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By Sun and Candlelight

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Summary: When Buffy Summers uses the Emergency Kit that once belonged to the slayer Nikki Wood, she finds herself transported not only into an alternate universe, but a completely different galaxy.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: John SheppardDoctorsgirlFR1824,6454388,64018 Jan 0925 Jan 09No

Portals and Planes of Existance

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Intro: Starts S7 Buffy ‘Get it done’ , S1 SGA ‘Defiant One’.

When Buffy Summers uses the Emergency Kit that once belonged to the slayer Nikki Wood, she finds herself transported not only into an alternate universe, but a completely different galaxy. Will Buffy be able to complete the task set in time to save Atlantis or will she fall before the Wraith.
Pairings: Buffy/Sheppard, Carson/Cadman, Ford/Teyla (?).

A/N: I recently got really into SGA, and Sheppard is re-ally yummy so ta-da.

“The First is coming, and look at us. The Army. We’ve got fighters with nothing to hit, a Wicca who wont use magic, and the brains of our operation wears oven mitts”--Buffy, Get it Done.

Chapter 1:


The group stood in the darkened room watching as the shadow play worked its way across the walls.

“First there is the Earth…Then came the demons…After demons came men…The men found a Girl… The men took the Girl to fight the demon. Um, all Demons. They…chained her to the Earth.” Dawn read the book of Sumerian shakily, as the shadows made by the puppets began to move on their own, with an accompanying cacophony of sound.

“And then…I can’t read this. It says something about darkness.”

The magic lantern span, making the shadows of the construct move as if they were taking on life. Moving to act out their ancient story that chilled Buffy to the bone.

“It says you cannot watch. But you must see. That in order to prevent the occurrence of what you seek to stop you must be willing to make a sacrifice. To…exchange?” Dawn yelled, confusion evident in her voice over the noise.

“When did you get so good at Sumerian?” Xander yelled, wide eyed.

“It’s not in Sumerian…” Dawn whispered, and sure enough words in English glowed on the page, before melting away into nothing, leaving the book blank.

On the wall, Demon attacked girl, who shrieked in her chains. The device whirled faster, out of control, a blue light flashing from it’s centre to create a circular portal. It’s glare was bright and made her wince, but it’s rippling surface reminded her of a portal.

“Ok-ay, anyone else got the major wiggins?” Xander muttered aloud.

“What does it mean?” Willow whispered in quiet awe.

“It means in order to stop the First some one will have to sacrifice themselves. And not just anyone…a Slayer.” Buffy murmured, eyes filled with ancient understanding.

She turned towards the corner of the room to pick up the black duffel magically charmed by Willow when her power was at its zenith pre-Darth Wills, to contain a sub-space pocket. It held her weapons, medical equipment and emergency supplies in case something went on patrol. It held swords, knives, axes, a certain troll hammer and even the gun Willow had almost killed Kennedy with earlier that year. Buffy deeming it unsafe to be kept near the mini’s.

“Buffy, wait…please think” Dawn choked out.

“Dawnie. If this can stop the First…I have to.” Buffy hugged her baby sister to her, then turned to Willow, who looked to be on the verge of tears. “This doesn’t work, I’m counting on you to take care of everyone until Angel can spring Faith.”

The Wiccan nodded, hugging Buffy as though her life depended on it, earning the Blonde slayer a glare from Kennedy.

“Buffy…” Xander stepped forward, eyes uncertain.

“Xan…I need to do this. Hey if it doesn’t work you can bring me back. It’s what you do right?” She joked, earning a smile, a weak one, but a smile nonetheless.

“To infinity and beyond.” Buffy joked weakly, before stepping into the portal…

The second Buffy walked through the portal, it rippled once then completely vanished. The others stunned into shocked and horrified silence.

“Um…I hate to break up the moment…But didn’t the creepy book say something about an exchange?” Anya piped up.

As soon as the former vengeance demon spoke, there was a ripple of energy and a large demon stood in all its glory. It was the height of a major league basketball player, wearing armour that was a strange mix of old and new, with mottled green/blue skin and strange tattooed markings on its face. It had a pair of what to be a pair of secondary, snakelike nostrils and its nails were long and sharp giving the indication they could rip through flesh.

It’s long white hair swung wildly, as it bared rotten teeth that were reminiscent of a shark.

“What the ‘ell is that?” Demanded Spike, stepping forward, vamping out as his subconscious sensed a threat, as the potentials edged closer to the door.

“Must be the exchange student.” Xander quipped.

The demon reached out to grab Spike, thrusting a hand into a chest cavity, then frowning in confusion.

“You have no life to drain, Prey.” He snarled angrily in a deep booming voice.

“Righ’, terribly sorry ‘bout that mate” Spike growled in pain.

At the same time Dawn whimpered “D-drain life?”

“Willow, use your magic, send it back.” Kennedy yelled, ducking to avoid Spike as he was hurled across the room.

“You cannot stop me. I will feed, and I will be strong.” The creature flickered forward at super-speed that was only a bit less than Slayer speed.

Luckily it ricocheted off a shield spell that the Wiccan had swiftly erected.

“Right, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say we shouldn’t let the thing touch us.” Xander muttered aloud. “Yeesh…Where’s a Slayer when you need her.”

“I can handle this.” Willow’s eyes began to bleed into black…


“Well…Isn’t this…thrilling. I can see white, white and oooh…I think there’s a bit of extra-sparkly white over there.” Buffy drawled with an irritated frown at the strange place which she had emerged from the portal into. Who ever did their interior decorating sucked.

After a few moments of foot-tapping and staring pointedly at what she assumed to be a ceiling, she tried again.

“Hellooooo?” she yelled, receiving an echo for her troubles. “Look is anyone there? ’Cos ya know, this standing around what looks to be the single most boring place on Earth, not exactly big on my to-do list.” Suddenly she paused her eyes widening. “Oh my God! This better not be Hell, damn it. And if it is how the hell did Angel survive 500 years of this and stay sane…Oh crud…”

“You’re not in Hell” came an amused and highly familiar voice drawled.

“Good to know.” Buffy huffed.“Well if you’re quite done in using me as in-flight entertainment care to make with the ‘splainy and tell me where I am?…Whistler. And while you’re at it you can tell me why the Powers brought me here, or am I going to have ‘fun’ guessing whilst I use your head as a bowling ball?” She arched an unimpressed eyebrow.

“Now Kid…Lets not be too extreme.” The balance demon stepped into view.

“Start talking Whistler, I want to know how to defeat the First and I want to know a.s.a.p!”

“There is no way to ’defeat’ The First. Don’t you get it Kid? As long as evil exists so will the First.” Whistler frowned.

“No! Look there has to be a way. I get that this is my fault, that Balthazar’s eye thing was pretty clear about that. I need to know how to fix this. How to save them.” Buffy’s green eyes were wide and desperate, as Whistler winced at her mangling the name of a revered demon oracle.

"I‘m sorry Kid. The Powers sent me to tell you that there's only one way to stop the First," Whistler gave her a soft smile, eyes filled with empathy.

“But you just said…!” Buffy growled irritably at Whistler’s cryptic-ness.

“I said there was no way to DEFEAT the First, didn’t say anything about stopping his little End of the World party in its tracks.” Whistler gave her a small smirk that was positively wicked.


The Balance demon’s face crumpled sadly at her question, filling her with foreboding.

“Dammit Whistler just tell me!” She snapped, her patience was already stretched to breaking point after living in a house with the mini-slayers for the past few months. “And none of the cryptic-guy thing, because I am so prepared to go through with the rib-cage hat. The Spring fashion line has been looking for new styles and I’m perfectly willing to experiment.”

"The Red witch brought you back against your will from the heavenly plane, that knocked off the balance, made the future of the Slayer-line uncertain. Which I can tell you for a fact that the Big Kahunahs up there really weren’t expecting. That in turn created the opportunity for the First to gain a foothold in this reality, and implement it‘s plan. The only way to close the way to the First Evil until the End of Days is for you to willingly leave his plane of existence." Whistler explained solemnly, twirling the trademark fedora in his hands.

‘Death is your gift.’

The words that haunted her dreams time and time again echoed in her mind. What would it be like to die and find peace, she silently wondered. After all she’d already been brought back from the death three times already…

"What now then?” Her voice was hollow, weary and backed up by a very potent glare that had most demons heading for the hills. “Are you going to tell me the best way to die, or are we going for trial and error to see which sticks.” She snarked.

"Jeez Kid, who said anything about you dying. All you need to do is leave that reality, there are plenty of others to choose from. The Powers don’t actually want you dead, believe it or not. Fact of the matter is they need your help, real bad, somewhere else, in a different plane of existence." He watched the strength of the longest lived Slayer rush to the fore in front of his very eyes. That will of steel that had kept her alive so long and would hopefully aid the innocents of the Pegasus galaxy.

Buffy stood there in silence her mind weighing the options, whilst at the same time remembering the two years since her resurrection. Not to mention the vision that had haunted her dreams for the past year, and that she knew without a doubt would occur if she remained with the Scoobies to fight the First’s battle.

They would betray her, she knew that much. And Dawnie, her beloved sister would say the words.

‘I need you to leave.’

What could she have done in that time to create the mistrust that shone from their eyes? Would she even be able to live with herself after this occurred and she turned down the best chance at stopping the deaths of countless young girls and her own friends?


She couldn’t, and the Powers were obviously aware of this. Clearly they had learned the lesson caused by the whole Glory incident. Buffy would do anything to protect her precious people. Even from herself.

“They will be safe? The others?” Buffy demanded.

“Safe as houses Slayer…Well not as safe as your house, cos you know…its got loadsa demons and vampires attacking it and it's falling ap….And I’m goin’ to shut up now…” Whistler trailed off nervously at her murderous glare.

“Willow and the others will try and bring me back.” Buffy reminded him.

“Nopes. As far as everyone will be concerned the whole First thing never happened with you involved and The First was too weak to implement it, the Potentials will be sent home and the Scoobies will be safe. Thinking that they never even raised you from the dead and assured by vision dreams that little ol’ you is tucked up safe and sound in heaven.” Whistler beamed.

“Wow…” Buffy blinked quietly for a moment. “You guys have really thought this through.”

“Oh yeah. Well those guys don’t really have much to do other than sittin’ on their asses all day.” Whistler smirked, then gave a yelp, as he jumped to avoid a lightning bolt which hit precariously close to his foot. “I’m sorry okay?” Whistler yowled, glancing upward, his Bronx accent particularly strong.

Rolling her eyes at his antics, Buffy couldn’t help but feel a tremor of excitement running down her spine. For such a long time defending the Hell mouth had taken up her life. Ever since returning from heaven she had felt…displaced. As if she didn’t truly belong. As it turned out she’d been right. The thought of a new life thrilled her somewhat, and she knew the others would take care of Dawnie.

“Hang on a sec. This is the Slayer emergency kit right? So it gives direct access to the PtB’s or their messenger?” Buffy blinked as the thought entered her head. How useful it could have been way back when.

“Ah…Not exactly. It was supposed to be a vision quest kinda thing, with the original Watchers. You wouldn’t have liked it, the outcome would have made you a demon. So we…hijackedthelink.” He stammered out the words at a rapid speed.

When Buffy managed to translate the babble she chuckled softly “Whistler, you rebel you.”

“What can I say Kid, I’m bad to the bone” Whistler pouted, but the effect was ruined by his brightly patterned lime green shirt.

"What do they need me to do?" Buffy tilted her head to one side questioningly, her duffel bag slung lazily over one shoulder.

"An alternate universe, in a system known as the Pegasus Galaxy, resting place of the Lost City of Atlantis. It was created by a race known as the Ancients or the Lanteans, who were advanced both technologically and mentally. They eventually Ascended to become that ‘verse’s version of the PtB.

“They left behind a legacy of greatness as well as a creation so horrific even you’d have nightmares about them. They are called the wraith and were created when the Ancients decided to turn their hands to genetic modification. Long story short they have an insatiable hunger that can only be fulfilled by sucking the life out of people and leaving behind withered corpses. There are thousands of them, and they eventually drove the Ancients back to their home planet in a far away galaxy by sheer numbers, even though the Ancients were more advanced.

“They hibernate for about 50 years and then awaken, swarm and decimate the population before returning to sleep to allow the so-called ’prey’ to renew its numbers. We hope that as the slayer you’ll prove immune as a Slayer. You‘ll fit in fine because the Ancients were originally from Earth, and so the species that remain there are mainly humanoid. But no-one can know you’re from Earth.” Whistler rambled, his tone deadly serious.

“Why now?” Buffy said, her voice steely at the thought of so many brutal deaths. “The way you talk about it, makes it sound like its been going on for a while. So what’s different this time around?”

“Atta girl” Grinned Whistler, whilst something that looked a lot like pride glinted in his blue eyes. “Basically the descendants of the Ancients, their second evolution if you will, the people of planet Earth 2004 of this reality have discovered to travel via Stargate. An instant transport wormhole system which can go anywhere that a portal ring exists. They discovered the address needed to travel to Atlantis and like you humans do decided to ’boldly go where no man has gone before’. They managed to obtain enough power to go there and explore Pegasus but haven’t the energy to get back to Earth. The expedition have been exploring attempting to find a new power source to power Atlantis and get them home. Unfortunately one of their number awakened the Wraith early and the Pegasus galaxy hasn’t a large enough population to sustain them.”

“Let me guess, they want Atlantis so they can find the right co-ordinates, go to Earth, and chow down on their idea of an all-you-can-eat?” Buffy sighed, it was an old but effective cliché.

“Yep. We need you in Pegasus to help slow ’em down. Unfortunately we can’t get you on the original Expedition team, that’s set in stone already, you know unchangable key points and all that jazz. What we can do is put you in a position to meet up with and help them. The Powers have also given you permission to kill humans, believe me you’ll need it with all the nut jobs in THAT galaxy. But first you’ll need to dress the part.” Whistler smirked at her.

Though distracted at the thought of killing humans, something she’d always feared doing, she still looked down to find her stylish denim jacket, white turtle neck sweater, long leather skirt and Jimmy choos gone. Replaced by a worn tan leather duster, with numerous pockets, a pair of tan combat trousers and a black tank top and a pair of knee high leather boots which unlike her previous pair were flats, though not bad looking. Strapped to a wide belt at her waist as a canteen filled with water.

She’d also gotten an extra knife strapped to her leg along with another gun. On perusal of her pockets she found a seemingly endless amount of bullet cartridges, along with a strange glowy thingamajig.

“That’s important Slayer, very important. It’ll keep you warm in sub-zero temps and stuff.” Whistler quickly muttered.

“Sub-zero?! Wait a sec. I did not sign up for sub-zero!” Buffy yelled, eyes widen.

“See ya ‘round Kid. Or not as the case may be.”

And with those words she was falling down…

And landing with a loud thump on a bed of sand. Spitting out grains of the stuff and wiping it out of her face, her eyes widened at her surroundings. Desert everywhere, as far as the eye could see. Dune after dune.

She let out an impressively long series of curses, most of which she’d learned from Spike, but the Sumerian ones were from Giles which she‘d mainly learnt during their brief time babysitting the mini‘s.

“Damn it Whistler, just because I said no sub-zero you go an send me to the equivalent of Hell’s sandbox?” She yelled up to a cloudless blue sky. “Damnit Whistler!!!”

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