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Burning Echos

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Darkened Edge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Some people think Love is the most dangerous emotion one could have. You give yourself to someone, give them everything that you are and then one day it’s gone. They are gone and you are left with a hole in the middle of your chest gaping and unfilled.

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)lckybrFR7103,61801611,59212 Jan 091 Apr 14No

Comes the Dawn

He was quiet when she entered the room, his back facing away from her, scar dribbling over a smooth pale
back…She had come to them after the scars, after Juliana…

“He has gone.” There was betrayal in his voice, so much hurt that he tried to hide.

It twisted like a knife in her heart, colored the insides ugly. She had thought as much…that he would leave
them one day…Belle had been unrelenting in her love as of late.

The bed dipped as she crawled upon it, hair falling over slim shoulders, falling in ringlets over his skin,
darker than Juliana, more wildly. She laid a kiss on his shoulder, “She will give me to the Dragon later…
they are waiting like snakes in the underground to come and claim me…”

His eyes are incredibly bright, his face breathtaking, “Let us not dwell on what we cannot control…We have
each other.”

But it would only be true before dawn came to steal him away, a the vampires lay sleeping she fell vitim to other creatures that lay there, alone in the brightness of the morning.


She had learned long ago that the world was cruel. That there was no black and white, that in between
there were shades of grey…Sometimes good people did bad things, but that's not true…Good people do good things, weak people do bad thing…She had been a weak person, a bad person…

It took her a long time to admit it, and even longer to accept that she could change, she could be a
strong person, a good person…She was a vampire, a monster, but she was not bad…

The woman lay in a heap, beaten and almost broken, it was all planned, timed so perfect. The blade twirled between capable fingers, ready to take flight when she entered; angry and looking for vengeance against those who had wronged her pard. Dawn was close, so close she could feel it pressing against the horizon even as she watched from the shadows as Fernando fell victim to the anger. The air was heavy with violence and sadness, confusion and fear.

Her comrades were in the center ring where her leopard lay his legs bent unnaturally. She dropped the
wood she was carrying at their feet wordlessly, it could be used to splint is legs.

“Take your leopard zombie raiser.” Her voice is soft but it carries, fills the tent with the husky sound, power
pushed her words, commanding. Fernando sneered at the smaller woman, thinking the vampire would
protect him. She glided towards them, unhurried, but her anger grew as she got closer. Without removing
her eyes from the animator, Faith struck out swiftly, the blade in her hand cutting into Fernando’s throat.
He gasped, choking on his own blood.

Dawn was calling.

“Gideon will give you back your weapon’s at the entrance.”

And then she was gone.
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