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Stake in the Machine

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Summary: It is a world of mad science, a world of adventure, of monsters and romance by gaslight. It is not however the world Buffy, Willow and Faith wanted to be. And getting back home may get a little problematic. Hopefully Agatha Heterodyne can help. Hopefully.

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A is for Agatha

Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss, Girl Genius to the Foglios. Not mine. No money.
Written for SlowMercury for the TtH 2008 Holiday Fic-A-Thon. Terribly late and still WIP, for which I apologize.
Crossover Fandom: BtVS / Girl Genius
Characters/Pairings: Willow, Agatha, Buffy, Faith
Max Rating: FR21
Three things you'd like to read: Spark Willow, Buffy and Faith vs Jaegermonsters, everyone wearing hats
What you DON'T want to read: Angst
Christmas theme: If possible.


Agatha is pretty much a pro at being imprisoned. In dungeons, castles, engine rooms -- although that was only once and didn't take long.

So the first thing she does is stretch out on the least uncomfortable cot. In a while she'll see what she can build to get out again. But first, a few minutes of dozing.

"Krosp." Agatha doesn't even open her eyes.


"Don't eat Othar."

"He won't notice, he's out cold."

"Don't eat Othar. Stick with the mice. I heard some."

"But they're zombie mice!"

Agatha just turns her head.

"I hate warmed-up leftovers," Krosp mutters.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking