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It takes a bit of Faith

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Summary: When Faith's past comes sneaking back into her life, it may take more time to heal then she thought. Can she trust herself to fight her demons or will the darkness once again consume her?

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DC Universe > Batman > Faith-CenteredTorresFR132017,48611318,11710 Jan 0930 Sep 09No

Lying Faith

Chapter Two

Faith Lehane stood staring down into the older slayer's eyes.

“Well, what do you have to say?” Buffy kept her ground, her arms folded.

“I say if you ever kick me like that again, I'll kill you.”

She grabbed her jeans from the bed and slipped into them. Kicking a beer can out of her way she mumbled something to herself. She spared a sideways glance at Buffy.


“Well, how do you explain all this?” Buffy snatched up the folder and flipped through sheet after sheet of incriminating document. “Social Security number, birth certificate, id cards?”


“Someone must really be obsessed with you to make all this crap up.”

“I'm an interesting kind of girl, B.” Faith sprayed her armpits with some deodorant and flung on a tank top.

“I was always curious why you never talked about you past.”

“That so?”

“I wondered what kind of hell you were brought up in to become such a monster.”

“What the hell is this Buffy?” Faith held up her arms. “I thought we were finally making some ground in becoming civil with each other.”

“Well it's hard to be civil when you're being lied to.”

“I haven't lied. Helen Wayne died a long time ago.”

“Well that's not what these papers tell me.”

“I'm leaving.”

“Yeah, run away.”

“At least I know you're used to it.”
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking