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Xander - The Eternal

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Summary: Xander dies and comes back and his life changes for the better. However Buffy may not agree.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Xander-CenteredSirWilliamFR18619,96851529,58713 Jan 0913 Jan 09Yes



After another day to pack and say goodbye to her friends Xander, Cordelia, Dennis, Faith, and Willow went back to Sunnydale and began to create new lives for themselves. The Key had been integrated into their lives perfectly and all but Xander and Cordelia thought of her as one the gang, however after a short time they to soon began to love her as well. Dawn would often spend more time at their house than she did her own.

Willow had soon starting bringing a new witch named Tara around and soon thereafter revealed themselves as lovers. Willow had also taken Xander’s idea of a Demon Hunter Network to heart and began searching for and recruiting new allies all over the country. Within a few weeks she had already contacted the Charmed Ones, the Winchester Brothers, and a group out of New York calling themselves the Night Stalkers.

Buffy on the other hand was a constant struggle. She would often begin to resort back to her bitchy ways but thanks to everyone refusing to give up on her she never stayed that way for long. Her boyfriend Riley had broken it off with her saying she was too much a fruit cake for his taste. However Riley kept in touch with Willow and promised to do all he could to help her make the Network a reality.

A few of months later the Hell Goddess Glorificus showed up and started reeking havoc. Xander had managed to follow her back to her lair undetected and scouted out a good location for a hit. A few days later her head just seem to explode from a large caliber sniper round and even though no one in the group talked about it they all knew who was responsible. They still had to deal with some pale, black-eyed demon minions for the next few weeks but slowly everything got back to normal.

Just after Glory’s defeat Xander and Cordelia’s wedding took place. It had to be held at their house after sundown so Angel could attend but to all present a wedding at night just seemed to be perfect for the couple. The wedding was beautiful and went like magic, it supported the largest group of demon hunters the town and possibly the world had ever seen in one place. Not only were all members of the Sunnydale Scoobies there but also Angel Investigations, as well as the Charmed Ones, that by this time had become really good friends. Needless to say the Sunnydale night life was extremely quite for the next few days.

A few months or so after the wedding, Giles decided to leave Sunnydale and head back to England. He said he felt that he was no longer needed by the group but that he would always keep in touch. Willow had made him promise to keep an eye out for any new demon hunters that might want to join the Network, which by this time had become a real thing of beauty. Willow had been busy and after only 6 months there were now 17 groups as well as 32 individuals shattered across the country signed up and ready at a moments notice to help out their fellow hunters.

Joyce remained the mother figure for all of the Scoobies and she alone held the power over them. As fights would sometimes break out between each other she would need only to hold up her hand and present a look of intimate death and all present would back down immediately. There had been a time just before Glory when she had fallen ill but Xander and Cordelia had taken her to Master Caine and thankfully he was able to help her with some special herbs and a little Chi manipulation. As she was now in perfect health she and Dennis would often cook a four course meal for the group of demon hunters to help bring them closer together as a family, Dennis as it turned out was a pretty good cook and was loved by all.

Dawn remained as a perfectly normal human girl for a long time but eventually the Key energies began to surface. Xander decided to finally tell her and Joyce the truth about her origins and why she kept teleporting to different places when she would just think about them. Luckily only the two of them had ever seen her do it and so it never became public knowledge. Dawn decided not to tell anyone of her true origins, only about the power itself. She became a full fledged member of the Network after that and made things a lot easier for all of the demon hunters in it. Where before it would often take hours or even days for backup to arrive, it could now be done in an instant. As a result the A.R.M.S. Network (America’s Response for Monster Scum) as it was named was able to save a lot more lives and began to grow by leaps and bounds and was even joined by the Catholic Church.

Faith, at the assistance of Joyce, got her G.E.D. and shortly thereafter went to college, majoring in Veterinary medicine. Her choice was made one night after she had saved the life of a dog from being feed on by a vampire, she then took it upon herself to nurse the dog back health. Soon after that it became her passion. She would often spend her free time at the local Veterinary hospital as a volunteer. And now that she was studying it as a career they had already promised her a job when she finished college in a couple of years.

Xander and Cordelia had made a good life for themselves and were both very happy. Cordelia soon found out that she was pregnant and that she would be having twins. As it turned out she had always had a secret dream of having a loving husband and becoming a mother, and now all of her dreams were coming true. Xander was also ecstatic by the thought of becoming a father and to him he was now living the American dream. He would often patrol the old catacombs beneath Sunnydale to ensure that there weren’t any new demons trying to settle in and start any trouble, but very seldom did he find any. He had also used his wealth to buy up the entire warehouse district and turned it into an industrial park. Not only did it help to keep vampires and other demons out but it also netted him a hefty sum of money as well.

All in all life on the Hellmouth was pretty peaceful with only the occasional big bad trying to start trouble. Their biggest challenge however came in the form of The First Evil. But thanks to Dawn and the help of the Charmed Ones it was defeated and sent to a barren wasteland dimension from which there was no escape. The First Evil’s minions were all soon defeated as well including some evil priest named Caleb that Xander had been forced to rip his head off much as he had did with A.D.A.M.’s head once upon a time. But barring the occasional fight on the Hellmouth most of the gang spent their time helping the others in the Network, and as a result Giles who was now liaison for the Watcher’s Council had reported that in only 3 and a half years time the demon population in America had fallen by nearly half. It was because of this reason the Council decided to change their old methods and to join the new world. With the contacts that they had been refusing to use now at the Network’s disposal Willow soon took the A.R.M.S. Network global. As a few more years passed the demon population all around the world soon became fewer and fewer until all that was left were those smart enough to remain in hiding. As a result the demon hunter’s of the world began to fall back into normal lives but all had agreed to always keep in touch should they ever be needed again.

As even more time passed Xander and Cordelia ended up having four kids in total, all girls, and they couldn’t have been happier. The rest of the gang, including Buffy, had followed their lead as they too had found their soul mates and began to have children. Although Willow and Tara had to adopt they found love in the hearts of children as well.

Life moved on in the Slayer universe and children slowly grew up and had children of their own. Xander knew that as an Eternal that his perfect little life was someday destined to end, but at the moment he simply didn’t care. He was happy and for the moment that was all that really mattered. The people he cared for had all one by one managed to find their own happy little endings. And truth be told, that was all he ever really asked for.

The End

The End

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