, I mean my real master Garcia Fernando Lovelace. For that boy I would storm heavens gate and cut the heart from the devil himself. I will fight for him kill for him die for him and if something as insignificant as you stands between me and what I must do to protect him then I will destroy you and every one who stands behind you including your so called benefactors."

"You think you can defeat them. They will cut you down like the mad dog you are. Then they'll come for that rich brat."

Roberta screamed in anger and Garcia head the sound of combat. He came around the corner prepared to defend his beloved Maid (May Father forgive me for ever doubting her). Roberta was poised over the man she had defeated her clenched fist raising and falling like a deadly machine. Garcia could see, could almost feel the power in each blow. It was not enough for her to kill him she seemed intent on destroying him tearing him apart and leaving him little more then an unrecognizable carcass.

Garcia watched the hungry smile that bisected her face. She wore the gleeful joyous smile, the smile of a predator glorying in the heat of her kill. Garcia cried out repeating her name over and over screaming it trying in vain to bring his beloved gentle maid back to him. It was for naught, the heat and madness were so much a part of her that Alberto was little more then tenderized meat when she finally looked up and saw him. Roberta saw the fear in his eyes, the terror that she recognized from the day that his father had died. She had vowed to bring death to all those responsible for putting that look on his face. Now here it was again, directed at her at what she was doing.

She looked at him with growing anxiety, “Young Master, What… Why are you here?" He was still looking at her and Roberta looked down at herself. She was covered in Alberto's blood and other less identifiable things that had once belonged to the now dead man. "Please, Young Master, please don't look at me." But his terror filled eyes would not look away. “DON’T LOOK AT ME!” Roberta screamed.

There was a single chilling moment when The Maid realized if he was standing there he might have seen and heard everything that had just transpired between her and Alberto.

Then she watched as the young boy dropped to the ground in a swoon. Roberta approached him wringing her hands. How could her beloved Young Master be here in Roanapur? Why would he be here? How could she have let him witness her in an act as brutal and horrifying as the murder of another? Could there be any forgiveness for this act. Had she completely failed in the simple task Diego Lovelace would have wanted her to take up in his absence, the care of his only child? Then Roberta let out a scream of frustration. One so loud, it seemed to echo across the length and breadth of Roanapur and bounce off the very gates of Heaven and Hell themselves. It was the scream of a one who's heart and mind finally and completely broke.

Tears of regret left tracks in the gore splashed on her face. What was the Young Master doing here? Why was he here in this awful, awful place...this place so far from his home? How could Garcia Lovelace be here? She thought. Then answer was there. Her mind sharpened by the Devil’s Root and honed to razor fineness. Garcia could not be here. Garcia would not be here. The boy Harris had said dementia was a side effect of using the root. So that was it; she was not seeing Garcia but only figments of her imagination. Her mind playing tricks with her and making her feel guilt over her words and actions. She began to laugh. She had been so easy to fool, to be tricked, but thanks to the Devil's Root she was clear now. Clear and sharp and at long last, free of the guilt and remorse that had made her days and nights so tormented. She saw the dreams and fantasies of her guilt for what they were.

Roberta stepped back from the unconscious, not a child and certainly not her beloved Young Master. The Young Master was at home. This ...thing was a demon borne from her mind. A dream and like a dream it had substance only as long as she cowered in fear of it. Roberta raised her guns and pointed them toward the demon dream on the floor. She smiled to herself it would feel so good to purge her demons and all it would take was one little squeeze of the trigger.

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