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Life Past Death

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Convergence Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The past is never really dead, the present and future always in motion. But, most of all, there are no casual connections.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyjezaeiriFR1831106,33360396149,08617 Jan 097 Jan 10Yes

The Echoing of the Past and Future

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who or Torchwood. If I did well...... wouldn't be doing this is all I'll say.

Authors Note. *Please Read* First off I blame this story entirely on BuffyCharmed and MoragMacPherson. They sucked me into thos world with art and great storytelling. And then when I got a bug in my ear about it Morag was a goddess and set me on the right path. So thank you so much.

Second, this is going to start out with a lot of people going 'huh?' But that's for a reason. Anyone who reads my stuff knows I have a tendency to start in the middle and give information along the way. I am however posting a time line of sorts to help people out since I know how confusing things can be. Especially since I'm going to be covering events of both Doctor Who and Torchwood. For the most part it will be Torchwood but only for the most part.

Also the dates mentioned are gleaned from the very helpful in so many ways Captain's Blog found on BBC's Torchwood section. I recomend that people go read them. There's some funny stuff buried in there.

AND FINALLY! to anyone who reads my other stuff. I'm sorry I haven't updated but I was out of town for a couple of weeks for the holidays followed by my birthday and then a sudden death in the family. I will update as soon as my muse decides its not obsessed with other things during the few hours I have to write a week at the moment.

And on we go.


“One of many. Well.......time was.”

Through the miasma of her dreams she heard those words, so few among so many. One small piece of a greater web, wrapped around her. Memories, names, places, figures, facts, washed over her. Waves that had begun as only ripples in her dreams four years before.

“Baby, baby, baby! You are my Voodoo Child - my Voodoo Child.”

So much there, the turn of the earth, the vastness of time. One strand pulled too hard and everything reshaped itself. One war and things were changed. A line into the past, a change here and there, so much. So very much beyond.

“Don't say maybe, maybe It's Supernatural - I'm coming undone.”

The song wasn't normal and it began to draw her from everything, pull her back into the here and now. Opening her eyes she saw only faint grayness and realized that she'd once again pulled the covers over her head in her sleep to keep the cold at bay. Blinking, she realized that the sounds of Willow's designated ring tone on her phone had stopped leaving in its wake that ever so fun beeping noise that said she had a voice mail.

Stretching, but unwilling to leave her warm haven yet she stuck one hand out of the blankets and picked the phone up from the bedside table and brought it under the covers with her. Blinking at the sudden blue slight she saw the time.

Six in the morning was not a good hour for her generally. Most especially now that she'd had over three years of 'official retirement'. Which basically meant that she was kept in the loop on everything and only really participated in the Council when she wanted to or there was an emergency. Pressing the button she waited for the message to start.

“Buffy, I know it's early and I'm sorry cause I know you're not with the morning thing but Giles wants to know if you've looked over the files he had me send last week. After what happened at Canary Warf he's gotten all with the glasses cleaning and well, you know. I'll try back later.”

She flipped the phone closed and smiled despite the early wake up call. Willow would never stop babbling. And then the words sank in, Canary Warf. Only a few months before and still she wondered what had really happened. She had a good idea but the rest of the Council and the world never really would.

Well not for a good while at least.

Submitting herself to the inevitable cold she pushed the blankets off and sat up in bed, her socked feet hitting the floor as she stood and moved over to the hotel's desk where she'd set up her laptop when she'd arrived a couple of weeks before. Sitting down in the chair she waited for the login and typed in her password. Going to the files she read the label.

Torchwood Three- Cardiff, Wales.

Clicking on the file she opened it and waited as the screen began to fill with information. Four years ago she'd have hated doing this. She'd never been a fan of computers, research or anything science based but one day, one man, one explosion, one twist of fate had changed her.

And she doubted he even knew how much. How much that wave of energy had woken up. One day and everything had changed. Everything she knew about herself, her mother, the slayers, the universe had changed.

And she hadn't told anyone.

Scrolling through the files she read for what could have been a hand full of pages before she stopped, her throat going dry and her mind running a million miles an hour and not at all.

Captain Jack Harkness

There was no way. No way it could be him. But as she clicked on the file and opened his personal one she knew it was a lie. It was him.

Her mind stopped its fighting and slowed as she recalled that day. That day when everything had changed and she'd had no clue. That first little trickle before the flood. The summer day after Willow had gone away to England with Giles when she'd finally gone through her mother's things and found that box.

She remembered it with a clarity that was almost Technicolor. She'd found the box in the top of the closet, dusty and hidden in the back and when she'd opened it. Birth certificates, adoption papers, diaries, photographs, and that gold fob watch.

She knew what all of it meant now. All the little strings of the web laid out of her to see. She remembered the photograph of the man she knew was her biological father smiling next to her mother and looked at the picture of the man on the screen before her. They were the same, exactly the same.

And that meant one thing. He wasn't a normal human. But then, if she wanted to put it in to perspective her mother hadn't been either. Though to be fair her mother didn't remember that. Her mother had died thinking she was a normal human with two less than normal daughters. Her mother didn't remember running from the Time War, didn't remember anything except a fake human life.

But she knew the truth. One nut case alien tries to use her sister as a way to open a hole in space and time and she ends up in a time traveling blue box with a skinny alien wearing Converse sneakers and a twenty something med student from London.

She'd stopped it, she'd saved Dawn and the universe but it should have killed her. Should have killed any normal human. That wave of energy should have fried her like an egg but it hadn't. It'd woken something up inside of her. Shown her a legacy that stretched so far back into the past and future that she still had problems sorting it all out. And she'd never forget it, his face, his eyes as he'd pressed her mind. He was the last of his kind and when he saw what not only he but others had caused his eyes, his mind. It would be with her all her life.

It was all one web, a fabric of time and stepping back and looking at it from a distance she knew that this was far more than it seemed. Far. far more.

And she was going to find out what it was.

Because when her biological father gets recruited a century before into a group that hunts aliens after talking about finding a Doctor it was just too much of a coincidence.

And she still didn't believe in coincidences or leprechauns.

Picking up the hotel phone by her laptop she pressed the button for the concierge and waited. “This is Buffy Summers, I need you to book me for the next flight to Cardiff, Wales and a hotel there.”

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