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A Watcher's Charming Adventure

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This story is No. 3 in the series "A Watcher Most Charmed". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Beginnings, Middles, and Ends- And the Past repeats itself. Sequel to A Watcher’s Charming Encounter

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Any characters you recognize are copyrighted to someone else. Specifically, Joss Whedon, Aaron Spelling, J.K. Rowling, Brad Wright, Stephen Sommers, and David Panzer. There may or may not be other, copyrighted things that you recognize. If you recognize them, also be aware that I’m just borrowing them.

Author’s Notes: This is the sequel to A Watcher’s Charming Encounter and the third in the A Watcher Most Charmed series. If you haven’t read the first, you won’t understand this one. There are still several crossings including:

Buffy: Not comic book compliant

Angel: AU as of Season 5

Charmed: AU as of the end of Season 3

Harry Potter: AU as of the end of Book 5

Highlander: AU as of Season 6. Nick Wolfe actually comes from Highlander: the Raven but we’ll say everything’s AU for that series.

Stargate SG-1: AU as of the Season 7 episode “Fragile Balance”

Stargate Atlantis: AU as of the end of Season 1. Timeline wise, the expedition probably started earlier than in canon, around the time of “Fragile Balance”

The Mummy: Has nothing to do with the third movie and is set at least 70 years after. Mostly Canon compliant, though. Reduced mostly to a cameo. I think.

Also, the Roster has been moved to the series page because someone reported it as an excessively long Author's Note. So. If anyone's looking for it, that's where it's at.

Warnings: I still pick at Angel even though I like him. And I still curse. A lot. If you’re familiar with the fifth season, some of these things are going to seem very familiar while just as many are going to change. That’s what happens when you bring several people back from the dead and mix several canons on top of one another. I’ll try to update this story at least once a week but the characters are being stubborn and I make no promises.

Pairings: Faith/Xander/Oz, Piper/Leo, mentions of past canon relationships, and several others
This story is really relationship heavy, there are a million characters and most of them are paired off. As such, *points down* look at what I made for you.

January 3rd

The dreams started about a day after the babies were born. So, not only did Xander have four infants and seven older kids vying for every ounce of his attention, he had dreams to make sure what little sleep he managed to get was as interrupted as possible.

At the end of a week full of dreaming, Xander was like a walking zombie. He remembered haven gotten through the girls’ wiccaning on a pot of coffee and a Pepper Up potion, the combination of which had made him sicker than a dog.

Three days into the new year, he staggered to his feet and decided he’d had enough. The celebration for the opening of the North American Branch of the Council was in four days, there were at least two important conversations that had to be held before then, and, honestly, Xander was just really fucking tired. He was almost sure he’d slept more during the whole First ordeal than he had managed in the past week.

He glanced back at the bed and saw that Faith and Oz were wrapped around one another. He checked on the babies and saw that they were sleeping peacefully. Each kid was peaked in on and blissfully unaware that the day had started for Xander. He locked himself in his library, scrubbing a hand over his face as he tried to wake himself up.

Xander folded himself into the meditation position and tried to smooth out the ripples of his mind. When he felt some shift, his eyes snapped open and he bounced to his feet. A tall brunette woman in some kind of leather and metal get up with piercing blue eyes pushed off the wall she’d been leaning boredly against.

“You’re late,” she hissed and started to drag him along. “We expected you nearly a week ago. We’ve had to put up with those twits…twittering at us.” She flapped a hand in annoyance.

“Sorry?” Xander said dumbly before scowling. “If you wanted my attention, you should have been a little more clear. And less annoying.”

“Oh, we weren’t sending you the invite,” she said and pointed at two shrouded beings. “They were.”

Xander nodded, silently wishing he’d had, oh, a week’s sleep before having to deal with Higher Beings. “Who are they? And, ah, who are you?”

She grinned fiercely at him. “Xena, goddess of Slayers. You bear my mark.” She glanced at the shrouded figures and the grin went sour. “And they’re two of the Powers That Be. They’re speaking for the rest of them on this.”

Xander scowled. His head was pounding and they hadn’t even started dealing with the Powers, yet. Xena manhandled him up onto a dais to sit on a stool beside Ares’s throne. She stood behind him, arms crossed and a forbidding scowl in place.

“The Powers,” Ares drawled, glancing at Xander, “have a deal for you, Scion. Would you like to hear it?”

Xander scowled at the Powers and debated with himself. He was pretty sure that if they tried to screw him over, Ares would intervene. That didn’t, however, make him feel that much better. “Sure,” he finally said, still scowling.

Ares flicked a negligent hand in Their direction and the two Powers stepped closer to the dais.

“Neither vampire with a soul was meant to survive the battle with the Black Thorn,” the first Power said.

“And even if they did, they would have been shifted outside of Our influence,” the second Power continued.

“So we are…unprepared to fulfill the conditions of the Champion’s Prophecy,” the first Power said and they both fell silent.

‘Unprepared’ rang through Xander’s head and he clutched at the arm of Ares’s throne to keep from jumping up and attempting to beat two Powers That Be to death with his stool. At first, the only noise he could make was a disturbing hiss. Then, he took a deep breath and bellowed, “You fucking bastards!” before words failed him and he started hissing again.

If he’d been a little less pissed, hell, a little less bone tired, he’d probably have been a little more freaked out by Xena’s restraining hand on his shoulder and Ares’s soothing one ruffling his hair. As it was, he had visions of every ounce of suffering Cordelia and the others had gone through in Angel’s quest to fulfill his prophecy and his rage just boiled hotter.

Three simultaneous pops and a familiar trio of women stood between the dais and the Powers. The blonde, ‘Clotho’ his mind whispered, winked at him over her shoulder as the brunette, ‘Atropos’, said sternly, “Yet you are fully prepared to offer both vampires with a soul their due, now, correct?”

The first Power cleared its throat. “We must consider how the loss of two of our champions would affect the outcome. If Angel, Champion of L.A., were to become human, he would retire from the field of battle.”

“Make him like Connor,” Xander said, exasperated, thinking, ‘They were real concerned about that when they knew they weren’t going to have to uphold Their end of the bargain’. “Daylight able. Soul stable. Strong and enhanced. He’ll still be a champion. He’ll just have a better quality of life.”

“And for William the Bloody?” The second Power asked.

“He can handle immortality,” Xander said. “He’s a survivor. If you made him more like Buffy’s kind of Immortal instead of Methos’s, he’d probably keep fighting demons for you.”

“Complete Morgan’s request, defeat the Titans, and we’ll consider their redemption achieved,” the first Power said.

“Define complete,” Xander said, ever paranoid.

“The Ori must be abolished. At least 2/3’s of the Wraith obliterated. And the majority of the Asurans and Replicators neutralized. And Ba’al must be dealt with. That would be Our definition of complete,” the first Power said. Humans, with their feeble brains, were so humorous. “That would diminish the risk to Earth to zero and, while branching into the Pegasus and Asguard Galaxies is admirable, you all remain Earth’s champions. Any further service to the other galaxies will be commendable but not truly of our concern.”

The second Power nodded. “Pegasus is the Ancients’ territory and neither the Powers nor the Ancients have any say in the Asguard Galaxy.”

Ares flicked a hand. “He’s heard your conditions. Now get lost.”

The Powers bowed stiltedly and vanished from sight.

Xena’s hand slipped from Xander’s shoulder after a second and Ares’s twirled a few more curls in his hair before pulling free. It was pure instinct that had Xander catching a giggling Clotho.

She hugged him effusively as Lachesis rolled her eyes and said, “Emissary, the Titans might prove difficult for you to defeat as your people stand.”

Xander patted the blonde’s shoulder, stifled a yawn, and nodded. “So, we’re going to need more fire power?”

Lachesis opened her mouth but Atropos laid a hand on her shoulder. “We mustn’t tip our hand,” Atropos said. “Not even for our favored.” She looked Xander in the eye as she said, “Fate, young one, is fickle.”

Clotho pulled sadly away from Xander, joined her sisters and popped away.

Xander turned and blinked at Ares. Ares scowled, stood, and started to tug him into a room off the throne room. “Get some sleep, kid,” Ares demanded, shoving him towards a bed draped in black silk. “I’ll send you back just when you left. Just…get some sleep.”

Xander watched as Ares slammed the door behind him before shrugging, tugging off his boots, and collapsing into the bed. Even if he woke up with some crazy goddess drawing on his face with a Sharpie, at least he’d have gotten some sleep.
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