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This story is No. 4 in the series "A Drop in the Ocean Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ficlets set in the Dropverse concerning Lily Snape

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeechoFR1321,9191136,10018 Jan 0918 Dec 09Yes

She's YOUR daughter

title: She's YOUR daughter
disclaimer: Joss Whedon's and JK Rowling's creations here.
summary: Cranky Pants and his pixie discuss their children. Set in the future of the Dropverse.
rating: FR13
AN: for manserock
AN2: Set BEFORE "Lux in Tenebris"


"She's YOUR daughter."

"Severus," Willow said slowly, trying not to be cranky with him. "Why is it that whenever Lily does something crazy she is suddenly just MY daughter and not yours as well?"

He was about to retort in his usual snapping manner when his wife seemed to swoon a bit and grab her swollen belly.


He was too old for this. Far too old. He was getting gray hairs from Lily, far too many. Soon everyone would seriously think him her true father because they would both have white streaks in their black hair. Now with Willow shockingly pregnant and having so many magical issues about it, he nearly had heart failure daily.

"Apologies for shouting at you," he murmured.

Willow glared. "Don't you dare try to be nice to me because the baby doesn't like us snipping at one another. She'll just have to get used to it. It's how her parents work. It's how her parents got together."

"You're certain it is a girl," Severus asked.

He had not had luck with girls. Lily mainly. Of course, Lily was the only child he had to go by presently. Which was a blessing and a curse. She was a wild thing, but then again, what could one say about a child who was actually the former vampire doppelganger of one's wife? The girl insisted on being a champion for the light. Severus had lost count of the number of times she had stumbled through their floo or their door all battered and bruised with that boyfriend of hers right behind her looking just as bad if not worse. Severus worried far too much for his adopted daughter for his tastes, and here they were bringing another thing for him to worry over into this world.

"Yes, I am certain. She talks to me in dreams."

That was the other thing. Little Anise Elaine Snape looked like she might be "special". Willow had been having dreams of their daughter from the moment their child started growing in her belly. Lily was special enough, he was not sure if he could handle another one. The child also seemed to know things she ought not. It was a bit strange for Severus. Then again, the entire thing was strange to him, had been for years.

He was now married to a woman near two decades his junior who he had not been able to stand at first meeting. Definitely strange.

"But back on topic," Willow said. "Anise was just reminding me she's here. What's Lily done now?"

"She is your daughter," Severus stated in that logical tone of his. "She is you. She is you from another reality."

Willow glared as she gingerly maneuvered her heavily-burdened self to a sitting position on the sofa. "Don't change the subject, and do not speak to me as if I am one of your students. What's she done now, Cranky Pants?"

"She and that mongrel boy she insists on referring to as her soulmate are hunting."

"And this is new... how?"

Severus sighed. "Dracula. She's after Dracula."

Both Willow's brow shot up. "This is all your fault."

"How in the bloody hell is it my fault, you insufferable pixie?"

"You're always telling her she does not set high enough goals for herself. You've been telling her that since she graduated from Hogwarts. Well... congratulations. Now she's out to slay the un-slay-able."

Willow hefted herself off of the sofa with lots of grunting.

"Where are you going? You need to rest. You're due any day now. Sit back down this instant, woman."

Willow glared at him, resolve face firmly in place. "I am owling Spike and Drusilla, so they can go check on her."

"She won't like that," Severus commented.

And Lily wouldn't. She had not liked being checked up on since her graduation. Neither did Connor - which was why Angel, Connor's father, did so often. Spike was always all too happy to ruffle Lily's feathers as well.

"Tough noogies," Willow snapped. "One does not simply just go after Dracula... he's... he's freaking Dracula. He's gotten the drop on Buffy before... hello. Oh, this is all your fault. You owl her back and tell to come home this instant... that I said so."

"Yes, because that will go over just as well as sending Spike and Drusilla after her."

Willow sighed. He was right.

I'm ready, Mother.

Willow blinked. That voice had seemed to come from inside her but it was not her own. The first contraction hit hard. Willow shouted in surprise and grabbed her belly. Then immediately after, her water broke. This was not good. Well, it was, but she had not expected things to move so quickly.

Severus' eyes were wide in alarm. "Now?"

"Yes now. Please owl Tara and tell her to bring her midwife supplies."

"So long as she leaves her mutt at home."




The End

You have reached the end of "Defanged". This story is complete.

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