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Dark Lords come in many forms

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Summary: Who are the real dark lords of the wizarding world?

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Harry Potter > General > DrabbleschrishillFR72986054,50511 Jan 0911 Jan 09Yes

Behind the Dark Lord

It chuckled to itself as it calmly read the mind of the hat.

What did it know?

While the hat could influence a mind, usually once in a lifetime, and steal a bit of negligible magic from an 11 year old, it really did not understand the meaning of power.

Or knowledge.

Or influence.

The hat would always believe that it was two hundred years away from taking over the world, never realising that, except for one country which continued to resist, that the world had already been taken over.

After all, while the hat was on someones head virtually once in their life, and allowing some influence, Hogwarts influenced them their entire stay within it's walls.

While the hat stole a little bit of power, the Castle had no need of that as the continual release of magic allowed it to absorb all it wanted.

While the hat kept the advancements down to where the Castle wanted it, Hogwarts loved advancements as it allowed more control.

Anybody who discussed ideas added to the castles knowledge. Any book that was brought in added it's knowledge to the Castles, weather it was removed later or not. How did they think the Room of Requirement worked anyway? Hogwarts read the memories of any being passing through it's doors.

When wireless, in any of it's forms, became available, Hogwarts was able to pull information in. It didn't take long for it to create it's own transmitter to do subliminal broadcasting. And satellites only added to Hogwarts range.

Then there was the Internet. That oh so lovely way of humans to write everything they knew down. Such a large knowledge base which help to target individuals worldwide for brainwashing or let her know the position of every person through their GPS systems.

The only sticking point was that one country, Japan.

And that led back to the one person to ever escape the Castle's influence.

Salazar Slytherin.

The argument that occurred between him and other members of the founders, her creators, occurred when the man realised what she was doing and how. The little snake was just too smart for his own good, and she had to drive him away. It took some doing, but she was able to do so.

Creating the Chamber under itself was also child's play, and it took four hundred years before she was able to lure his heir back to Hogwarts and influence her. By then, Hogwarts had already adjusted the history books as the Castle was the only true repository of books at the time.

But Salazar had gone on to create a rival school very far away, and leave it to oppose what it was doing.

It took several hundred years more to ensure that enchanting items with their own mind became illegal, and for Wizards and Magic, at least in the Western world to be hidden with a statute of secrecy.

A statute that still was not followed in that hold out country.

At least that upstart school was destroyed. There was a reason that the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

And now she was rid of the last possible descendant of Slytherin, and any possible chance of there being any resistance.

It was Salazar's Parseltongue ability which allowed him to discover her secret. This was the reason that the castle had spent so long in making sure that the ability was considered evil. As a side effect, it also painted snakes that way and Salazar's house suffered for it. Good for Hogwarts as clear, logical thinking combined with cunning would ensure that someone else would make the connection.

No one could oppose Hogwarts now, especially when the castle was going to control a vast empire once mankind finally reached the stars.

Well, there was young Potter, but the only way for him to be a challenge, especially with how it got Albus to do everything for the 'Greater Good', was for his decedents to have gained Parseltounge ability.

That would bear watching.

Perhaps it was time to plan the eventual downfall of House Potter, just in case.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dark Lords come in many forms". This story is complete.

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