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Turning Points

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Summary: Andrew, Willow, Faith and Dawn decide to take a trip to fix their favorite fandoms.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsMistressTitaniaFR1854,410273,82019 Jan 0919 Jan 09No

Part 2- Supernatural Fix-it

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, if it’s familiar then I certainly don’t own them.

Spoilers: Torchwood Season 2, Supernatural Season 4, Eureka Season 3, Doctor Who Season 4, NCIS Season 6, Primeval Season 2, CSI-New York Season 5, CSI-Miami Season 3, Heroes Season 3, Psych Season 3, Buffy the Vampire Slayer series finale

Warnings: slash, het, femslash, character bashing, crack

Rating: FRAO

Pairings: Way too many to list plus I want some to be a surprise but a wide range of male/male, female/female, male/female and threesomes.


Dean was leaning into to kiss Anna when a bright light appeared off to the side.

“Oh hell no! Get away from him you skanky slut! He belongs to Castiel so back the fuck-off!”

“Andrew! Watch your mouth!” snapped Willow. “Even if it is true.”

Dean just stared with his mouth hanging open at the strangers. He knew instantly who these people where but wasn’t sure how they got there. Then he remembered that Willow had become mega witch at the end and that Dawn was a key to different dimensions. However, he couldn’t figure out what they were doing here or why the stopped him from getting laid.

Running into the area were Castiel, Uriel and Sam all looking very worried.

“Dean, are you okay? What’s going on? Castiel and Uriel came to get me because they said some major magic was happening around you. Ripping a whole in the fabric of reality magic,” said Sam looking over Dean for any injuries.

“Oh, goody more muddy monkeys.”

“Shut-up you, poopy head!” snapped Willow glaring Uriel.

“Yeah, we have had enough of you threatening our boys. Sammy didn’t ask for what happened to him. And throwing hell back in Dean’s face is not nice,” growled Dawn. “So for now, take that!”

“Wait a second, this is for Castiel being too much of a good angel to actual follow his instinct,” Faith walked over and decked Uriel, causing him to hit the ground hard.

Grinning Dawn chanted softly and a bright green light covered Uriel. When the light faded instead of the big tough angel there sat two foot tall stuffed monkey. Dean couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped him. Castiel quickly ran over to check on his fellow angel.

“Oh don’t worry so much, Cassie. He’s fine but he is aware of what’s going on. The spell is set to end when he’s learned not to be so mean in his thoughts of humans or when your boss wants to cancel it,” smiled Faith.

“Dean, who are these people?” asked an annoyed Sam.

“Calm down, bro. Don’t you recognize them? It’s Willow Rosenberg, Dawn Summers, Andrew Wells and Faith Lehane from the Buffy the Vampire Show. I’m just not really sure why they came here,” Dean turned to the new comers with a questioning look.

“We know we are a show in this dimension but in our dimension it is you guys that are the show. We love watching you every week even though there are times we just want to hug you guys or smack you for being idiots. That’s why we are here actually. For our vacation we decided to go and fix things in our favorite fandoms. You are second stop, we hit the crew at Torchwood first,” answered Willow.

“Is Captain Jack Harkness as hot in person?” asked Sam.


“What? I want to know,” pouted Sam.

“Aww, look we get so see puppy eyes in person!” squealed Dawn before hugging a startled Sam tightly. “And yes, Jack is very hot in person. We left a hog tied Captain John for Ianto and Jack to share.”

“Nice!” smiled Sam.

“DUDE!! Stop it!”

“Oh chill, Deanie. Hey, Sam, did Dean here ever tell you he found out that he was named after your grandmother but you are named after your grandfather?” smirked Faith.

Sam got a gleeful look on his face. It was now Dean’s turn to pout. Castiel had to resist hugging his charge like Dawn hugged Sam.

“Okay, Dean, no having sex with the fallen angel chick. She’s only doing this because she knows Castiel has a thing for you. She is still bitter that he dumped her ass over a thousand years ago. Plus your car would never have forgiven you for having sex in the backset with the twit. You need to start talking with Sam and Castiel about your time in hell. And learn to forgive yourself, don’t listen Alistair or Lilith, and remember the demons of your world lie. We have a bag of supplies for you and inside are phone numbers that will work inter-dimensionally so you can call Angel to discuss hell with if you don’t want to feel like a burden to Sam or Castiel. Also I know you think Castiel is so very innocent but really he’s only innocent in this incarnation. Trust us; he will be open to any moves you make on him. Right, Cassie?” grinned Dawn with an arm still wrapped around Sam.

“That is correct, Dawn Summers. And Anna, Father would like a word with you, NOW!” snapped Castiel.

Anna let out a yelp before she vanished before their eyes.

“Okay, what else did we need to talk about?” asked Willow.

“We brought your parents back because you’ll need all the help you can in the coming war. But they’ll call you in a day or so,” said Andrew.

“Why aren’t they here now?” asked Sam, excited to really get to meet his mother.

“Um, yeah, so the bisexual thing? Yeah you two don’t fall far from the tree. Your mother is catching up with Ellen. And your father is catching up with Bobby,” said a blushing Andrew.

“My brain! Make the images stop!” whined Dean.

“I’ll help you my little love-monkey,” Castiel answered wrapping an arm around Dean’s waist.

Sam just shuddered at the thought of either parent having sex period. He still wanted to believe that Dean and he were hatched or dropped off by the stork.

Faith set the bag of supplies and numbers down next to the car, before running her hand over it with glee.

“We should probably go, we have a lot more stops to make,” said Willow.

“Okay, now Sammy, no more girls or guys. Once this vacation is over I’m coming back to join you permanently,” answered Dawn giving the startled young man a very unforgettable kiss.

Again a bright light filled the air leaving behind a stuffed teddy bear, a pretty happy Castiel, a whimpering Dean and a hopeful Sam.
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