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It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

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Summary: Sam and Dean’s latest case takes them to L.A and Wolfram and Hart’s annual Christmas party. Thing is they’re not the only party crashers.

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Supernatural > GeneralChosenfireFR1325,220082,52411 Jan 0921 Jan 09Yes

Part 2

Title: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with the.
Fandoms: Supernatural/Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Dean, Sam, Buffy, Faith, Xander, Willow, Dawn, Angel, Spike, Connor, Fred, Wesley, Harmony
Spoilers: SPN season 1, Angel season 5 AU, BtVS post Chosen
Summary: Sam and Dean’s latest case takes them to L.A and Wolfram and Hart’s annual Christmas party. Thing is, they're not the only party crashers.


It came upon the midnight clear,
That glorious song of old,
From angels bending near the earth,
To touch their harps of gold:
"Peace on the earth, goodwill to men
From heavens all gracious King!"
The world in solemn stillness lay
To hear the angels sing.

“How is running over people lying low?” Sam demanded as he moved behind the desk pulling open the closest drawer.

This was definitely one of the more interesting Christmases they had spent together. It had always been putting it together for him. Dean who had gone out in the middle of the night and snatched a tree off one of the lots nearby. Dean who had always saved money from whatever job he had picked up in the new towns or whatever games he had hustled at the local bar for a few small gifts to wrap in newspaper and put under the tree.

Dad had tried a couple years. He had tried every year when he wasn’t on a hunt, or healing from a hunt, or researching a hunt, or drunk. He had tried but Dean had always done it best and when Sam was old enough he had tried giving something back.

Still, it was their first Christmas in over four years and it was Dean who was trying. Who had set up a small fake tree in their room and who had put some eggnog in the mini fridge. His brother had even broken out a couple of old Christmas cassettes.

“That was an accident,” Dean muttered as he knelt down to check under one of the couches “who the hell stands in the middle of the room anyway. What are we looking for again?” He demanded standing up, pulling on the collar of his sweater. It wasn’t leather and for some reason that was throwing him off.

“Anything that proves that this place isn’t exactly interested in justice.” Sam murmured as he pulled out a stack of papers and put them on the desk, flipping through them carefully. He made sure to keep them in the same order and he only scanned the paragraphs looking for anything that screamed of the end of the world or bloodshed.

“What about that?” Sam glanced up and looked behind him to the wall that Dean was pointing out.

“The guy has a freaking arsenal on his wall.” Dean groused “Who does that?” It didn’t stop him from quitting his pursuit on dust bunnies and start examining the intricate swords and axes mounted on the wall behind the desk. His hand curved around one of the swords and he grasped it, testing its weight as he pulled it down.

“Dean,” Sam sighs exasperated “what if that had been hooked to an alarm?”

Dean’s eyes widened slightly before the corners wrinkled up as he smirked “But it wasn’t.” He points out, moving the sword from one hand to another, watching the gleam of the blade as the lights from overhead play on it. “So you find anything yet?”

“No,” he went back to the papers sparing a glare for his brother who was playing with the sword and not really paying attention. Sam finally settled on a sentence, one sentence in a packet of documents and his whole body tensed. It was a contract. For the CEO of L.A’s branch of Wolfram and Hart.

Under a fancy signature was what Sam had been looking for.

Angelus, aka. Angel. Vampire

“Dean.” Sam implored slightly and his brother was by his side in an instance, sword in one hand, the other reaching for the paper in his brother’s hands. “What’s this?”

“The contracts for the new team running this place.”

Charles Gunn, aka Gunn. Human

Winifred Burkle, aka Fred. Human

Wesley Wyndam-Price, aka Wes. Human

Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan, aka Lorne. Demon

Angelus, aka Angel. Vampire

“Well Sammy, what have you got us into now.” Dean muttered taking more time to scan the information provided on each team member. What position they held and how they had gotten to that. He paid special attention to Angelus, a name he had come across in libraries and old Hunter journals. Vampires weren’t supposed to exist anymore but there was still traces of one named Angelus. They hadn’t let themselves forget about him, they had convinced themselves that vampires were extinct but they hadn’t stopped searching for Angelus.

Dean’s mouth thinned and his hand clenched around the sword.

“So, what do we do?” Sam took back the papers sorting them carefully and putting them back in the drawer. “Angelus isn’t a Hunt, he’s a war.”

Dean shifted the sword in his hand again, his wrist twisting as it slid through the air in a slow circle. He chewed on the corner of his lip before sighing “Well, one thing's for sure. This isn’t going to be taken care of in one day. Looks like we’ll be spending our Christmas trailing after the bloodsucker.”

He moved to set the sword back on the wall making sure it was balanced right and that’s when the door to the office opened. Sam and Dean exchanged a quick panicked looked and they moved together quickly knowing it was too late to get out of there.

A curly blond head peaked through and heavily done up eyes widened as she took them in. “What are you doing in the boss’s office?”

“Us?” Dean’s smile widened the more nervous he got and he stepped in front of Sam and closer to the woman “Me and my colleague here were just looking around,” he ducked his head lightly looking guilty as his eyes locked on the woman’s and lies slipped from his lips easily “we wanted to see where all the big decisions were made in this place.”

“Well,” she looked a bit unsure and her hand went to her light pink clad hips “you’re not supposed to be here, and there is a private elevator so you shouldn’t have been able to get up here, Busters.”

Dean’s smile shifted into a smirk and his eyes gleamed. “I’m awfully sorry.” He smiled at her “I would hate it if you got in trouble because of me.” He moved closer to her and her eyes were locked on him as Sam was once again just a part of the furniture.

“I’m Harmony,” the blond offered, looking Dean up and down, pushing her breast forward to draw attention to them “I’m Angel’s secretary.”

“I love the suit.”

“Harmony, do you know if Angel keeps the file on the…” Fred trailed off as she saw who Harmony was talking to and her brow furrowed in confusion, caution in her eyes “I didn’t know Angel was meeting with anyone tonight.”

Before Dean could say anything and spin this so they could get out of there, Harmony replied brightly “He doesn’t, they were just looking around at his office.”

“How did they get up here?” Fred was looking at them suspiciously and Dean shifted from one foot to the other, looking at Sam quickly. They were screwed.

“We were just leaving.” Dean offered, helpfully tugging on Sam’s sleeve to get him moving towards the exit. Sam shuffled his feet, tugging on the collar of his jacket and moved to follow his brother when the elevator down the hall pinged.

Dean and Sam stilled in the middle of the hallway, eyes focused intently, still aware of Harmony and Fred at their backs. Dean’s hand brushed against his sweater feeling the slight indention of the gun and it reassured him to an extent.

Beside him Sam was doing the same.

Angel and Spike got off the elevator followed by Buffy, Willow, and Wesley. Faith had decided to do some mingling downstairs. The tension between Buffy and Angel looked about ready to break. Spike was edging around the two, not sure where his place was in all this.

“Hey, did you find the file?” Willow asked with a tight smile, aware of the tension behind her.

Dean and Sam just stood there and Dean flinched when Fred told them.

“I didn’t have time to; these guys were in Angel’s office snooping around.”

When all eyes turned to them Dean just smiled, nervously licking his lips “Hi.”


They were all in Angel’s office and whatever had been going on between Buffy and Angel seemed to have been forgotten. Or at least put on the back burner until after they were done interrogating the two guys that had broken into the office.

The conference room’s doors had been opened and usually where there was a long table, a huge tree stood decorated by Angel’s team and the not-so-evil clients. There were a few presents under the tree but it was the lights that caught everyone’s eyes. Fred and Wesley had worked together to make magical Christmas lights with the latest technology.

Usually everyone asked a million questions about them but no one in the room seemed to even notice the flashing bulbs.

Dean and Sam were currently leaning against the wall trying to look nonthreatening as the vampire and British guy laid into them, trying to find out why they were there and who they were.

“I told you, our company does a lot of the maintenance for the lower levels.” Sam explained patiently, his voice low and sure. His palms were faced upwards in the universal sign of surrender and his forearm brushed against the gun hidden beneath his jacket. Guns were about as useful on vampires as they were on demons but it could give them a bit of time if they had to get out of there fast.

“You’re lying.” Angel ground out, his voice deceptively calm and his eyes were moving between the two of them, narrowed in suspicion. “Who do you work for?”

“Us?” Dean smirked letting his dislike show through “We don’t work for anyone, we’re more like freelancers. Ridding the world of scum like you.”

“You’re Hunters.” Buffy blurted out suddenly and when everyone was looking at her, she looked sheepish “They’re Hunters, humans, big into guns and knives and the well trained ones are better than most of the mini-Slayers.” She shrugged, looking a bit self-conscious “The Council has hired a couple due to most of the Watchers being blown up or gutted.”

“Well as interesting as this isn’t, what the hell do you know about us?” Dean demanded and by the way his hand was twitching at his side he was itching to grab his gun “And don’t think just cause you know a couple of Hunters means we’re going to be buddy-buddy, you’re hanging out with vampires.”

“I’m a Slayer.” Buffy argued “and the vampires have souls so they're good, for the most part.” she shoot a quick look at Angel “And to be honest I don’t know anything about you other than that you're Hunters.”

“I’m Sam Winchester,” Dean looked at him sharply “and this is my brother Dean. We’re actually here investigating the new CEO of Wolfram and Hart.”

“What the hell man?” Dean demanded angrily “Is there anything else you want to tell them? How about where we’re staying? You want to tell them that?”

Willow’s eyes went wide “Oh, Winchester.”

“What?” both Dean and Sam demanded at once, Dean’s voice rough and Sam’s just curious.

“It’s just... the Council has a record on the Winchesters, and the demon you’re hunting.”


“But they broke into my office, they touched my things.” Angel argued morosely leaning against his desk, his arms folded across his chest. His suit jacket had long since been tossed on the back of the chair and he was glaring at where Buffy and Willow were having what looked like an intense conversation with the Winchester brothers.

They had eggnog, and Buffy was smiling.

For a split second it had seemed like she was ready to trust him but then Xander and Dawn had walked in with Connor and revealed that he was Angel’s son, making the chance of her not believing the worse of him disappear.

Apparently, having a kid wasn’t a secret you kept from your ex when you are trying to convince them that you were being completely truthful with them. It wasn’t even like he was lying. Buffy had never come straight out and asked if he had a kid.

And she had never asked him if Spike was back.

Spike who was watching Buffy in a way that had Angel’s hands clenching into fists at his sides and his eyes narrowing on the other vampire.

It wasn’t helping his mood any that Connor and Xander seemed to be getting along and Connor was talking about heading to the Council base in Cleveland to look into being trained as a Watcher. Angel adored Dawn but she was putting ideas in his son’s head that he didn’t want to be there.

His son as a Watcher.

He didn’t like the idea at all, especially when it meant Connor would be spending a lot of time away from him and being trained by Xander Harris.

The only thing that kept him from kicking everyone out of his office was the possibility that when Buffy and the others left they would be taking Spike with them. While he didn’t relish the idea of Spike being anywhere near Buffy, it would mean that Spike wasn’t anywhere near him.

Angel leaned his head back against the wall and he couldn’t help but notice the way Fred curved her body into Wesley’s and the tender smile on her lips. She looked happy, they both did. So did Connor, he held himself differently when he was talking to Xander and Dawn. He looked peaceful, his eyes didn’t show the horror of the life that Angel hadn’t been able to erase. Instead it showed a determination of a man ready to make a difference.

Quite a few of the gifts under the tree were for Connor. CDs, clothes, and quite a few weapons. There was also a passport there, and a checking account. Angel hadn’t expected him to use it to take off to the Hellmouth but he had wanted it to be there in case Connor ever needed it.

He watched as Buffy handed the Winchesters a card and knew that whatever business they had been discussing was over. Apparently, the Council was always recruiting now and was actually helping out those that needed it instead of getting in their way.

“So give us a call if you guys ever get into a tight situation or need some legal help.” He heard Buffy tell them as the older brother slipped the card into his back pocket. “Good luck with finding your Dad and we’ll call you when we find out more about your demon.”

“Thank you.” the taller of the two offered sincerely and they didn’t even bother with goodbyes as they slipped out of the office, the younger of the two following his older brother. There was a loyalty there that Angel knew would end up badly for one or both of them.

It was the same loyalty he saw when Buffy squeezed Dawn’s shoulder as she walked past and the girl give her older sister a brief smile before turning back to her conversation with Connor. That loyalty had gotten Buffy killed.

It was why when Connor told him, he would let him go.

Because when it came to family there was a different set of rules.

Angel smiled as he watched Wesley whisper something in Fred’s ear that made her look at the mistletoe with a blush touching her cheeks.

This had certainly been one interesting Christmas party. Next year though, he would make sure to double check the guest list.


The End

You have reached the end of "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear". This story is complete.

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