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It takes a bit of Faith

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Summary: When Faith's past comes sneaking back into her life, it may take more time to heal then she thought. Can she trust herself to fight her demons or will the darkness once again consume her?

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DC Universe > Batman > Faith-CenteredTorresFR132017,48611318,11710 Jan 0930 Sep 09No

A change of plans

A/N: I know I keep flip flopping with this story, but I've made a firm decision to complete it before I reshape it.
P.S.: I think I've ran out of 'Faith' titles

Buffy stooped to catch the scent off the trunk of the tree. They had passed through here, spying through the gate. The smell swept over her and she had to admit it was by chance that she had caught it at all. Demons, those flying ones from earlier. How long had they sat in wait? And were they still there watching her even then? Buffy stood, she took the sword from the sheath on her back. A branch snapped. She turned toward it.

"Come on out and get slain...slewed...come out and I'll kill you." She flipped the sword around in her hand. Making sure she was ready for the inevitable attack.

"Yeah, don't do that?" Bruce had his hands up over his head as he marched into the clearing. "I don't think Alfred would ever forgive me."

"Thought you smelled funny." Buffy let her hand, and the sword drop to her side. "Go back."

Bruce jerked his nose from his jacket only to push his hands down into his pockets. "I just wanted to see what you do. I mean, my sister she does the same thing right?"

Buffy turned her back on him. He followed her out into the morning snow. She should have known he was going to do that. What she really wanted to know was how he got this far out without triggering her senses earlier. "It's still dark out, go back."

"Do you treat Faith like this?" Bruce's arms were crossed in front of him now. His brown eyes doing their best to pierce her shield. Sorry fellow, but she was used to the real deal.

"Faith is Faith and I treat her the way I've always have."

"Oh, Okay, so like a criminal." Bruce nodded his understanding. His breath puffing out in short bursts. " I thought you really wanted to help her, but now I think it really about helping you."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Buffy returned her sword to its sheath. "You don't know a thing about me or about Faith."

Bruce shook his head and started toward the manor. His boots made quick work of the snow under foot. He pushed his head down into his torso as if it would absorb the cold surrounding him. Buffy kicked at a pile of snow near her. Bruce took a quick look back. "What's wrong with you? Can't bully Faith so you're taking it out on the harmless snow?"

"You don't know a thing about...I have to go kill something." Buffy rushed in the opposite direction. She didn't need some rich boy kid to tell her about how she was living her life and how she related to Faith. He didn't ... he didn't know a thing. "I want her to have every chance she deserves."

Bruce had his hands in his jacket pockets again. He held his place, as if he waited for Buffy to elaborate.

"I took everything from her. Well, everything that was left to take." Buffy said. "I took a family from her when I killed the mayor, I took college from her when I put her in a coma, hell, I took being the slayer from her. She did a lot of shit to me, but I my friends and mom. I just want her to have a 'normal' life."

Something crashed from further in the wood. Bruce closed his mouth, he seemed to want to say something, but now he was silent. His eyes were wide, and his pupils dilated. He fell into a crouch. "What was that?"

Buffy smiled and pulled out her sword. "What I've been looking for. Here," Buffy tossed him a dagger. "We're not making it out of here without a bit of a fight."

"Oh, boy."

The End?

You have reached the end of "It takes a bit of Faith" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Sep 09.

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