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Son of Spengler

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Summary: What if Xander was raised by his real dad? Egon Spengler

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Chapter One

There was no category for The Real Ghostbusters so I'm using the movie with other cartoon as secondary category.

Son of Spengler
BTVS/ Real Ghostbusters crossover.

Disclaimer: I don't own BTVS or any variant of the Ghostbusters though I did get the Real Ghostbusters box set for Christmas though. It's Awesome by the way. BTVS is owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Inc. and Fox Studios. The Ghostbusters was the brainchild of Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis.

Chapter 1:

Jessica Harris fiddled with her purse as she made her way through the halls of Wilkin's Elementary School. She headed down the main hall and turned right towards the offices.

She opened the door to the Principals Office and his secretary waved her through to the actual office. She'd been expected it seemed.

“Principal Davies, why have you called me down here? What has Alex done now?” Jessica Harris asked the school principal.

“He's not in trouble Mrs. Harris. In fact, we've discovered something remarkable. You're aware that your son has gotten in trouble for not being attentive in class?” The man asked her.

“I've signed that part on the last report card. I've told him to pay attention.” Jessica said with a sigh.

“Well one of our newer teachers suggested that he might be having problems in class due to a learning disability. We found quite the opposite. Your son was given a series of tests including the latest IQ test we have available. The results were suprising, he's off the scale.” Principal Davis said with a smile.

“You're telling me that my son has been having problems in school because he's a genius.” Jessica said slowly.

“That's right. I've made some calls, he's far beyond what our own Gifted program can cover. You should consider transferring your son to another school.” Principal Davis said. “I've a list of schools that would be willing to help maximize your son's potential.”

“That's.... that's all right. I need to sign Alex out of school for the day. Is that all right?” Jessica asked the principal nervously.

“That's fine. Do you want a copy of his test results?” The Principal asked her.

“Please.” Jessica said quietly.

“Alex, you know what you have to do right?” Jessica Harris asked her son as she led him to the departure gate.

“Yes momma.” Alex said softly.

“I need you to be strong for me okay Alex? You have to find him. You know his name and what he does. The people there once you land should be able to help you.” Jessica said while hugging her son.

“Never forget that I love you.” She told him.

“I won't momma.” Alex said as the Airline worker took his ticket.

“Goodbye son.” Jessica said as her only child entered the boarding gate.

As young Alexander was eastward bound, a different scene was taking place at the Harris residence.

It was payday and naturally Tony Harris had stopped at a bar before heading home. That was where he'd heard the latest gossip.

“Where is the little bastard!” Tony screamed at his wife.

“I've sent him away. You can't hurt him anymore.” Jessica said quietly.

Tony Harris screamed and wrapped his hands around his wife's throat.

“Egon wake up.” a Bronx accented voice said quietly, awakening the scientist from his slumber.

“What is it Janine?” Egon asked as he reached for his glasses.

“You have a visitor. She says its urgent.” Janine said softly, not wanting to wake the others.

“Oh? Someone wants to see me? Odd.” Egon said as he got out of bed.

“She's... fading Egon, please hurry.” Janine told him.

Egon opted for the fire pole instead of the stairs.

What he found when he got to the ground floor was a shock.

“Jessica? You... you're dead!” Egon said to the spectre of a woman he hadn't seen since his days just before he'd gotten his doctorates.

“Egon, it's good to see you. I just wish the circumstances were better ones. I don't have much time. It took most of my energy to get here. I was murdered just a few minutes ago.” Jessica said softly.

“It was him wasn't it?” Egon asked her.

“You were always the other man Egon. You know that. Tony was a man of passion, and this is what I get for staying with him I suppose. But that isn't why I'm here. It's about my son. Our son Egon. He was tested at school today. There's no doubt, he's your son.” Jessica said as her lavender from began to flicker.

“I have a son?” Egon asked stupefied.

“He's on his way here. He's flying in from LA. I told him to find you but circumstances have changed. I need you to take care of our son Egon. I can't follow him like I had planned to.” Jessica said. “Love him. Love him for the both of us.” Jessica said before her form began to destabilize.

“What's his name?” Egon asked the vanishing spectre of the only woman he'd felt any real attachment to outside of his family.

“Alex Harris... no Alex Spengler. Goodbye Egon.” Jessica Harris said before vanishing from the earthly realm.

Egon sat there quietly for a few minutes before rubbing his eyes. He got up from the table and headed up the steps.

“Where are you going?” Janine asked him.

“To get dressed. I have a son to pick up.” Egon said quietly.

“Can I come with?” Janine asked him.

“I'd like that.” Egon said.

JFK international Airport.

“He has to be on this flight.” Egon said as he checked the arrival times.

Janine fiddled with the sign she'd hastily prepared that said 'Alex Harris' on it. “This is strange Egon, I didn't know you had a kid. If anyone had a kid out of wedlock out of the Ghostbusters I'd think it'd be Peter.” She told him.

“That was always my belief as well Janine. Jessica was during a... different time in my life. Even though she was with Tony, who was a fisherman at the time, it was the closest I felt to being truly happy.”

“That's good to know.” Came a small but definitely young voice from around knee height.

Both Janine and Egon were startled momentarily by the voice. Egon adjusted his glasses and looked down at the small child. “You must be Alex. You take after your mother.” Egon said.

Alex nodded. “How did you know how to be here? Mom said she'd try and come out here after she calmed my dad... Tony down.”

“About that. You know what I do right?” Egon asked the boy.

“You're a Ghostbuster. You deal with the paranormal, ghosts and other such things.” Alex said.

“Correct. I'm sorry to say that I had a chance to speak with your mother in person shortly before your plane arrived. She's gone Alex.”

“It was Tony wasn't it? He killed her.” Alex said softly.

“Yes. Come on. Let's get back to my place. We need to contact the police about this.”

“All right. What do I call you?” Alex asked him.

“How about Egon for right now?” Egon offered.

“Okay. Who's the pretty lady?” Alex asked him.

“Ohhh.......” Janine half squealed. “I'm Janine Melnitz. The Ghostbusters secretary. I work for your father.”

“Nice to meet you.” Alex said softly.


“Sir we have a problem.” Detective Stein said as he came into Mayor Wilkin's office.

“Oh? What seems to be the problem exactly Detective?” Mayor Wilkins asked as he set down his bagel.

“We've got a report of a murder, but the call came from New York sir.” The Detective said.

“That is unusual.” The Mayor said. “But that isn't all is it? You know I hate to have my breakfast interrupted.”

“No sir,” The Detective said nervously. “The call came from the Ghostbusters.”

“What! We do not need them sniffing around here. Who was the victim?”

“Jessica Harris. Her husband killed her via strangulation. He was drunk at the time and found out that their kid wasn't his. It's a crime of passion boss.” Detective Stein said nervously.

“And the reason the Ghostbusters are involved?”

“Jessica Harris' kid is the son of one of the Ghostbusters.

“Of course.” The Mayor said. “Do what you have to in order to make sure Mr. Harris hangs himself in his cell Stein. I do not need those fools here to investigate this town.”

“Yes sir. Do you want him to leave a note of any kind?” Stein asked him.

“No, Mr Harris isn't much of a thinker. I know that much about him. Make sure that all of the personal affects are sent to the Ghostbusters, free of charge.”

“Yes sir.” Detective Stein said as he got up.

“And Detective....” The Mayor said. “Next time you enter my office, knock first.”

“Yes sir.” Stein said before half fleeing from the room.

“People today, no manners. It's all that modern music.” The mayor said to himself.
New York City....

“Let me get this straight, Egon, our Egon is a father?” Peter Venkman asked the others

“I was surprised too.” Ray Stanzt said. “If anyone was going to have an illegitimate child I always thought that it'd be Peter.”

“You know I always thought that too.” Winston said.

“Funny guys. Real Funny.” Peter said.

“So you three are the other Ghostbusters.” Came a soft but inquisitive voice at around knee height.

The three experienced specter catchers jumped in fright.

“Man kid you scared us.” Peter said as he recovered from the shock.

The kid shrugged. “I seem to be doing that lately. I'm Alex Harris... no Alex Spengler I guess.” The said after a moment.

“Nice to meet you kid.” Winston said with a grin.

“Hey, we've known your dad since College.” Ray said while gesturing to himself and Peter.

“Did you know my mom?” Alex asked them.

“No we didn't. Egon's social life was, well there wasn't much of one and he was very private about it at the time. What's your dad doing now?” Peter said.

“He's on the phone with Child Services. Something about this place being an unsafe environment.”

“All of New York is an unsafe environment kid, we'll get it straightened out.” Winston said.

“Good. Now where is this Slimer Ms. Melnitz told me about?” Alex asked.

“I understand that.” Egon said into the phone. “Look I have his test results right here in front of me. He's got an IQ off the charts. I honestly think he'd benefit from nontraditional schooling at the moment.” Egon said while rolling his eyes at Janine who stifled a laugh.

“I assure you I'm qualified, as are two other members of my team. We hold doctorates and worked with Columbia University before we went into private practice. The Three of us are certified to teach in the state of New York. Yes he'll be staying here. I've his birth certificate right here and it states that I am the father. I'd be more than willing to submit to blood tests to verify our relation but in the meantime...” Egon said. “Yes, you have my assurances he will be safe. No I don't mind having someone come over to check on his well being. I just ask that they not touch any of our equipment. Thank you.” Egon said before hanging up the phone.

“You look relieved.” Janine said.

“He can stay here, we just need to prove that it's a... positive environment for him.” Egon said.

There was a flash from upstairs followed by some giggling.

“I don't think that will be a problem.” Janine said with a smile.

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