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First Year

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Books Re-written". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Harry, Neville, Blaise, Millie, and Connor’s first year at Hogwarts. How will things go differently since they’ve been raised by the Scoobies and the Fang Gang? We can rest assured, certainly not by staying out of trouble.

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Diagon Alley: Gringotts

Diagon Alley: Gringotts

Marcus had a love/hate relationship with Diagon Alley. He loved that it was the very epitome of English Wizarding society, even more than the Ministry building, and yet hated that it always had so many blasted people in it. Of course, Marcus just wasn’t overly fond of people. Except his family and sometimes even they were too much.

They’d flooed into the Leaky Cauldron, the seven Hogwarts bound kids and his mums and dad. (He’d given up just calling her Aunt Faith, mostly because Mummy Faith flustered her so.) They’d met Hagrid, who’d introduced them to the new Dark Arts teacher, Quirrell. Marcus immediately decided he didn’t like him, more than the usual dislike, too. There was something squirrelly about that one. It might have been the purple turban. That was probably what had Mum snarling her lip, too. Marcus wasn’t nearly as fashion conscious and that thing just radiated ‘bad decision making’ to him.

They waded down the street, pretty easily done once Hagrid stepped out in front of them and the people subconsciously stepped out of his way. Marcus scowled. Hagrid was a good man, even if his jovialness sometimes grated on Marcus’s nerves. That people would hold prejudices against him just because he was a little more unique than the average wizard just didn’t set right. Marcus liked to think that set him apart from his birth parents but he couldn’t be sure. He’d worked hard to be able to forget them.

Speaking of unique, there was Gringotts and Marcus’s scowl deepened. Marcus didn’t like goblins and not in the way he didn’t like people. He really didn’t like goblins. He always had to resist the urge to kick them. Aunt Buffy wasn’t allowed back because she had kicked one. She still swore he’d been looking up her skirt, though.

“Little fuckers give me the wig,” Da muttered, pulling Millie and Dawn closer to him. Marcus wasn’t sure why, at least on Dawn’s part. Marcus knew in the very personal way that she could defend herself. The goddess knew she punched him often enough. “Hey, Hagrid, take Harry down to his vault, please?”

“O’course,” the big man beamed happily and a huge hand landed on Harry’s shoulder, almost knocking him to the floor. Marcus turned the other way so no one would see him laugh. It was like an elephant and a pissant. Harry was tiny for his age, which tended to make Grammy fret.

“Cordy, you gonna talk to the Head Honcho?” he asked, nodding at the wizened old goblin hobbling towards them. “I’ll stay here and wait with the kids.”

Mum pursed her lips but stepped up to talk business with the goblin. She had the better business sense for that kind of thing, even is she was the one that usually caused interrelational difficulties. At least, that was what Grampy Giles said. ‘Lack of tact’ was usually the first thing spit out of any visiting Council official’s mouth. Right before someone smacked them in it because, while Grampy could say whatever he wanted, no one not family had that same privilege.

Gringotts handled most of the children’s inheritances, only having to make the occasional report to their guardians. It had been everyone’s idea of a truce after the Horcrux kerfluffle. Harry was the only one allowed in his vault because the rest of them, even Neville, had come from much more traditional families and couldn’t see their vaults until they were of legal age to bare the burden of Head of Household.

Mummy Faith towed Dawn and Connor over to a counter to exchange the Muggle money Grampy Giles and Angel had given them for Wizarding coins and Da was mediating an argument between Blaise and Neville that had reached that ‘Am Not’, ‘Are, Too’ stage. Marcus hated that particular argument, yet it seemed to be Neville and Blaise’s very favorite.

Millie abandoned Da to come lean on him. It was a habit Marcus at once hoped she grew out of and hoped she never grew out of. Having sisters was confusing. “Do you think we’ll all be sorted into the same House, Marcus?”

He scowled at the woman that’d just walked past them ‘aww-ing’. He was not cute. He didn’t care if she wasn’t used to seeing a brother and sister leaning on one another. Marcus Chase didn’t do cute. “It’s unlikely, Mills. There are five of you. Even if you’re not, though, I’ll let you hang out in the Slytherin Common Room and Percy and Oliver will watch over you with the Gryffs. You’ll get to spend plenty of time together in class, too.”

She smirked up at him. Marcus gave her one more growth spurt before she shifted from the bulky, boxy stage she was in to the curvy, Betty Boop-esque stage she had the potential for. He wasn’t looking forward to it. He always got into trouble for fighting over the girls. Dawn, in particular, liked to kick him in the balls for it.

“You don’t think any of us qualify for Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff?” she asked innocently. It was a false innocence, in a way. There wasn’t a kid in the Hyperion that hadn’t learned the fine art of faking sweet to get something. It didn’t usually work anymore but they still had it in their repertoire to use against the unsuspecting.

“You’re all loyal and smart enough,” he said, wincing as Neville came to pout at his side, leaning into him a la Millie. “But that’s not where any of our true talents lie.” He ruffled Neville’s already disheveled hair. “Not even our kindest brother.”

Neville punched him in the kidney, glaring.

Harry came back with that ‘I’m thinking up trouble’ look he’d picked up from Uncle Sirius on his face. Hagrid mostly just looked really green, something Marcus could sympathize with. He didn’t like roller coaster rides, either.

Marcus glowered as the other kids picked up on ‘the look’ and perked up. They all enjoyed, perhaps too much, a good spot of trouble. Marcus was usually towed along to keep them from getting too carried away.

Mum came back around that time scowling and tossed Marcus, Millie, Neville, and Blaise a jingling pouch of coins. “That’s just in case we all get separated. Marcus, though, is the only one with permission to wander away from the group.”

She was looking specifically at Harry as she said that last bit and everybody knew why. Harry’s abilities to disappear were beyond legend in their house. Almost as well known were Mum’s constant battles with Harry’s hair, Neville’s clumsiness, Millie’s refusal to wear skirts or dresses, Da’s Hawaiian shirts, and Marcus’s high water pants, caused by puberty interference. Blaise had only had small battles when he had decided that clothes were for cowards and refused to wear any. Only Da telling him that he was hurting Mum’s feelings made him put them on again. Not even the threat of a shot in the ass for the inevitable illness he picked up had done that.

Mummy Faith came back with Dawn and Connor and said, “SO, are ready to do this thing?”

Marcus scowled.

Da grimaced and said, “Let’s get this circus rolling.”
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