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Turning Points

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Summary: Andrew, Willow, Faith and Dawn decide to take a trip to fix their favorite fandoms.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsMistressTitaniaFR1854,410273,82019 Jan 0919 Jan 09No

Part 5- Heroes Fix-it

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, if it’s familiar then I certainly don’t own them.

Spoilers: Torchwood Season 2, Supernatural Season 4, Eureka Season 3, Doctor Who Season 4, NCIS Season 6, Primeval Season 2, CSI-New York Season 5, CSI-Miami Season 3, Heroes Season 3, Psych Season 3, Buffy the Vampire Slayer series finale

Warnings: slash, het, femslash, character bashing, crack

Rating: FRAO

Pairings: Way too many to list plus I want some to be a surprise but a wide range of male/male, female/female, male/female and threesomes.


Peter pulled the baseball cap lower on his head. He took a deep breath and raised the gun to shoot Nathan.

“Freeze!” yelled a female voice from behind Peter.

A bright light blinded Peter and he felt himself moving. There were several gasps from around him. Peter let out his own gasp when he could see again. He was now in a large room hotel suit with Sylar, Mohinder, Noah, Claude, Adam, Elle, Hiro, Ando, Nathan and the Peter from the correct time. All those in the room found they were unable to move anything from the neck down.

“Boy, Peter, you can be a huge idiot! Really, shooting Nathan is not the way to heal the future. Time travel is not easy you idiot and there are always repercussions,” snapped Dawn coming out from the shadows.

“You were going to shoot me?! Peter, I’m so telling our mother!” growled Nathan before he noticed there were two Peters. “What the hell is going on?”

“I’m Dawn Summers; behind me are Faith Lehane, Willow Rosenberg and Andrew Wells. And we are here to actually fix things, not screw them up like Hiro, Peter and Mohinder have the habit of doing.”

“Miss, you’re a bit on the crazy side. Those are characters on a television show. And I don’t screw things up, I help save the world,” spoke Mohinder.

“Right, sure you do, Momo. That’s why you put Molly in foster care for a booty call,” snapped Faith.

“You put her in foster care? Are you terminally stupid?” growled Noah.

“BOOTY CALL?! WHO WAS THE BITCH?!” roared Sylar.

“Okay, so maybe letting you all talk was a bad idea. Shut-up and listen,” responded Willow with a wave of her hand removing their voices.

“We know we are characters from a television show in this dimension. In our world it’s you guys that are the TV show. We are taking a vacation to fix things that are wrong with our favorite shows and Heroes was a no brainer,” said Dawn.

“You said no brainer in front of Sylar,” giggled Andrew.

“Grow-up Andrew! Now there has been a lot that will go wrong this season but fear not we are here to fix it,” grinned a perky Willow.

“Crap, Dawn, I think she snuck a mocha or two when we retrieve Peter,” said Faith.

“Meanie,” Willow stuck her tongue out at them.

“Anyway, let’s start with one of the easier ones. Okay, Hiro and Ando, I know you want help save the world and you have done well in the past. But you really need to think harder on the changes you make during time travel. So I’m sending you to a special Doctor to help you both,” Dawn waved her hand and the two Japanese boys were gone.

Claude and Adam let out chuckles figuring out where Dawn had sent the boys.

“Elle, babe, your dad is a jackass who abused you. But I personally think you make a wonderful agent. Can I join when this vacation is over?” asked Faith.

Elle thought about it a moment before giving a slight nod of agreement.

“Next, Mohinder and Sylar, let the past go so that you two can have a happy, angsty sex filled relationship. Sylar you don’t need to kill to collect powers. I’m sure Adam, Noah or Claude can help you figure it out. Mohinder, stay the hell away from Maya, she’s bad news! Oh, no matter what Angela Petrelli says, Sylar you are not related to the Petrelli family. Be thankful on that,” said Dawn.

“Okay, now on to the trickier parts. Peter this might hurt a little but trust us its all for the better,” spoke Willow calmly.

A bright green light filled the room and with it the sound of Peter screaming. When the light faded there were now three Peters.

“Okay, so Future!Peter, I took away your time travel ability but weaved the timeline so your not causing any paradoxes by being here. Then we cloned a third Peter. This way Nathan, Adam and Claude each get their own Peter. Maybe you will also stop being jackasses if you get laid regularly. Nathan if you’re so worried about the whole incest and the church issues, switch religions, start following the Greek gods, cause incest not a problem for them. Adam, I’d recommended you try dating Future!Peter because he’s a bit darker. Claude, I think the best for you would be the newly cloned Peter, more of innocent for you have fun corrupting. Don’t worry; your pigeons are fine by the way. And Petrelli boys, stay the fuck away from Pinehurst. Your dad is still alive but really really bad news. Nathan if you fall for his crap I will come back and beat your ass into ICU,” snapped Dawn.

“Mr.Bennant, sir, I think you should go to New York and talk to your telepathic cop buddy. You might learn a few things. Leave the whinny teenager at home,” spoke Andrew.

“I think that was the bulk of it. You’ll all be able to move again once we leave. Elle, I promise I’ll be back before you know it,” said Faith.

Andrew took a deep breath walked up to Sylar and gave him one hell of a kiss. He was just lucky that looks couldn’t kill with the glare Mohinder was giving him.


“What? I’ve been really good so far but I just had too!”

“Fine, whatever, let’s go. Bye all,” said Willow.

The room filled with light. When it faded there were several notebooks with phone numbers and email addresses on them.

Claude couldn’t stop laughing.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Turning Points" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jan 09.

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