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Life Past Death

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Convergence Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The past is never really dead, the present and future always in motion. But, most of all, there are no casual connections.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyjezaeiriFR1831106,33360396149,08217 Jan 097 Jan 10Yes


Disclaimer: Do I really need to do this? Really? *sigh* fine. I don't own.

A/N: So here it is, the final chapter of Life Past Death. But don't everyone get your knickers in a bunch because things are far from over. I've got at least five more stories planned for this series...all the way up until the End of Time. Past that I'm not sure because it depends on what I think of Eleven and the new series of Torchwood that's been greenlighted.

Now, here come the drums.

"A fertility clinic?" she narrowed her eyes at the screen as she stood in between Ianto and Gwen looking at the information Tosh had but up on the big screen in the Conference room. Owen was still down playing mad scientist with the corpse of the alien and she was more than happy to let him. She'd already hit her squick quota for one night.

"The New Horizons Fertility Clinic. It specializes in single women who have conception problems and in the last year it's gained a reputation for being the most successful clinic in the UK with an eighty percent success rate." Tosh pulled up another file. "According to what I've found their success rate more than doubled when this doctor..." a picture of a tall thin brunette woman in a lab coat with glasses appeared on the screen "...Doctor Diana Oswald, took over as their head."

"So it's probably a pretty safe bet that this doctor is the reason that we've suddenly got a case of Aliens the movie going on." she crossed her arms over her chest and let her brain work over possible ideas for dealing with the obvious threat as Gwen questioned Tosh.

"Buffy." she looked up at Gwen calling her name "What?"

"How are we going to deal with this?"

She shrugged, one way seemed a whole lot better than the others for one very specific reason, time. The longer they waited the more innocent women that the so called doctor could impregnate with something very nasty. "I'm gonna walk right through the front door."

Gwen's "What!?" was followed by Ianto's "You can't possibly be serious?"

She put her hands up, forestalling any more protests. "This clinic caters to single professional women with money who want to have babies. I fit the bill better than anyone else here. Plus you didn't see that thing, it was fast and efficient, a born predator. Who ever goes in will have to go in unarmed and I'm the most likely to survive if faced with another one of those things."


Crap! Crappity-Crap-CRAP!

Run! She looked over her shoulder at the dozen razor clawed and sharp toothed aliens that were following her down the long corridor of the fertility hospital as she ran. It just figured that she'd walk into a clinic where the so called miracle worker of a fertility doctor wasn't some human running experiments on human patients but the mommy alien giving her babies human hosts so that she could mass spawn.

"Tosh! Any time now would be good!" she wasn't armed and even though she knew she could take on about half of the aliens on her tail and win unarmed there was no way she could take on over a dozen and hope to come out as anything other than kebab meat.

"We're almost done Buffy." she skidded around a corner and kept going. "Five more minutes." Five more minutes! Five more minutes before they could produce a frequency that would kill off the vicious killing machines and their evil freaktastic mommy who wanted her dead. How the hell did she keep ending up in these situations?

"Faster would be better!" she kept running, the sounds of snarling steadily getting closer. Running and Running and aww crap! She spotted the woman, Donna something, that had been manning the reception desk as she'd checked in the day before.


"What?" the redheaded woman's eyes went a little wide as the distance between them closed.

"RUN!" she grabbed the woman's hand and started dragging her along. Those things would eat just about anything, even chairs, as she'd found out only a few minutes before.

"What do you think you're doing sunshine?" the woman demanded shrilly but started to try and keep pace, though she was more dragging her along to keep up with slayer speed than anything.

She started to look for someplace for them to hole up. They only needed to buy time for her team to get the equipment ready. "We need some place with a door, a thick door."

"What the bleeding hell are you talking about!?" they were still running.

"Someplace with a thick door! Where?" they skidded around another corner, almost falling over. "WHERE?"

"Down the hall, on the left." they kept running and she spotted it, a thick metal door that looked like a freezer door almost. Those were always good. They reached it, the woman panting next to her as she spotted a keypad on it. "What's the code?" she glanced back and saw the things coming, gaining on them.

"I don't know it! You just said a door, not if I had the stupid code!" she glared over at Donna. "Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine." she looked down at the keypad.

"Oi!" but the rest of whatever Donna was going to say was lost as she slammed her fist into the thing and grabbed a handful of wires. The Doctor might have his precious sonic screwdriver but sometimes violence actually did work. And it really did as the air locks on the door hissed and she grabbed the handle. "Get in!"

It only took a second for the two of them to get inside and for her to slam the door shut. It didn't lock and she had to stifle a growl as she slammed her fist into the control panel on the side they were now on. There was only a fifty fifty chance it would work but she smiled when she heard the thick steel locks slide back into place about two heartbeats before she heard a slam on the other side.

Just in time. She let out a deep breath and thanked the universe for blind luck and not being completely human.

"Oi Just who are you?" she felt the steel door vibrate under her palms and scowled. "Oi Are you listening to me? Who are you?" she turned her body around and braced herself against the door, using her strength to give it some added support. She only needed to buy some time.


"That's not a name!" Donna folded her arms over her chest but she wasn't paying all that much attention, she was more concerned with making sure the door held up against the onslaught on the other side "Buffy! My name is Buffy!"

"Are you human? And what are those things?" the door began to shake harder and she could hear steel tearing. Crap. But the question finally registered and she looked up sharply at the other woman. "Those would be aliens that want to kill us and yes I'm human." the door shuddered even harder and she pushed back against it even harder. "Well more or less."

Seriously, how did she keep ending up in situations like this?


Her team was in full gear, cleaning up the mess and all that stuff that they were so good at and that she sucked at. She was action girl, not clean up girl. But amidst all the chaos she spotted the only survivor of the night among the staff of the clinic. She ran a hand through her hair, absently noting that she had bits of alien in it from when their heads had exploded from the sound wave Tosh has blasted through the building. A shower was definitely on her list of things to do, a long shower. But she didn't slow down on her approach to the red headed woman.

"You alright?" she leaned against the low wall that surrounded the front of the clinic next to Donna.

"I've got bits of alien in my hair." she smiled at the response. "Baby shampoo will get it out."

Donna looked over a her in the dimly lit night. "That's good to know." then she sighed. "I mange to find aliens but not him, just my luck."

She looked over at Donna sharply, connections snapping into place. There was only one 'him' when it came to aliens. So Donna had met the Doctor and it looked like he'd made his usual impression. She smiled even as she felt something inside her expand and she reached into her pocket and felt the fob watch. Connections, connections. So many connections and none of them were ever casual.

She didn't know why she knew that but she did. She met Donna's gaze. "You'll find him." Donna's eyes widened. "When it's time." she pushed herself off the wall and headed for the front doors of the clinic. But something, she didn't know what because it was like everything else that she'd been feeling over the last months but couldn't explain or give proper form to made her turn around and look back at the other woman. It was just a sense, like a niggling warning in her head. “Watch your back Donna Noble.” and then she turned and kept going. They'd just stopped another potential end of the world and she couldn't get her shower until all the lose ends were tied up.

She frowned, when had she heard Donna's last name? She shook her head and opened the clinic door. Something was definitely up with her. But what exactly?

And why wasn't she more worried about it?


“Oi! Get your own chips!” Owen swatted at her hand as she stole another french fry from his plate and missed, she was faster than he was after all. She grinned as the rest of the team smiled and popped the fry in her mouth.

She chewed and swallowed, still smiling. “Sorry, stolen fries are always better than your own.”

Owen gave her a look, “In that case then.” he reached over to her plate across the table but he wasn't a match for her as she got her plate out of the way fast enough to evade him. Only to have Tosh reach up and take one instead with no attempts at evasion what so ever.

“Oi! Bloody women!” everyone laughed at Owen's outrage. “Sexist, that's what that is. There's more of you lot than us now.” she exchanged a look with Ianto and he only shrugged as he took a drink from his glass.

“Keep talking like that and I'm gonna make you and Tosh sparring partners later.” which was no idle threat. Tosh wasn't a fighter at heart but their resident tech genius had gotten freakishly good with using Escrima and Krav Maga and the sparring sessions they had every day included some rather nasty metal or wooden rods.

Owen glared at her but it wasn't a full glare, not even half and she smiled as she popped another fry in her mouth.


“Tosh, keep monitoring the readings. Everyone else start getting things ready.” she leaned back in her chair, no Jack's chair, as everyone felt the office and closed her eyes. Almost six months she'd been leading Torchwood in Jack's absence and for a little longer than that she'd had the feeling in her head that something was coming. In dreams that never made any sense it came, in whispers in her head telling her to stay hidden and safe and that it wasn't time yet.

Something was coming, she knew it like she knew her own name. She'd known for months and every time something came up there was the thought that it had finally come, that thing that throbbed in her head. For months they'd been preparing for it, Torchwood and the Council. But it was May, the start of Apocalypse Season and so far neither group had gotten so much as a blip on the End of the World Scale and what had been only worry and tension before had turned into something else.

The whole world was quiet, as if waiting for the hammer to come down. Even the demons, and that had the Council as worried as she'd been for weeks. Because the quieter it was before the storm the bigger the threat tended to be.

Which was exactly why she picked up her Council phone from the desk and scrolled through her contact list for a certain name. There was a threat that was going to take Torchwood out of Cardiff and into the Himalayas and she wanted backup. She wanted contingencies. They had to be ready and the Council had it's own things to worry about. The Council had to be ready for anything, not just demonic threats because if she and her team fell then the Council was the only defense Earth had besides UNIT and she didn't trust them as far as Tosh could throw them.

She pushed the call button on her phone and put it to her ear, waiting for the call to connect to the one viable backup she had and trusted besides her own people.

“Riley, it's Buffy.”


He'd only seen Buffy once since Sunnydale had sunk into a crater and suddenly slayers had starting coming out of the woodwork. An army of little girls with superpowers. Back then, when all of the survivors of Sunnydale had still been licking their wounds in a very literal sense, there'd been something almost broken about Buffy. Like a statue that time and the elements had begun to erode.

But that had been then and now was very different as he stood off to the side in the Torchwood Hub's Conference Room as Buffy went over details and plans and a thousand other things with Sam, Riley and her team. Five years before Buffy had been too thin, too worn and too cracked around the edges for someone of twenty three. Now someone he knew from phone calls only stood at the end of the conference table and she wasn't anything like she'd been. There was something....different about her. Like who she was had filled up all the physical space she took up and had started to seep out around her.

“Alright, Gwen you've in charge here with Ianto, Sam and four of the squad. Riley, you're going to be working with Owen. Tosh, Graham, “ she looked him straight in the eye. “You're with me.” their gaze broke and she went back to addressing everyone. “We're sticking to the Council's communications systems for this.” Buffy picked up a large manilla envelope and poured out it's contents to reveal over a dozen stones hanging from leather cords. “I had the Council send these over. Teleport stones, strong enough to carry five people each in one go. They're blood activated and will work as long as someone knows the word to activate the second half of the spell. They'll teleport you straight to the closest Council base.”

“What's the activation word?” he caught the stone that Buffy tossed in his direction, absently doing the math. They had enough stones that they could teleport not only their whole team but then some. A little paranoid seeming but with the Council's track record not overly so.

Buffy smirked and for some reason it reminded him of supernovas and adrenaline and dancing along the edge. “Sineya.”


She was sitting near the fire that Graham had started for their breakfast, a tin cup with coffee that was quickly cooling in one hand when a feeling unlike anything she'd ever experienced before ripped through her.

Her head, there was screaming in her head and the sound of drums. Screaming and screaming and and that dum dum dum dum noise. And a voice over and over again. “Stay hidden! Not time yet.”

And then all around her she heard different sounds, the sounds of yelling and she looked up. She looked up and saw it.

The end of the world.


*Hides behind rock* Please don't kill me my birthday is on sunday and I'd like to live long enough to celebrate it. I'm planning on doing the entire year that wasn't in a one shot. It's going to cover the events of the entire year as well as Buffy's past with the Doctor and Martha.

Now, go, review and tell me which characters you think should survive the war until the Doctor rewinds the year.

The End

You have reached the end of "Life Past Death". This story is complete.