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A Quiet Moment

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This story is No. 15 in the series "The L World". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When the fighting's done, Giles and Joe take a moment to enjoy the music.

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Highlander > Giles-CenteredidontlikegravyFR71352161,32618 Jan 0918 Jan 09Yes
Disclaimer:None of it is mine, written for pleasure not profit, no harm intended.

Before everyone went their separate ways, the group of Immortals and their friends all gathered at Joe’s bar to celebrate saving the world. Although it wasn’t a new experience to almost all of them, some things were worth celebrating.

Giles shook his head and smiled as he watched Richie and Xander bicker over a game of pool. Their lives had been far too tense over the last year, and it was good to see life get back to what passed for normal. He walked over to the stage, where Joe was sat, idly strumming.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked. Joe looked up and smiled.

“Please. There’s a spare acoustic in the corner there,” he replied.

Giles found the instrument in question and sat down. After a few moments of tuning, he looked up expectantly. Joe smiled and began playing Duelling Banjos, making Giles laugh before he joined in. The two battled for a while, before Giles stopped and held up his hands in defeat.

“You’re too good for me. Always were,” he added.

“Your turn to choose,” Joe said, indicating Giles’ guitar.

Giles turned to check the others were still busy celebrating, and then began to play. After a bar, Joe smiled as he recognised the song and joined in, adding chords to underscore the melody Giles was picking out.

They jammed for eight bars, playing with the melody, Joe adding Blues riffs, and then Giles began to sing,

“I look at the world, and I notice it’s spinning, while my guitar gently weeps,” he sang, before Joe picked up the bridge.

At that moment, their entire world was comprised of Joe, Giles and the music. The apocalypse could rain down on them and they wouldn’t have noticed. The pair duetted, stretching the song out to nearly ten minutes before it drew to a natural conclusion.

As the last notes hung in the air, applause rang out, startling them both. They looked up to see the others stood watching and clapping. Giles lay down his guitar, embarrassed by the attention. He stood and headed for the bar.

“Anyone for tea?”

The End

You have reached the end of "A Quiet Moment". This story is complete.

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