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The Evils of Nature and Nurture *art*

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Fan Art

Summary: In response to my own challenge #4123

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Harry Potter > Fanart
Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family
Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real Family
(Past Donor)chrysanneFR74248077,0799 Jan 0913 Jun 09No

Buffy, Tommy, and Dawn

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy. I do not own Harry Potter. If you think I do, please make your way to the nearest insane asylum and let the nice doctors give you some medicine. Oh, wait, they have their own Maggie Walsh? So sad for you.

Alright, so this is in response to my own challenge here at Twisting the Hellmouth (it's #4123, f.y.i.). Basically, I was reading toots' The Prequel (, where various characters from the HP 'verse end up being raised by the Scooby and Fang Gangs. I was struck by the notion: what if Voldemort himself had been raised by the Scoobies? How might the fate of the Wizarding World have been different?

Buffy, Tommy, and Dawn
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