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A Watcher's Charming Adventure

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This story is No. 3 in the series "A Watcher Most Charmed". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Beginnings, Middles, and Ends- And the Past repeats itself. Sequel to A Watcher’s Charming Encounter

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December 25th

Christmas in the Council was an odd experience. Two days after a birthday party for seven one-year-olds, they were still trying to recover. Just last year, they’d been having it in his own home, with brand new babies, and, you know, electricity. This year, it was all torches and Great Halls.

Xander rocked Keegan who’d decided to be extra fussy today since everyone was in such an uproar.

“How’s the little demon?” Faith asked as she came in carrying Kenda. Buffy was probably downstairs trying to talk Zach out of filleting Alec.

“My babies are made of moonbeams and rainbows,” he said haughtily, gently swaying.

Faith snorted. “Your babies are made of fire and magic.”

Xander shrugged. “Nobody ever said those things couldn’t go together.”

Faith just shook her head and laid Kenda down, obviously hoping she’d stay asleep despite the ruckus downstairs. Although, honestly, it was amazing what his kids could sleep through. He was almost positive Ares had that one god of sleep basically sitting on top of their house for when the munchkins were down for naps. Nothing else could explain them sleeping through demon attacks, diplomatic visits, and Bonzai! howling because the girls had put him in a dress.

“Keegan Brewster Summers Harris,” Xander said sternly as Keeg started up another round of sniffles, possibly just because his daddy’s attention had been momentarily diverted. “It’s time for your nap. Go to sleep. Everybody’ll be here when you wake up and you’ll get yummy stuffs to fill your tummy, even if it’s just gonna run right out the other end. And Mommy and Papa Methos’ll tell you stories, although none of them better have anything to do with horses. Or clowns. Horses or clowns or love potions. ‘Cause none of those really end well. But first you have to go to sleep.”

Keegan blinked heavy-lidded eyes at him, then slipped into slumber. Xander kissed his blonde-ish hair, then laid him next to his sister. They’d all learned that early on. If he was placed next to Kenda, Keegan slept better and he’d entertain himself for awhile before he started to scream.

Xander stared down at them, throat tight. Keegan was bullheaded, just like his mother. Kenda had Buffy’s smile, though. Just like Chloe had Willow’s oops face and Jesse laughed at himself all the time. (It totally wasn’t gas, he didn’t care what anyone said.) Tristan had Tara’s sweet face and Leona had her big blue eyes. And Audrey was from start to finish Cordelia’s child, sass and sweetness all rolled into one little girl-child.

Xander loved his kids. He loved them when they fought with him, when they cried in the middle of the night, when they terrified him. He didn’t know what he’d do without them. Xander drew a finger down Kenda’s cheek and reminded himself that the world hadn’t ended, even though both demons and humans occasionally tried. And he had beautiful children.

He just didn’t know how to make the world a more beautiful place for them.

Author's Note: November was a busy month for me, as you can tell. Sorry for the overabundance of Interludes, there was just a lot to wind up and it was hard to decide exactly where to. For anybody wondering, there are two more possible stories for this series. One that tells how it all began, starting with the fall of Sunnydale all the way up until Xander gets assigned to the Halliwell sisters. The other is set in the future and revolves around our darling Dark Angels. Neither have been started besides rough outlines, but the ideas are there. Reviews probably won't sway me to add them to my queue at the moment but they'll probably boost the bunnies. ;)~

The End

You have reached the end of "A Watcher's Charming Adventure". This story is complete.

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