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By Sun and Candlelight

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Summary: When Buffy Summers uses the Emergency Kit that once belonged to the slayer Nikki Wood, she finds herself transported not only into an alternate universe, but a completely different galaxy.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: John SheppardDoctorsgirlFR1824,6454388,63818 Jan 0925 Jan 09No

Fluffy animals and caffine withdrawal

Disclaimer: I own nothing

“Uh-oh, this does not look good for our heroine”--- Angelus, Beginning Part 2.

A/N: Wow, thanks for all the reviews, and input. It’s appreciated greatly.

Chapter 2


She’d been stuck on planet Makesh, or as she liked to call it Planet Dustbowl, for a month now. Tsch, close to the problem at hand her ass. For all she knew the Wraith had taken over the galaxy and gotten to Earth already while she was stuck in the land-water-and-civilisation-forgot, with sand in places that it really shouldn’t be.

And it mustn’t be forgotten that a cranky slayer was a careless slayer. Without her daily intake of caffine via mocha frappachinos and Dawnie’s infamous cinnamon coffee, this Slayer was just about ready to re-enact a stereotypical horror flick and take an axe to the nearest fluffily adorable creature…Anya would be so proud…

Shortly after her arrival she’d staggered across what had looked to be an old style Arabian caravan, as it turn out it kinda was. It was totally old age style, they had harems and everything. Many of the locals had been interested by her differing skin tone, and from what she could tell with the limited skills obtained in Psych 101 (Maggie Walsh had after all been more interesting in cutting up demon-bits than actually ya know…teaching) they appeared to have little or no previous contact with outsiders. Which meant no Earth expedition.

Thankfully the side of the planet she had landed on was not in fact the supposedly ‘barren’ area, at least according to the natives. Though she highly doubted their definition of ‘barren’ and her own were in any way mixable. They were two completely unmixy things like…oil and water, Willow and frogs…Buffy and cooking…

But that was besides the point. The planet she’d landed on had been lacking the ‘star-gate’ Whistler had told her about, well she had yet to find one and the locals just looked at her like she was a whack-job if she mentioned a giant ring covered in symbols. Though they were hardly the best directions imaginable, something she would be ‘thanking’ a certain Balance demon for with interest on their next meeting.
It wouldn’t surprise her if it was buried somewhere underneath the Sahara’s long lost elder sibling.

And if that wasn’t enough to make her ’slightly’ irritated the locals were complete nut-jobs, they were a nomadic people who travelled around the planet, correction…around one half of the planet. They claimed the other half was ’cursed’, they’d treated her like a plague-carrier when she’d mentioned wanting to go there. But go there she would, something drew her there, and it wasn’t just the fact that something on that half of the planet was setting off her spidey senses big time.

There was something there, something sleeping, a creature that gave off a sense of darkness like thick molasses and made the aura that the Mayor ha given off feel like playtime at the kiddie coral.

The Slayer stared at the magical necklace Whistler had given her with a disgruntled glare.

“It’s not like he could have given me something to keep me cool in boiling-to-the-bone weather or anything. Nooo that would make things too easy and when do the Powers make anything easy.” She quietly grouched, ducking her head to avoid the glare of the sun as she cleared to next dune.

It had been useful, granted, what with the nights on this planet being sub-zero, the level of cold that made a California-gal very unhappy. She stuck those nights out in a tent she’d managed to trade some of her rings for with the locals. They were like magpies with their ’ooooh Shiinnneeyy’ syndrome. It was kind of freaky, and really helped her not feel guilty for pretty much cheating the natives of their items for some jewellery she’d bought half off in a sale in downtown Sunny hell.

Still it was the principle of the matter, it was far too hot, and she couldn’t take the big coat off as it was the main reason she hadn’t burnt to a crisp as of yet. It wasn’t that bad actually, hardly Prada or anything of the like but it was practical, easy to move in, stylish and leather fulfilling all Buffy clothing requirements.

Buffy glared up at the cloudless sky, this planet was becoming ridiculous. It was if it was purposefully designed to be a death trap, if the weather didn’t get ya then the ‘friendly’ neighbourhood animals would. It seemed that the sands of the ’dark-side’ of the planet was inhabited solely by things designed to kill you. Giant centipedes, massive scorpions, what was next tunnelling knives?

The only peaceful creatures were the little glow-bugs which seemed to follow her everywhere. They were cute in an adorable yet highly irritating way, and talking to them made her feel a whole less wacko than talking to herself.

Which when you thought about it was slightly…very…extremely pathetic…

She shifted her shoulders, the sword she’d strapped to it becoming uncomfortable, most of her weapons were in the magical fanny pack courtesy of Wills magic (which thankfully still worked in this dimension). However what with all the ooglie-booglies here, along with the fact that she was closing in on the source of her wiggins she wasn’t just going to rely on the guns strapped to her waist and upper-thigh. Though she’d gotten damn good with them over the past month. She preferred the feel of cold steel, to deal with her enemies up close and personal to ensure their demise. Did that make her warped?

Well, with all the shit she and the Scoobies had been through it was a wonder she wasn’t damaged beyond repair. Though at times like these she really wished they had her back.

‘You’re doing this for them. You go home the First gets another chance’ she sternly gave herself the mental reminder of the consequences of her resurrection.

She cleared the next dune and let out a groan of frustration as she saw yet more dunes stretching on into the distance.

“Fucking portals!!!!”



The puddle jumper containing Major John Sheppard and his current team, consisting of Dr Rodney McKay, Dr. Brendan Gall and Dr. Abrams landed on the planet on the opposite side of Atlantis' near space. Thankfully they had survived McKay’s attempts to fly the jumper in a ’straight’ line.

They had landed on the planet which they’d picked up the Wraith distress signal whilst checking out the Ancient satellite that appeared to have blasted it out of the sky.

If the ship had been shot down by the Wraith 10,000 years earlier when the Ancient satellite worked, then there should be some useful info on the Wraith in general. On their weapons. Possible ways to defeat them…

Well they could hope.

What was currently putting one Major John Sheppard on edge was a strange tickling at the back of his mind, similar to the feeling he experienced when activating the Ancient technology only…bigger. One of the reasons he packed extra weaponry, better safe and sorry an‘ all, well that was what Elizabeth was always yelling when he put himself in danger. But with a Wraith ship on the planet he wasn’t taking any chances. McKay would whine if he got captured again…

Still he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was coming. Something big…

“Sheppard hurry up, If we find this we could do so much against the Wraith so you sitting around staring into space really isn’t helping!” Rodney snapped, his usual refreshing self.

“Mckay!” Sheppard yelled, his voice filled with exasperation.


“You’re going the wrong way.” Sheppard rolled his eyes, as Gall and Abrams snickered quietly.

“Oh…I knew that!” Rodney huffed, and turned to walk in the opposite direction.

“Still wrong.” Sheppard grinned.

“Oh y-you have got to be kidding. There are only two main directions unless we head back to the jumper or I want to fall in quicksand.” The physicist yelped.

“Yeah I was just messing with ya that time.” Sheppard smirked, then flinched as the scientist shot him a look so cold that it could probably send the Wraith heading for the hills. “Well…It’s this way…” He motioned with the life signs detector and headed out followed by the nerds.

However the strange feeling that tickled the back of his mind seemed convinced that something was about to change things forever. Whether he wanted to or not, it seemed kinda persistent in that regard.

Of course that was when the little alien glow-bugs started chasing McKay, the scientists ungainly flails were enough to distract anyone…

And also enough to make him wish he’d brought that video camera, he and Ford had dug out of storage. he had a feeling that most of Atlantis would be aware of McKay's encounter with the 'fireflies of doom' when they got back. You really had to love the gossip system. Thousands of lightyears from home, stranded in another galaxy, with evil life-sucking aliens on the loose and people still had time to speculate if 'Dr Phillips' was having regular cafateria meals with 'Dr Wilson'. Gotta love the human race.

Still he'd enjoy the bragging rights that witnessing this situation would bring...

A/N: Read and review.

The End?

You have reached the end of "By Sun and Candlelight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Jan 09.

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