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Burning Echos

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Darkened Edge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Some people think Love is the most dangerous emotion one could have. You give yourself to someone, give them everything that you are and then one day it’s gone. They are gone and you are left with a hole in the middle of your chest gaping and unfilled.

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)lckybrFR7103,61801611,59212 Jan 091 Apr 14No

Chapter One

Big Up to James, my beta! I heart you! As promised here is the sequel to Rain of Faith, hopefully it's as well enjoyed as the first.

As per usual


Disclaimer: I own nothing, characters belong to who they belong to i will make nothing from this and I am poor...


They waited.

The air still, warm against her skin...

She hadn’t seen the dark on for decades, not since he finished his years of service to the Beautiful Death.

She had missed him.

But he had left her... left the Gold one without a backward glance.

He left her to pain and fear without caring hands and soothing words...

They had been alone.

And now they wanted payment for the earthmovers death.

She sat on the hood of the car, dagger in her hands, the blade sharp but not cutting as she twirled it between expert fingers.

Valentina loves knives...

There was an unlit cigarette between her lips, the tobacco held no release for her, but sucking on the cancerous sticks reminded her of days long past, a world unlike this one…

A mortal life she no longer had…

She felt them coming, blocked from their view her heart squeezing with an emotion she didn't want to understand.
The Gold one lit the cigarette calmly. Casually blowing three perfect smoke rings into the air.

He laughed the sound touchable, sliding down her spine like phantom hands to caress and tease.

The Dark One whispered his name, voice empty, hollow. She knew that seeing his once lover here and now was going to be painful for him.

The knife dissapeared from view, she slipped off the car.

“Step away from the Jeep, slowly.” His servants’ voice was serious, deadly.

The yellow glare from he parking lot lights cast her in a soft glow, dark head cocked to the side.

He noticed her now, something flashing behind that deep sapphire gaze before disappearing and he stood before them unmoving, and empty as a statue.

Faith smiled but it wasn’t happy, “Hello lover.”
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