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Blood Lines

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Summary: Willow's dreams cause her to make a big mistake....or did they?

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: JeanClaudelessthanlucidFR132331,40644255,81310 Jan 0329 Aug 03No

23 *NC-17*

French Translations:
Petite rousse: Little Redhead
Sorciere Rouge: Red Witch
Petite: Little one


“That was *WOW*….”Willow trailed off. She was currently draped over Asher sporting a major sized love bite on the right side of her neck while Jean-Claude's from before was on her left, she had matching set of love bites.

“How very American of you.” Jean-Claude answered.

“Ha, shows how much you know…I’m French well sort of, got mixed in with Scottish or Irish along the way but we started out French and well after that it‘s anyone’s guess.” She had him there since he was the one who after the first round of lovemaking decided to get all the secrets out into the open which wigged her out about him seeing her in her diapers and now she was lusting after his body but Asher had been able to distract that train of thought with a few well placed kisses and a little petting.

“I think nobody in their right mind could possible believe all those fake noises you are making…” Asher commented amused that his little witch was into putting on shows for the masses.

Willow stopped her vocals. “Well duh not if I’m the only one doing it. Hello we went over this already we all have to do it. Come on it’ll be fun I mean yeah you feel stupid for a bit but then its just funny.” She went back to vocalizing but knew that neither Asher nor Jean-Claude would fake so she had to make them cry “Uncle” for real. The idea was very appealing, she was after all getting her third wind while Asher who was still inside and under her was lightly rubbing her back while Jean-Claude played with her hair. She very slightly wiggled and snuggled closer to Asher’s neck. She knew he felt her breath there and it turned him on since she felt him twitch. She slowly licked where his pulse would be had he been alive he shuddered. Jean-Claude laughed which made he squirm, damn vampire knew what she was doing.

“I believe Willow is not as tired as she appears Mon ami, perhaps we should show her a better time Qui?” Jean-Claude leaned over and began kissing Willows shoulder and gently making his way up to her neck while Asher tried to control his response to Willow currently trying her best to give him a hickey. Willow slowly scrapped her teeth across the area she had been sucking with such vigor that he lost it. She was flat on her back with a very aroused vampire pining her down and thrusting smoothly into her in two seconds flat. She felt Jean-Claude’s laughter again more than heard but she was more focused on making Asher scream than anything. She knew what he needed so she threw a hand towards the bedside table where she had seen the lube, she searched around until she found it focused on Jean-Claude and threw at him he caught with an amused smirk

Asher knew what she wanted and turned and gave Jean-Claude a nod or encouragement which Jean-Claude accepted as he moved up behind Asher. While Jean-Claude readied Asher Willow kissed him trying to make herself focus on something other than her impending climax this time she was not going to scream it was so his turn even if she had go cross eyed from her attempt. Asher was slowly torturing her, he kept an easy rhythm which guaranteed her impending climax no matter how much she wanted to hold back after all he had been at this a lot longer than she had.

Jean-Claude held Asher still while he slowly entered him, he didn't want their first time to be rough or painful. He had made sure that Asher was ready for him, he groaned as did Asher and Willow once he was fully inside his old lover. The three of them slowly picked up a rhythm Jean-Claude thrust into Asher and he would in turn thrust into Willow, the red head couldn't hold back much longer she was moaning fit to be tied as was Asher the only one not in a sexual frenzy was Jean-Claude but then again he was savoring his first time with Asher.

Willow knew they where all very close to edge she could feel it like an impending storm, she met Jean-Claude’s eyes over Asher's shoulders saw the twin flames burning brightly knew he understood her. Asher was beyond seeing anything he was afraid Willow would have bruises be was so wild with lust. The sensations of having Jean-Claude and Willow all at once were too much. Jean-Claude buried his face against the left side of Asher's neck while Willow did the same to his right and in sync they both bit Asher roughly and deeply laying claim to him. Asher lost it at came with on great shout, closely followed by Willow’s moan since she was biting her lip hard enough to make it bleed. Jean-Claude just fell languidly on top of Asher licking at the wound he inflicted pleased right down to his undead toes.

None of the trio could have gotten up after that to save their life they were wiped out…at least for a while or until Willow decided it was Jean-Claude's turn to shout.


My first attempt at a threesome hope it wasn't too bad.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Blood Lines" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Aug 03.

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