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Blood Lines

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Summary: Willow's dreams cause her to make a big mistake....or did they?

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: JeanClaudelessthanlucidFR132331,40644255,81310 Jan 0329 Aug 03No

Blood Lines 1

Title: Blood Lines (1/?)
Rating: PG-13
Author: Lessthanlucid
Pairing: W/? dont know but feel free to suggest.
Disclaimer: BTVS characters belong to Joss and AB characters belong to LKH, nothing but the plot is mine.
Distribution: let me know where it goes if you want it.
Feedback: Makes me write faster
Spoilers: AB is NIC then its AU. All events up to the end of season 6 have happened, then its AU.
Notes: Story is set in the AB universe, the reason why vampires are different in sunnydale is because of the hellmouth, it causes abnormalities in the preternatural community but Spike and Angel are exceptions to my rule, they are not like hellmouth vampires because they weren't turned there. Not betaed so all mistakes are my own.


Willow whimpered in her sleep, her head rolled from side to side. She struggled fighting her bed covers as she dreamed. Lost in the same nightmare that had haunted her throughout her life. It was always the same and it always came to her in the middle night around the full moon.

It always started out the same. She would see a woman running through a seedy side of some town. She could feel the woman's desperation and pain---oh goddess the pain, so intense, like she was being ripped apart from the inside. No matter how much pain she was in, she knew she had to keep running, they were chasing her. She could feel it, she needed to find someone who could help. She knew who all she had to do was endure until she reached him---the images would shift then, the woman no longer ran but was banging on the back door of some sort of business.

She could hear the litany of please help me, make it stop coming from the woman as she was ushered inside and taken to an office of some kinds, everything was a blur of music, lights, and smoke. The faces and voices faded in and out; she couldn't focus on anything except her hope of reaching him. That nebulous him that would come and help her. The last hope she had of saving---the pain was back with a vengeance. Her thoughts emptied she had a single minded purpose---him. Suddenly he was there although she couldn't see him very well, something told him it was he.

She knew she was dying, Her life was draining away but she couldn't go just yet, she had to make sure---she doubled over as pain ripped through her. She focused enough to grab hold of his hand, he was surprised at this, she couldn't see him but she knew it all the same. She pulled him down to her and focused all her will into telling him what he needed to know before she died.

"Save......her, ......of our......blood...... of the.....shadows, bringer ....... light. Council after Please...." The woman lay limp on the desk, only her green eyes shone with and inner fire that most would have found disturbing but the man just felt confused. She could see his eyes.....a violent shade of blue that glowed.

The imaged shifted again, the man was saying something but it was muffled everything blurred compared to the pain. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to subside just enough for me to be able to open my mouth without screaming. I opened my eyes and grabbed his hand again, this time I used it for leverage to pull myself up and him down enough so I could make sure he understood.

The woman kissed him. She cut her tongue on his teeth as the blood flowed into his mouth he pulled away. She could feel his surprise, his panic, his wonder, and then at once his fear. She hoped it was enough, she hoped he would now do what he must, she couldn't hold out much longer. She was gasping, wheezing, and coughing up blood but she needed him to promise

"" She knew he murmured his promise, she felt cool air hit her skin.....then the most soul wrenching pain then everything went black. Willow awoke with a start, and sat straight up in bed a scream lodged in her throat.
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