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Xander - The Eternal

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Summary: Xander dies and comes back and his life changes for the better. However Buffy may not agree.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Xander-CenteredSirWilliamFR18619,96851529,60913 Jan 0913 Jan 09Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or any of the characters in this story. Just thought this would be a great story to tell. But I could be wrong about that so I’ll just let you be the judge.

Authors Note: I realize that this story is out of sync with the television show but I think you will get the overall storyline without to much difficulty. So please don’t get upset if you happen to be a major fan of the show because the version I put out is just fiction and should be consider as such. Also I just thought I should let you know that Anya does not make an appearance in this story. I had originally intended this to be more of an action packed story but instead as time went on it just kind of took its own path. But I still think it turned out pretty good and I just hope you agree. So please just sit back, relax, and hopefully enjoy the story.

Xander - The Eternal

Chapter 1

Xander was pissed. Buffy and Willow had both called him useless and pathetic. And just now Giles had said that he was not worth the man’s time. Xander was pissed off and at this moment didn’t give a shit as he walked down the dark street while heading straight for nowhere. He didn’t even care when three vampires walked up to him planning to make a snack out of him. And because he was pissed he didn’t think twice as he jumped on them and let out some serious frustrations. But even as angry as he was, in truth he didn’t stand a chance. He managed to dust one of them but the other two managed to get the best of him. They sucked him dry and walked away as if he were nothing, which is why when he woke up a few moments later it was no surprise that he was still just as pissed.

“The bastards just left like I was nothing. I can’t believe this shit. But now that I’m a Eternal that crap is about to change.”

Xander was feeling totally pumped. He had just died like all people do, but that is when he found out just how truly special he was. At first there was just a whole lot of pain, but then came the pleasure, but for some unknown reason that seem to hurt a little as well. Both had lasted for what seemed like an extremely long time but then it was suddenly over. Just as he was beginning to wonder what would happen next he was approached by a very beautiful looking woman. Though somehow he knew instantly that this was no ordinary woman, maybe it was the golden glow that radiated from her that gave him his first clue. His second clue of course was when she began to speak.

“Hello Alexander, I am the Embodiment of the Realm of Life.” there was a short pause and then she continued “And it seems that you have a very unique soul. Because you have a good heart you were rejected from Hell, but because you are full of anger and resentment you were rejected by Heaven. Basically this means that there is no place for you in the Realm of Death.”

Xander just listened to her and under normal circumstances he might have come up with a witty reply but with the way he was feeling at the moment he just flatly stated.


“And” she continued “Now that you have been rejected from Death it would seem that you are now stuck in the Realm of Life. Since the beginning of existence this is only the fourth time this has happened, although you are the first from your planet of course.”

“Of course” Xander replied while still a little annoyed. Dying and being put through Hell can do that to you.

“And of course as with the others I will offer you an escape clause. You will have the ability to alter your own age to become as young or as old as you so desire. However if after a few millennia you decide that you have had enough of life then you will need only make yourself so old that your mind and body simply shuts down, at which time your soul will cease to exist.”

Xander simply raised an eyebrow at this but choose not to speak and so she continued

“And like with the others you will be given an Eternal power. You see, because Death gave you a gift, immortality, now in order to keep the balance I must also give you a gift.”

“And what kind of power are we talking about here?” Xander asked while still a little peeved but was definitely starting to calm down some.

Life smiled and continued “That will be up to you. You can pick any one power that you so desire provided that it’s not a world changing ability. Meaning no altering the fabric of reality, just a simple levitation ability or something of that nature. Perhaps some telekinesis, or teleportation, or maybe even some super strength or speed.”

She then decided to wait and let Xander weigh his options. Xander thought hard about this and having read countless comic books and watched hundreds of sci-fi movies over the years he was beginning to think up some really cool stuff. But after only a couple of minutes he had his mind made up.

“What about instead of one major power I ask for two minor powers.”

Life smiled because it seemed that all the Eternals had tried this ploy. But she decided to at least hear him out to see if he might have come up with anything original.

“Very well Alexander I will listen to your request however I shall make no promises at this time.”

“Cool, I was thinking of a comic book character called Longshot. Basically he had the power of good luck. Of course his powers had a couple of side effects I’m not to crazy about so I was thinking of just a simple give myself good luck or give my opponent bad luck kind of thing. And then add to that another character named Cypher, he had the ability to learn at a superhuman rate any language known to exist.”

Xander was banking on the fact that that would hopefully include body language, mainly martial arts.

Life pondered his request and tried to think how he was planning to use these abilities in conjunction with each other to create a third more powerful ability. However she simply couldn’t figure out anything useful so finally she decided to look into his mind to see what he had planned. What she found amazed her, he had absolutely no false intent. The luck powers would aid him in all walks of life and the language abilities he was hoping would aid him in fighting demons, though he was thinking of learning a little magic as well but nothing major. This thought made her smile, never before had anyone had such righteous reasons for their request. And because of this reason she decided to grant his request and even do him one better.

“Alexander, each of the past three Eternals tried to gain multiple powers by manipulating me. However I have seen in your heart that your motives are pure, therefore I will grant you your request and I will even add to it as well. I also give to you above average human abilities. Meaning you will have the strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and senses of a well trained athlete of your species but nothing that would be considered of superhuman level.

Xander was ecstatic, and once they had worked out all of the details Xander managed to get a few questions answered about his new Eternal stasis. Life then placed his soul back into his body to the exact time and place where he had died. But when he awoke and discovered that the vampires didn’t even think him worthy enough to even try to hide his body or even turn him into a vamp he became enraged once again.

“The bastards just left like I was nothing. I can’t believe this shit. But now that I’m a Eternal that crap is about to change.”

Xander began to think about how best to use his new abilities, just then a smile crossed his face as he developed a plan. He pulled a quarter out of his pocket and then thought to himself, Heads they went right, Tails they went left. He flipped the coin into the air and then activated his power. When he caught the coin it was on Heads and so to the right he went. He did this a few times at different points along the path until he came across the two vampires he was looking for.

“Hey suck heads, remember me?”

Both vampires turned to see who dared to challenge them but then their eyes suddenly just about popped out of their heads.

“You… but we killed you… your dead.”

“Well apparently you didn’t do a very good job. Care to try again?”

The two blood suckers didn’t have to think twice as they both began to run towards him. But as Xander activated his power the vampire on the right tripped over his own feet and fell face first into the ground. The second vampire reached his destination but Xander simply side stepped him and embedded a stake into his heart. Just as it turned to dust the first vampire got back to his feet and began to rush him again. But then Xander activated his power again as he threw the stake at the vampire and watched as the stake hit its mark and the vampire turned to dust.

With that job done Xander started thinking, he wanted to be trained as a Kung Fu Master but knew that that meant he’d have to leave Sunnydale to find someone to give him the training that Buffy or Giles never would. But first he had to tell someone very special goodbye, he felt that he owned her that much at least. So a short time later he found himself at the door of one Ms. Joyce Summers. Ms. Summers was the woman he wished was his mother and she had always treated him like a son. He could only hope that she would understand what he had to do and forgive him for it. He knew Buffy was staying in the dorms and wouldn’t be home tonight to interrupt them, so he knocked on the door and waited for a reply.

“Hello Xander” Joyce answered the door with a big smile at seeing the young man that she hoped would win her daughters heart someday.

“Hey Ms. S, mind if I come in? I kinda need to talk to you about something important.”

Joyce could see the seriousness of his face and so stepped to the side to let him enter. But after a brief period of time and Xander still hadn’t spoken yet she was beginning to get worried. But thankfully he then decided to speak up.

“Ms. Summers, tonight Buffy, Willow, and Giles kicked me out of the group. I know why they did it and I accept it, but how they did it is another matter all together. They called me some pretty hurtful things, things that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive.”

“Xander, what happened?” Joyce asked with concern in her voice

“They wanted me to quit patrolling and to keep me out of danger. That’s the part I can accept but the things they said to me really hurt. I came here to let you know that I’m gonna leave town for awhile but that when I get back” he let the sentence hang for a moment and then suddenly his demeanor changed “I have every intention of hurting them just as much as they hurt me.”

Joyce was a bit shocked by the tone in his voice because she knew that the young man sitting before her at the moment had every intention of beating the hell out of her daughter. He may not have said the words but his intent was clear. But the sad part was that she really couldn’t blame him one bit.

“Xander, if you try to go against Buffy you will get hurt, she’s the slayer.”

“Sorry Ms. S but I’m not the same person I once was, the boy you knew died tonight, literally. I have been given a few powers of my own now and now I can kick her ass from here to Sunday. But if I was to fight her right now I’m afraid I might kill her. So I’m going to go somewhere so I can train and hopefully learn a little more self control.”

“Xander, I’m not sure what you’re talking about but you have always been like a son to me and I can only hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive my daughter for her stupidity.” She paused briefly “However knowing Buffy she will not even realize that what she did was wrong and therefore probably cause your anger grow even more. Xander please learn to let go of your anger before it gets one of you killed. Please…”

Xander stood up getting ready to leave but then turned to look her directly in the eyes and said “Please forgive me for what I’m gonna do, the last thing I would ever want to do is hurt you. But Buffy will pay for what she did to me and not even God himself can prevent that from happening.”

With that said Xander left the Summers house and decided it was time to hopefully take himself to the next level. However that would require some training that he couldn’t get in Sunnydale.

So with a plan in mind and his dad’s old beat up motorcycle that he got from him with a promise to never return to the house except to pick up his things in a couple months, Xander hit the road. And with the flip of a coin to take him to someone that would be willing to train him Xander found himself heading towards L.A.

He had had a long night and was really tired, so as he approached the city limits he decided to get himself a hotel room to stay the night. Xander slept deeper than he had in a long time and when he awoke the next morning he felt like he had had the best night sleep he had ever had.

That morning he ate a hearty breakfast of pancakes and sausage and then once again headed to where the coin pointed. About an hour later he found himself in Chinatown at the door of a Shaolin priest the locals called Kwai Chang Caine.

“Master Caine, my name is Alexander Harris and I respectfully request to become your student. That is to say, will you teach me the ways of the Kung Fu Masters?”

Caine looked at the young man before him in wonderment, he could sense that Alexander had great power and that he was obviously a warrior by the look of his eyes and the way he held himself. Caine wondered why this man that stood before him wanted to be trained as a warrior when he already was one, but more importantly why he choose to come to him, a man of peace.

“Mr. Harris, why have you come to me for training? Why do you not wish to be trained by a warrior such as yourself?”

“Please call me Xander. Sir I come to you because I wished to be trained by someone who knows of the existence of vampires and can train me to fight them. I have recently been given the power of “luck” and that power has brought me here, to you.”

Caine bowed his head slightly and responded with “Xander, it would be an honor to train a warrior of your class however such training would require years to master.”

“Yes Master Caine I know, however I have also been granted the ability to learn new languages at a very fast rate, which includes body language. Sir I cannot afford to pay you anything at the moment but if you agree to teach me then I will do anything you ask of me. Umm, that is anything within reason of course.” He said the last part with a bit of a smile

Caine smiled at this fore he knew that Xander would make an excellent student and could see that even though he had some personal demons to overcome he would be a great champion for the side of light.

“Xander it would be my honor to teach you what you need to know, for the fight that you have chosen.”

Xander smiled at this because once again his new found powers had led him to the right place. And because now he would finally be trained as he had always hoped. He would be trained, not to be a killer, but would be trained to be a savior.

Caine led Xander into his dojo and didn’t waist anytime in his Kung Fu training. Caine led him through several movements that he just seem to just soak up like a sponge. Caine was amazed at just how fast Xander picked up the movements and knew that at this rate he would be a true Kung Fu Master in no time.

Xander enjoyed his time with Caine, he even became good friends with his son Peter. Peter was a cop but unlike Sunnydale PD he was a good man who often went out of his way to help other people. Xander also learned that both Caine and his son often faced off against evil in many different forms and they always seem to come out on top. To Xander it was good to know that there were others out there fighting the good fight and that he was not alone in his quest. Peter hadn’t really believed in vampires at first but soon became a believer after Xander took him out one night on patrol. Soon after that Peter made it a point to learn all he could about the nightlife so that he would be better prepared for what he might have to face. Xander also met Peter’s friend and co-worker Kermit and the two hit it off instantly. Kermit soon began to teach Xander all about computers and how to be a hacker of the highest order. Xander was surprised to learn that computers had a language all their own and that thanks to his “Cypher” powers he could now do things on a computer that even Willow could only dream about. All in all Xander made good use of his stay in L.A. but knew that the time was fast approaching that his training would be complete and it would be time for the next stage of his plan.
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